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Orthodontists are a type of specialty dentist that apply braces to realign teeth. Ask questions about schooling, training and salary here.
There are a number of tools used by orthodontist in putting braces and removing braces. The commonly used tools in orthodontic treatments are:Band RemoverDistal CutterExplorerMouthguard, etc.
Yes, as long as you itemize your deductions you can take it as a medical expense. == ans ==The above is correct, and as many things with taxes "sort of"!Not only do you have to itemize, but you have to have enough expense, VS income to do so. The below explains it and you can contact the IRS for the...
The benefits of an orthodontists can differ depending upon what  their office offers. Generally, orthodontists receive medical  insurance and some amount of vacation time.
nobody wants to be an orthodontist so the job isvery avaliable, paid $150.29 an hour and you only work for 40 hours a week.
Go to TenBrook Orthodontics! We have had wonderful experiences here. The staff is very helpful and friendly. It's easy to see everyone enjoys what they are doing. When you see the final results, we know we went to the best orthodontist around.Call 1 877 SMILE 10 or check their website out! http:/...
Answer . \nPossible sciatic nerve? Have you been doing any deep knee bends or squat type movements in last day or so?
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Answer . AROUND 2500 RUPEES
Usually will make a mould of your mouth top and bottom. Then a week before your appointment to get braces he will put spacers in which are little bands that go in between your teeth. A week later he will put the braces in. That's mine and my friends experiences although i didn't have any extractions...
Varing from 65-100 dollars per hour. Maybe more, depends on the Orthodontist and the number of patients
  Let me tell you there boy....   Don't be an orthodontist. It is a terrible terrible knuckle head thing to do. I have been an orthodontist for 104 years and work now is worse than ever. People get that Invisalign crap and I don't make any money. To make money, I punch little kids in the face...
  == Answer ==   In the year 2006, a dentist earned around $102,500 a year. This was for higher dentists who had a lot patients and charged very high rates. Their assistants earned 50,000 dollars a year and a secretary earned around 40,000 a year. These were based on a study constructed by...
not really, what matters most are his teeth, whether or not he lost all his baby teeth yet or not.
Yes, you make a lot of money, only work 4 days a week, and it is awesome!
A quick google search of orthodontists in auckland reveal a handful of the top orthodontists in auckland so at a guess that would be 30-40 with a few dentists/orthodontists
To become an orthodontist, you need a degree from an accredited dental school and pass the state exams for your field. NY orthodontists, for example, may need to meet a different set of standards than MI orthodontists. If you are interested in becoming an orthodontist, it may be a good idea to get...
James TenBrook, DMD, MMSc, has dedicated a substantial amount of energy to the field of orthodontics. Since he began practicing nearly 20 years ago, TenBrook has sought ways to better his technique and his practiceThe result of TenBrook's commitment to improvement is what's known as the TenBrook...
to become an orthodontist you must first become a general dentist. which takes 4 years in dental school. with a two year of residency. followed by another year or two in school for your specialty in orthodontics. so a total of 7 give or take what programs or schools you go to.
Anatomy, health, and, if your school has it, an oral class.
== Answer ==   You must be accepted to an accredited Dental School/University. You must complete the requirements particular to your dental specialty. Thus, you must secure your dental degree whether a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). Both are the same, there is...
what are some recommended colleges to go to become a orthodontist
  An orthodontist's income can vary, but most start in the $150,000 to $200,000 range. Good location and good practices can mean $400,000 to $500,000 easily. Remember, braces are cash only. Most orthodontists do not accept any type of insurance. Novelty and cosmetics pay well. Factor in fewer...
  An orthodontist's salray is $77,000.
Yes, you can change your Orthodontist but it will increase your  treatment time because your new orthodontist will take time to  understand the movement of your teeth.   And they may change the treatment method, it is recommended to  complete the treatment with one orthodontist for quick...
They make your mouth hurt!
Its one of the more commonly used orthodontic appliance systems. It  was developed by Drs. McLaughlin,  Bennett, and Trevisi. Hence the  three letter acronym MBT. Hope this helps.
Orthodontist is the specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the study and treatment of malocclusion (improper bites), which may be a result of tooth irregularity, disproportionate jaw relationships, or both.
The root of orthodontist is "dont," which means "tooth." The prefix "ortho" means "correct" or "straight." So, an orthodontist makes teeth straight.
I knew an orthodontist once he was making like 500,000 dollars a year. Then again, he was good and had his own practice.
No, it doesn't hurt to put them in or take them out. However it might be uncomfortable to eat while they are in.
orthodontists work on average of 35 to 40 hours a week
oral screen does not extend till the vestbular region. and it is modifeid by introducing ring
According to my dentist you can't get rid of it.
An orthodontist must first attend college, then dental school acquiring a DDS or DMD degree (depending on the university attended). In order to practice dentistry legally, the doctor is then required to complete a state board exam upon which a license is awarded.Next, participation in a 2-3 year...
We cover medically necessary orthodontic treatment for severe handicapping malocclusions, craniofacial anomalies, or cleft lip or palate for children (20 years of age and younger). MAA does not cover orthodontic services for adults.
first of all it depend how many college credits u have. then after undergraduate you need you do 4-5 years of collg. and then another 2-3 years for orthodontist. it is a lot of college but you can make a lot of money. If you enjoy working with mouth and like money go with it!
Wash it out with salt and water. though this may hurt, its very effective :)
The same way everyone else does. They're still humans, and all humans use their money differently. It's a high paying profession as a result of very high grades and many years at university.
You should have lost all your deciduous teeth before the age of 13, and after that, your permanent teeth will set in, and they should not ever fall out if you take care of them.
ususally 8 years in college but to become an assistant 5 years
Yes. One of our Orthopedic Surgeons at Annie Penn Hospital does perform the Anterior approach Total Hip Replacement. Dr. Harrison routinely performs these procedures on all his Total Hip Replacements.Wayne Mcfatter, RN, MSNDirector of Surgical ServicesWayne.mcfatter@mosescone.com
If the dentist doesn't make it numb, it hurts like hell >.< If they numb it, it will probably only be a pinch. also, something else that helps the pain is this kind of gas that knocks you out a bit so you won't remember the seizure. But i'm serious, permanent have roots which is WHY it hurts...
ortho- means straightening or alignment. dont- teeth. Thus, orthdontist is composed of straightening teeth :D
a dentist specializing in the prevention or correction of irregularities of the teeth
Yes, For consultation and more information contact: 98(21) 8879062198(21) 8879062298(912) 19092511 (424) 777 2360ORemail: drpourvaziri@aol.com
It's very difficult. In fact, it's like pulling teeth to become an orthodontist in Russia.
you can eat almost most things.. i have probably tried most things with my train track brace any.. i haven't eaten lots of sweets and i don't like fizzy drinks so i don't have much sugar.but things that are hard to eat are chewy bars, cereal bars, toffee and anything that will stick to the brace....
orthodontist are dental specialist who help correct malfunctions of the mouth,including crooked or misplaced teeth or misaligned jaws.As a dental professional doctor, orthodontists perform a variety of duties to treat their patients. duties include 1. Consultation2.examination3.treatment plan4...
Greek "ortho-" for "straight, true, regular" And Latin "odon" for "tooth". source: etymonline.com
hard schooling, gross teeth, and bad breath!
Yes, because if you don't have the brace your tooth won't move to where it should be
A grind guard, or a mouth guard that is used for sports would be fine too, and probably cheaper
You could ask your dentist for a few recommendations. Or you could look in your phone book for some possible ones. Or you could do a Internet search for the area you live in and orthodonist. For example, if you live near Chicago, you could type in "Chicago orthodonist"
ater 5year course of bachelor degree u have to undergo anoher 3year for specialization in orthodontic and that will be your master degree
i have no clue but it is a lot
  Orthodontists are well payed professionals that have a good life ahead of them k?
Dental implants serve as anchors for artificial teeth. If you havea tooth extracted and need to have the space filled with a tooth, adental implant will do the job. After the dental implant is placedin bone and fully integrated, a crown can be fabricated which willgive the appearance and function of...
Nope! You'll feel a little pinch at first when they put the needle in, then your gum around the tooth getting pulled out will be numb so they can pull it out! :)
  you have to obtain a certain amount advanced college classes after you have reached your bacholers degree in orthodontics. you have to take biology, chemistry, health, and mathematics. A total of eight years in College.
== Answer ==   Usually the only detriment to your oral health is poor homecare. Taking the extra steps you may need to take to keep the gums clean and disease free (floss threaders, water picks, ect.) should ensure no detriments to your oral health. Ask your dentist on your situation, a lot...
The Responsibilities of an Orthodontist are the Following:v They will check their client's teeth and the current condition of them, to do this they well examine and assess their client's teeth, in order to determine whether their clients need braces or require teeth removed. v Study their client's...
Uhh no? It's just like normal kissing.
Yes if their teeth are really bad.
As the materials for commercial buildings switched to primarily concrete and steel, the demand for carpenters has shifted to the framework for houses and commercial structures
Just take it with you. If possible hold it in with wax, happened to me to!
They actually dont use glue they use cement!!
Women who are pregnant and nursing should avoid any whitening treatment except for toothpaste.
If the wire starts to come out at the end (like you know, in the back) just take some wax and press it against the wire, and leave it there but when you brush your teeth, TAKE IT OUT. If it really still hurts you after a few days, call you dentist and they'll cut the piece of wire for you. BTW Your...
Yes, but only one on each side. They may unhook and come off and you will swallow them.
I am looking for another orthodontist because my son orthodontist is retiring. my son just got braces in last year by using the medical card. i need to find another orthodontist so he can finish the work. i donot want the orthodontist to take out my son braces if they are not ready to come out .
2 to 3 months encluding how bad it is.
Finish 8 years of medical school good luck!
An orthodontist does not make more than $200,000 a year usually.  The median salary is around $140,000 a year depending on where they  practice.
you have to be over 18 years old and you have to be out of college
No I think their beautiful <3 I've had plenty of boyfriends and I have one . Nobody ever said im ugly because I have a underbite .
An orthodontist is a dentist who has completed an American Dental Association accredited graduate program in the specialty of orthodontics. A dentist who graduates from a specialty program becomes an orthodontic specialist who is eligible to become board certified through the voluntary examination...
around $400,000 Sheesh I wish they made around $400,000 but they do NOT, Orthodontist make about $163,000/year.
it save children's/ or adults teeth so they are straightened and nice.
it is definitely not as bad as getting teeth pulled out spacers don't hurt
okay well you try to make the effort into looking for a good orthodontics and you give her the contact information and so she will know your serious. then take it from there.. but she may think that she cant afford it either...