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Freezing and Drying Food

Freezing and drying are two common methods of preventing food spoilage. Ask how to freeze and dry specific foods here.
If you freeze them as they are, egg yolks will eventually become sogelatinous that they will be almost impossible to use in a recipe.To help retard this gelation, beat in either 1/8 teaspoon salt or 11/2 teaspoons sugar or corn syrup per 1/4 cup of egg yolks (about 4yolks). Label the container with...
yeh u can cook them in water but defrost it from half or one hour  first
Since jerky is made by drying the meat simply soak in water for as long as it takes for the water to start changing color. Depending on how long it soaks some of the spice may escape as well; not to worry. A fresh marinade of citrus, vinegar, or juice can add flavor where the salt used to be. Re...
no u have to freeze it in a plastic box
yes but not for longer than 4 weeks otherwise it'll go out of date
138 teaspoons are available in 690 milligrams of water.
  Deep freezer is just a term for a style of freezer, in that's it's generally dedcated as a freezer without a refrigerator section. It may also be called `deep' because the freezer box is usually deep so that it can hold quite a bit of product. Most deep freezers tend to have the opening in...
  == Answer ==   20 cu ft of meat 
You can rehydrate dried foods by soaking them in cold water or by cooking them in boiling liquid.
I froze some canned anchovies, maybe as long as a few months ago. I put them in a small zip lock plastic bag in the door of my freezer. I pulled them out to use them, but wasn't sure if they were still good. The smell and taste seemed stronger. Are they safe to eat?
Yes, muffin batter is a liquid so it can be physically frozen.
Per the FDA you can freeze hot dogs for 1-2 months...
advantages- use it on a latter day, keeps it from spoiling. disadvantages- ice crystals form in the food causing cells to burst, does not taste the same as if it were fresh.
Ones with horzontal trays.One brand is 'Excalibur'.   Heat and air flow are the critical componenets to drying food. It is best to use a dehydrator that has horizontal or vertical air flow (many people prefer horizontal as it more evenly distributes air across the food drying trays) and one...
You cant, they dont freeze well at all.
=== Yes it will freeze faster because salt freezes faster. ===
It was -22 last night without windchill and i forgot 1.5 litre bottle of bolthouse farms carrot juice in my transport truck it did not freeze at all
A dry cup measure measures the same volume as a liquid cup measure.They both will measure one volumetric cup or 8 fluid ounces. Twocups will then be 16 fluid ounces. Fluid ounces (volumetric) aredifferent from avoirdupois ounces (weight). The weight of a certain volume of material depends upon...
  while a chest freezer is the most ideal way of freezing foods because cold air drops ,the evaporator coils run in the lining of the chest a cold spot on the outside of the freezer could be caused by a void in the insulation(due to a previous repair) a discoloration about 6"in diameter sounds...
Yes, at the grocery store.
generally cooking wine which includes dry cooking sherry is wine with a lot of sodium added. it is not for drinking straight, only to use in cooking. I suggest using real wine or sherry.
foods that can be preserved by drying are:fruits,chili,meatand vegetables. foods are commonly dried in an oven or a food dehydrator My source is an A in Food Technology (Home Economics)
Yes, meat can go bad in a freezer that is down. Meat going bad in a freezer that is down depends on how long the freezer is down, how full the freezer is and other factors. If the freezer is down, keep the door closed as much as possible in order to keep the cold inside. If the freezer temperature...
Yes first put the hamburgers in a container. Leave them out for an hour and then put it in.Clarification:You can put them back in the freezer if they didn't reach room temperature, they need to still be cold. And DO NOT leave them out for an hour as the above answer states. That will only allow time...
Wet ingredients are those such as milk, eggs, yogurt, or other "wet" items in a recipe. Similar to soft. Dry ingredients are like flour, sugar, baking soda, etc.
Several examples of dehydrated foods are apples, bannanas, and pears.
Heat and air flow are the two critical factors for drying food. The cover lets some steam and humid air out as the food is dried.
That's not too likely because the only difference between the two is one has red food coloring and the other has green food coloring and they both have their respective artificial flavoring. Otherwise, they're exactly the same.
It lasts longer if you dry it. Also, some people thing dried food tastes better that non dried.
It depends on what you want to use...DON'T use any meats that have been unfrozen for a whole day. They can make you sick... Ice cream and vegtables should be ok... Just look at them and smell it. Even taste alittle bit if you want to. But if it looks funky don't use it.
It is not recommended as a safe practice.
It keeps food from rotting or becoming sour like milk.
Yes, the galangal can be frozen by slicing the unpeeled root into  quarter-inch thick slices, then wrapping well and freezing. Frozen  galangal holds its flavor well and does not need to be peeled like  ginger. It should be good up to 3 months.
Prepared mustard might not spoil, but it can lose flavor and change color. And becomes watery . Honey is one food that does not spoil. Honey will turn to hard sugar (inedible) eventually.
because it doesn't have any hing in it.
yes it is. it's a dried grape . pearl
yes you obviously can if you own a freezer and it functions properly
Uncooked, as it is generally not a good idea to freeze most cooked foods. Since you will have to heat up the food when you want to eat it, you are effectively re-heating food. Cordon Bleu is a type of food which you should not re-heat.
Yes, you can freeze lamb.
Yes that's why antifreeze is used, these are the freezing points of some types of oil. Motor Oil (15W) +15 Motor Oil (30W) 0 Hydraulic Oil, Gear Lube & Gear Oil -10 Motor Oil (10W30) -20 2-Cycle Oil -25 Motor Oil (5W30) -30 Mobil 1 Engine Oil (15W50) -35 Antifreeze -40 Mobile 1 Engine Oil ...
Put the jerky into a hand chopper thing or food processor
1. Separate the different color beans into piles.   2. Place each color in a separate plastic bag.   3. Date the bags and place in the freezer.
Of course it does. Don't you get colder faster when it is -20 degrees as opposed to -2 degrees? Same principle.
Depending how it was frozen, specifically the packaging used and the temperature maintained, it may be frozen for up to three years.
Yes, salt lowers the freezing point of ice.
Yes, you can eat food that has "freezer burn". However, it tends to not taste as good as non-burned food. The freezer burn is actually just dehydration of that part of the food due to sublimation of the ice; because this takes a long time, freezer-burn doesn't occur to foods before (usually) about 3...
You take fruit and make sure you get all of the juices out, you add pectin and sugar. Then get a pressure cooker and put it into jars until it says it is done. Then get it out with tongs (IT WILL BE HOT) and wait for it to set and go cold before putting it away. .......................................
DRYING: The removal of liquid from a solid substance by heating is called drying drying is the unit operation in which the mass is transferred
What Ottawa chief was murdered on this day in 1769? Sitting Bull Red Cloud Osceola Pontiac The Fig Newton was named after the city of Newton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Kennedy Biscuit Company, which merged into the National Biscuit Company (now shortened to Nabisco) in 1898, was based...
It is food items that have had the moisture removed from them suchas apples or bananas. They can be stored dry and won't spoil for avery long time.
well if you like rasains they are dried out grapes, if you like craisins they are dried cranberries:)
your drive will be frozen. anything you install will be deleted and back to new PC where you started Deep Freeze.
nope. it makes great popsicle though!
To DRY OUT PAPAYA SEEDS from a fresh papaya: Roll the seeds between paper towels to pop the juice sacks. Once all the juice sacks are popped you are left with a black seed kernel. Place the seeds between dry paper towels and set aside to dry out for at least a week.
A food dehydrator works by using warm moving air to remove liquid from food. As long as your dehydrator is not one that goes into the microwave, aluminum foil is safe.
If there is water that is clean then i would say fish and animals on the freezing area.
Im sure you can try microwaving it
There is no rule for how long dehydrated food will last. Dehydrated foods' shelf life depends on various factors including the food, the dehydrating method used, the drying time, the food dehydrated and how the food is stored.
Yes, you can freeze keilbasa.
Yes, you can freeze it
For 2 to 3 weeks maximum. Then they get an awkward taste.
by reducing the milk for a long , long , long time.
Yes but it is a good idea to use it within three months
the result of freezing and thawing and freezing is frost boil
There are so many types of prepared cereal, there is no one answer  to this question.    In most cases, there is no reason to freeze cereal products to  preserve them. Most cereal products are sold in a dried form,  suitable for long term storage.    Freezing dried cereal will cause...
sure why not and that is not even a poptropica question
I'm making elderflower cordial & have too many elderflowers to deal with in one go - is freezing an option?
    == yes just put them in a zip lock bag or a bowl with a lid. it is best if you seal the bag air tight. ==       Yes, you can freeze blackberries. My mother-in-law does all the time. I think she just puts them in sealed freezer proof container until ready to use.    ...
you can but it will most likely evaporate some of the essential oils and make it less flavorfull what i do is sence i have central A/C wich drys the air out alot i simply set the herbs on carboard wich ive laid out on a table and let it sit for a few days infact i have some drying now as long as its...
The conclusion or goal of food preservation is that wholesome foodis available to eat at time frames beyond harvest and locations farfrom the harvest area.
YES, place them individually (not in a heap) on a cookie tray to freeze them, then place in a bag when hard, put bag back in the freezer.
Yes, it is basically sand you find at the beach. It is found in a lot of fruit such as apples, raisins, plums and veggies such as cucumber, asparagus, and white onion. It is not recommended you eat it at the beach but it's okay if you eat it at the dinner table. Hope this helps!
Yes, you can safely freeze crackers.
No the Taco Bell Margarita Fruitista does not contain alcohol
This differs for each county and state. Check with the business license office at your county court house.
What is Minced Garlic? Minced garlic is garlic crushed or diced into tiny pieces. Making minced garlic from cloves can be time consuming. Using a garlic peeler can be a great idea to save some time. We will now see, how to mince garlic.Take a whole bulb of fresh garlic. The cloves of garlic should...
Generally you can freeze any meat that hasn't been previously frozen (freezing twice destroys the cell structure resulting in pour texture and flavor.) Vacuum packing simple removes any air from inside the package, which generally allows meat to keep for longer. If you plan to freeze meat, it is...
As with all freezing questions: You can freeze anything, it's the defrosting that is the problem. Mushrooms contain a lot of water and during the freezing process, the expansion of the ice alters the cell structure. When they are defrosted, they will not have the same consistency, probably more...
After being defrosted, frozen foods must be cooked before being re-frozen.
Dates are usually dried, so you would only need to freeze them if you wanted to keep them for quite a long time (like a year). In that case, you can put them in an airtight freezer bag or other airtight container and put them in the freezer. It would be helpful to freeze small amounts in small...