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Silly Bandz

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Silly Bandz are toy rubber wristbands in various shapes that gained popularity among schoolchildren in 2009 and 2010. The craze prompted some schools to ban the toys. Ask questions about where to buy these bands and what shapes are sold.
If you are talking about the rubber bands that are shaped like animals the dollar stores are selling them or the 99 cent store to be exact.
no, i don't think so.
the porcupine silly bandz come in the wild animals pack, but you better hurry, this popular pack sells fast
50 for $5i LOVE silly bandz!
a thrift store that sells old things there might be a bracelet or toys r us because they have a bracelet set that u can decorate it in all kinds of meterials
You can buy them at a local grocery store or a 5 below.
Many, Silly Bands,Wild Bands, Silicone Bands there are more I just can't name them all!
Ok this is real put it in the microwave for three minuets , then when it is still hot put it together it works but make sure you have a parent around have fun bye :)
the Spencer store in bayshore mall Many toy stores carry them. But Toys&Company sells mostly all of the different styles. However, they are not yet sold online at Toys&Company.
You can find them at toy stores or walmart or sometimes online .
Yes, but supplies may run out so ask an employee
They sell silly bandz in seven eleven and also some supermarkets have them.
You can find them at Sweet n Sassy in the Target shopping center across from the Wolfchase galleria. Those are for the original bands. There are cheap dollar ones at Walmart in the toy section somewhere. Walgreens has some as well.
yes, silly bandz can be bought online or at most stores...i know that wal-mart, walgreens,and many other stores....there are other similar brands too... Rue21, and the dollar store carries alternate brands that are almost exactly if not exactly the same as silly bandz.
well its got to be more than 30,000 because that's how many KINDS they have .... they give duplicates in each package so that's alot of silly bandz ... and some kids' parent go crazy and buy ALL of them. so no doubt its like 70,000....(im not sure but still)
Yes, Silly Bandz are sold in most Walgreens stores.
Melt both ends with a lighter and the silly band ends will melt together
You can find them at a 7 eleven, walmart, or a local store maybe by you... RATE ME AWESOME I NEED THE CREDIT
idk yet but i want 2 know so i know whats on me and my friends hands. until then I'm not wearing my silly bandz
The only meaning of sillybandz is just to wear. i mean, they're not like, gang signs or anything. they are made for children to wear, collect, and trade. the shapes represent animals and other things. it really has no other meaning. hope i helped!
at Walgreen hallmark cvs and at some malls they have booths that let you die you silly bands
to fix a sillybanz you must not glue it or tie it you must staple it! works every time. sounds stupid but it works like a charm! remember always love our sillybandz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
They dont sell silly bands on some islands.
Target is the best place.
Ido know the top rarest silly bands but I d know the rarest type of silly bands it is the very detailed dragon type the rarest silly band is the black dragon.Silly bands ar very fun to collect and traid!
yes and also at claire's if you are at the mall looking for them!...HOPE THIS HELPS
Walmart doesn't sell silly bandz but you can find them at Walgreen's or hallmark.
Their products are like every other store . (:
How much do silly bandz cost at Walgreens?
no not that i know of because i chew on them alot and im fine
You can get the fantasy pack ( same thing as the mystic pack ) at sillybandz dot com .
Walgreens and Rite Aid. They also sell them in packs at Wal-Mart. (Wally World)
You can collect them, wear them, and trade them for others!
There are over 1000 silly bandz, and for the freaks who are comepletely obsessed with them, i challenge you to get one of each shape, and if THAT is too easy, then try to get 4000 of them it does not mater if you have 300 0f the same if you think that is to easy then you are to hard to get. lol.
Walgreens,CVS have silly bandz
in so many stores u know like walmart.can you get them at 5 below?
maybe, if they hold them in target, but if they don't then too bad you need to go tho hibitts sports store they have silly banz there!!! BTW silly banz rock!!!! if you want to leave a comment or something like that go to yahoo.com and put my email address witch is kyliebearross@yahoo.com look...
usually it costs 5.00 for a 24 pack at some places you can get a 12 pack for 1.00
Robert Croak some pplz say that a 13 year old girl made silly bandz and others say that in 2002 a Japanese design team want to make something different with rubber bandz. so they invented silly bandz
there is over 100 silly band styles. not all of them are animals
well,i was sondering the same thing, but from what I have seen...If you live in miami, then elements of time (which is right across from sunset place) and clairs sells them, and so does any pharmacy (like cvs pharmacy or walgreens) like a general store..hope i helped!
Yes. That is where everyone in my class gets them, and so do I.
Yes, they are kind of stupid, but awesome! You can trade them for more, and then trade them for money!
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Yes, they do! I have been to several locations, and only one did not have them. You have to look for them. I have found them at Learning Express and sometimes at Walgreens.
there are a lot that is for sure a lot of brands have silly bands their are words and many many shapes.
You can find Silly Bandz at Hallmark.
you can buy them there for a dollar but it is in the toys or the jelery section
Clear Geraffe, Blue Flamingo, Pink walrus, ty-dyed frog ty-dyed horse, and alot more. i only named some of the ones i have.
A pet pack includes the Turtle, Pig, Duck, Dog, Cat, and Rabbit!
Hallmark , toy r us and at amazeing saving good luck hope u get a lot of them
Silly Bandz are so popular because in 2005 kids started to wear then but they were definitely not popular then, but now I got to say its extremely popular and but the time you blink everywhere in the world people are buying them, they came out with some designs like fruit, clothes ,cars , letters,...
just get them in the 99 cents store
Yes, you can get silly bandz from the mall in the hallmarks store.
for a twelve pack 2$ 24 pack5$
they were released in 2008
I don't really know how to but if anyone tells you to melt it over a fire, slap them cuz one of my friends did that and it basically blew up.
no it is NOT made out of CONDOMS so LOSERS stop[ saying that it is !!!!! it made out of true SILICONE
1. Phoenix 2. Dragon 3.Genie 4. Liberty bell 5. dollar sign 6. T-rex 7.Monkey 8. iPod 9. pitcher 10. Elephant
Not quite sure, but I have got them at Walgreen's and Spencer's in the mall. I love them they are so awesome my favorite is the turtle my friend has 102. I hope you find some.
there are over 15 packets of silly bandz. there are over 10 new packets coming out soon
Yes. They have silly bandz pretty much anywhere, the only place they havent hit, is California. Which really sucks cuz my cousin lives there & im always talkin bout' em' and shes always like SHUT UP! lol :P anyways, hope that helped (:
a fifteen year old has 1,000,000,365 i don't think that's possible
Its the genie in my school
you can get them at most Walgreen's and cvs pharmacys and 7 eleven hoped this helped:D
tye dye glitter glow in the dark sparkley
They are cool shaped rubber bands. They come in different shape's. You can get them at CVS and Walgreen's! Everyone likes them! I have 130 right now!
The most popular silly band is the dollar sign. Everyone is trying to buy it in Books.A.Million. Even when I ask they say all out or we haven't seen one yet. Good luck finding it! i have for of them look at halmark its not popular at all is the iPod that's rare and popular very hard to find that one
Try Toys r us or barnes and nobles
Silly Bandz are made out of silicone. They are made out of shaped elastic
your friends if they are nice or if you find one on the ground
The silly bandz at walmart are only $2.00.
the checkie monkey is the best But the Egyptian Eye is the rarest And the Roman Dragon looks like a charm bracelet when you wear it!
4.99 not counting tax
Yes, in Walgreens they do sell silly bandz for only $3.00.
There are various kinds, so that means there are various prices.
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yes, there are corndogs, french fries, milkshakes, ice creames, pizza, and Chinese takeout!
You can buy rare silly bandz either at the website www.sillybandz.com or you can buy them from a different site like ebay,amazon or even a store like cvs or walmart might have them. I hope i answered your question. You don't buy specific "rare" silly bandz (or any of the other brands of shaped ...
No the Silly Bandz are made out of Silicone. They probably wanted to stay away from Latex due to people having allergies.
some walmarts dont sell silly bandz they sell finger rings now but theyy used to sell silly bandz and they were 3.50 a pack but now the silly rings are 1.50
Yes, mostly everywhere! :)
the multi color dollar sign
Probably when all the other ones get sold out. Then they will probably get more different types. Sorry all the other ones are all the same!
I suppose they are dangerous to very young kids, because they have a choking hazard. However, other than that they are essentially just bracelets.
Spring Pack-includes:Butterflies, Bees, Tulips, Umbrellas, Kites, and Chicks. Fantasy Pack- includes:Mermaids, Unicorns, Fairies, Dragons, Phoenix, and Genies. Baseball Pack- includes:Baseballs, Home Plates, Bats, Pitchers, Batters, and Baseball Hats. Alphabet Pack- includes:the full alphabet...
silly bands are made out the same rubber material as rubber bands, which is mixed with brightly colored dyes and poured into fun shaped casts therefore creating, silly bands.
probably, they make over 200 silly bands (and more coming soon)
yes he likes the dinosour ones and the pets and the girl shoe it reminds him of his last break up
dollar store, party packegers, toys r us express
There are seahorses,octupuses.seals.peguins,and sharks.
Target does sell Silly Bandz.