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The Hyundai Tiburon, also known as Hyundai Coupe or Tuscani, is a two-door compact car manufactured between 1995 and 2008. Though it is called Hyundai Coupé, the Tiburon was the label given to the product produced for the North American, South African Australian, New Zealand, Australian, and Austrian market.
8.5-9 seconds i have an automatic
The answer is 90 X 2 or 60 X 3.
Body Control Module call Hyundai of North America 1-800-633-5151 make a claim all of the electrical problems in the 03 04 tiburons are because of a faulty BCM it controls all of the relays and electrical in your car
The best lug wrench is the cross shaped type with 4 different sockets. This is the only hand wrench that will apply enough torque on your lug bolts.
Could be a number of things: -Dead battery -Blown Main Fuse -Bad starter relay -Bad starter -bad ignition switch
remove the back bottom seat and there is an access pannel.
you also need to check if the hose is good located near the front left wheel. Its hard to see but if it seems to be the problem move the steering wheel and you will see were it leeks.
low beam - h7 high beam- h1 driving light h3 55 watt
you must take it to a dealer. Just had to do mine. Cost $44.50
Answer . That varies from shop to shop. Ive seen them from 30 - 100 dollars.
yes it does many tiburon owners have had this problem and others like me contact Hyundai of North America 1-800-633-5151 and file a claim if enough people do this they will recall the faulty BCM and give us a up graded one
NO.... Men drive it because it is sporty and cool and Girls drive it because it is fun.... I have an Ebony Black 2000 Tiburon and my Testosterone level is just fine.
theres one under the hood near the stock intake or under the steering wheel theres a little plastic square that pops off.
Mine went at 38,000 miles, seems to be a commonly replaced part.
I have no idea but ours in bad in our 2003 Kia Sedona 6 cyl and the dealership is charging us just over $900 to replace it. Sacramento, Ca. hi. i just replaced my throttle position sensor by myself. you can email me if you would like more information. its really not hard at all. my email is...
Remove the rear wheels. Remove the Caliper off the Rotor by removing the two (top and bottom) bolts that hold it on. (14mm i think) Remove the old pads. Compress the piston all the way back into the caliper to provide space for the new pads. (Checker/O'Reilly Auto sells a cube like tool that fits...
Answer . CD players do break but does the radio still work? You may just need to install a new radio
If the alarm is activated, use the key to open the door. Put the key in the ignition. Leave it there for about 15-20 minutes, at least 15 though. The car will keep honking a couple of times, but this method works. After 15 minutes try to start the car, it should work if it does not start, count and...
How ever many cyl the car is is how many spark plugs there are.
it is either a bad switch on your controls, or your blower motor is going out
a generator of single or multiple voltage pulses; usually adjustable for pulse rate
they recommend 75, 000 kms you can do it around 100, 000 I would recommend most will snap at 120, 000 kms just to give you an idea (done let this happen!!!) you should buy the new belt, take a set of calipers and compare the belts to see how far gone yours is, THIS HELPS ALOT
could be many things, however what I found to be the problem on mine, was the gas cap if the gas cap is not on properly, the HVAC system of the vehicle goes nuts and creates a "CHECK ENGINE" light give it a try, after a few cold starts it will reset itself and the light will go off, if you...
Power transistors are transistors that are used in high-poweramplifiers and power supplies.
to the right in the engine hiding in a box the stock air intake. The intake box unclips.
Front wheel drive cars are better in snow.
Yes, it is possible to replace it. Although you will have to have a bung welded into the the top of the new header for the 02 censor. Also on the down pipe by the other cat.
if the transmission fluid level is full, than more than likely you have an internal failure in the transmission. this unfortunately is a common problem with hyundais.
Answer . yup, but its not that hard. start by unscrewing all the screws that hold the panel on (there are 3 or 4 at the bottem of the panel). There are two round things on the handle, pop those off and unscrew the screws in there. Then carefully pull off the door handle. make sure you have gotten...
use your key and reprogram your remote from the dealership
were your plates are at if you look under were the caps that shield the light bulbs there should be like two tabs that you sort of pinch together and then pull down were the shield caps should remove entirely and then unplug old bulbs and plug the new ones in and again pinch two tabs together when...
go to autozone and have them hook it up to there computer and if you've already fixed the problem they can reset it. Pls see the answer to the question posted Sep 30, 2006 "Where can you get free technical information for Hyundai cars?" for details.
Answer . there was a recall on the drivers side seatbelt buckle. they had an electrical issue with them which was causing similar problems that you are experiencing
Faster than a speeding ticket that's for sure.
elaborated verzion unelaborated verzion at bottom.....The proper procedure is as follows. 1. Raise the car and support it appropriatley. You will need enough room to get underneath the vehicle, but you will also need it low enough to remove engine and transmission. 2. Disconnect the Battery. 3....
Behind the glove box. . Open the glove box. There is a screen in the back, unclip screen and there is your filter.
to remove the rear speakers you have to Carefully pry the screen covers off from the top down.. To remove the front ones the whole door panel must be removed. look for all screws before pulling at the panel. there are many clips across the bottom and side so pull carefully you dont want to break any...
Answer . A brand new car. You must have an owners manual. Open it and read. The filter is screwed to the engine block somewhere. Crawl under the car with a flashlight and look until you find it. Something as big as an oil filter should be easy to spot.
Try to use the Hyundai Tiburon speaker adapters plugs so you don't need to cut wires and mess up the electric system, you can get those from eBay or amazon.
After you remove the rear caliper and old pads you will see the caliper piston has 4 slots that require a special tool to twist the piston down, you can usually get one to use from your local auto zone or parts store (I was able to use a pair of needle nose pliers as I'm sure you can), twist the...
if its the air intake this is what u do, first remove the clamp that's attached to the throttle body. Then, remove the mass air flow cable, and in the air filter box it has 3 bolts you remove.
Answer . \nthey are your transmission cooler. doesen,t matter on the flow of those because they are on the bottom
Answer . I would look for existing wire or cable already in place to run alongside and keep it on the battery/fuse box side. If not then find a spot clear on both sides to drill a hole
yes. if the timing belt breaks the valves in the heads will bend and motor is pretty much toast.
Your pcv valve is located on the back right( as your looking at it) of the valve cover. Note that it is threaded in so look for the long hexagonal brass piece. Remove the L shaped hose and use a deep socket or wrench to remove. This part cost $4the at auto zone and is an easy maintenance repair....
malfunction indicator light . \nI own a 2001 tiburon and checked my owners manual. The light is the malfunction indicator light (MIL). It uses a sensor in the exhaust system to detect when there is a change in the composition of the exhaust gases. The MIL is pretty good at catching "little" things...
you HAVE to remove the intake manifold to change the spark plugs. If you aren't comfortable with this, you should take it to an authorized repair shop and have them do it. It is a 3.5 rocks out of 5 on the hardness scale.
2 or 4 of the 6 silver like rectangles in the center pop off and there are bolts under
87 Octane, unless you've installed a turbo. ;]
The Hyundai beta motor has not seen much change in 13 or so years it has been around the starters should be interchangeable.
They have a timing belt they usually recomend to change it every 50,000 miles. other wise it could more expensive
take grab handle cover off.remove screws.remove screws for door handle trim plate.remove screws on front of panel.remove screws on rear of panel(pop off screw covers and you will see screws).Pull out bottom of door panel.Gentle pry off tweeter up by mirror and disconn wire.Panel can come off enough...
its in your owners manual
Answer : First you will need to pop off the plastic center button with a flat head screwdriver or something similar. Once the button is removed you will notice there is a spring and a rubber stop. Remove both and site aside. Below where those were you will notice a 12mm nut. Loosen that up and...
Hello: If you are referring to the single light bulb that illuminates the gear positions: P-R-N-D-L, it is available from just about any good auto parts store. I bought one for my daughter's Tiburon from A&A Auto Stores. It is a Wagner bulb; the part number is: W31-2723, and lists for $2.20....
My sons car did the same thing and his father in law has a auto garage and put a machine on it and it needed a new crankshaft sensor. Now it runs like new. . You might be on the right track but the "Cam sensor" is notorious for the syntom you discribe. While the" Crank Sensor" notorious for...
on top of motor covers back set of plugs
\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt's a big job and you'll need a service manual to find all the right disconnects and fasteners.
Answer . I have a 2000 Tiburon, the back ones are simple, the plastic "grills" over them just pull out if you have something to pry it with from the top. For the door speakers, you have to pull of the whole panel, take off all the screw including the ones on the bottom and the 2 in the door handle,...
sounds like a cruise control relay sounds weird but i have a 04 and it happened to me and that is what the dealer replaced
in the tank . \nmost likely in the fuel pump housing in your gas tank,you access it by removing your back seat and prying off the black metal cover with a wire running into it,its hard the first time,just pry a little at a time all the way around it with a screw driver or similar flat object.My...
should be very easy. all you should have to do is disconnect the rubber air hose that comes from the air box to the intake manifold. the throttle position sensor(tps) is bolted to the outside of the throttle body. should only be 2 screws and some linkage. it is a small plastic piece that has a...
I know where the main fuses are, under the hood, right side. But one fuse on the cover diagram has only a "B" letter on it, 50A. I would like to know what it is? I have a short between positive and negative except when I remove this fuse. When taken out it doesn't seem to affect anything. So what is...
I have 2 12" subs in my 2005 tiburon w/ a big ported sub box and it fits just fine. In fact there is extra room back there for a few smaller items.
The 2000 Hyundai Tiburon has the most common hook-end wiper arms. See sources and related links below for installation videos. Also, purchase the replacement blades first and there will be additional instructions/illustrations on the replacement packages. Locate and press the tab or button where...
Open the ash tray. Stick your fingure up and behind the plastic molding and pull it strait out. Mine was a little hard thought it would break but came off just fine. It is clipped in. You will see the 4 screws after that holding the stereo deck on. Just unscrew and pull out and unplug from the back.
located on the back side of the engine as you look at it and is accessable the easiest fron underneath
Answer . Disconnect the battery, remove B+ cable and switched power supply, unbolt it and install reverse of removal.. IMPROVED ANSWER. Courtesy of Willieflip........................ Instructions on how I located/ replace starter on my 1997 Hyundai Tiburon FX 2.0/ 4Cyl. Disconnect car battery. ...
right on the other side of the transmission oil pan
\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYes you can as long as the rim diameter is the same. You left off the last number on your size.\n. \nThe sidewall will be taller on the 65 versus the 55 and this will affect the overall diameter of the tire so your speedometer may/will be off depending on the year...
Answer . \nYou need a OBD scan tool to clear any codes on this car.