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Egglaying and livebearing are the two strategies exercised by fish. As what their names suggest, egglaying fish lays eggs rather than giving birth to a little look-alike of an adult fish as what livebearing fish does.


more numbers means that there is a greater chance of the fish  population to sstay living
I doubt that they can breed, a lot more depends on if two fish can breed than just their size, as far as I know guppies can only breed with other guppies.
get about 2 females for every male, then make sure you have alot of plants at the bottom to hold eggs and help hide the fish when there hatching or theyll get eaten feed them a bit more than usuall, that's how i always get my fish to breed
there are three basic breeds: fantail goldfish, comet goldfish, and common goldfish. if you are getting goldfish for the first time, i would recommend common goldfish as they need the least care.
Have an established male producing a bubble nest in his tank, have a female with horizontal lines developed the length of her body, place together in males tank and after egg laying and the male begins to move eggs to the bubbles, remove the female. Once eggs hatch either remove fry or male.
I use a divided fish tank. I put male on one side and female on the other. Let them watch each other through the glass for a while. Once they get used to each other, and the male has made his bubble nest, put them together. Make sure your female is good size because if she is to small the male will...
I would say a Tetra 1.5 gallon tank. It works well for a pair.
about 300-450 hundred.
In addition, as it would not allow me to type any further, eggs have been laid by the female salvini central America cichlid, but as stated no male exists in tank of that area, other tank mates include mouthbrooders such as frontosa, peacock cichlids, and mbuna's all from south Africa, so I am...
preadators and fisherman
Stronger muscles so that they can swim against the flow.
== Answer ==   There are many steps to breeding Betta's and if you are a beginner I suggest you wait and try some guppy breeding. I only suggest this because Betta breeding is for advanced breeders and because one of the Betta's will probably die.   == Answer ==   Breeding Bettas is a...
When goldfish are breeding, the male usually will chase the female.  This is pretty easy to witness, because the male will do this  frequently. You may also see the male pushing the female into a  soft plant, that means they are spawning.   P.S. To tell the gender of the goldfish, look for...
 Pond fish generally start breeding in the spring or early  summer
  why is atropine used on an adult with severe head trauma and severed spinal cord?
Males will get white spots around their neck/ shoulder area.
Year round, but especially in Spring for pond goldfish.
A very easy fish to get to breed are convict cichlids. Buy a male and female from your local store (cheap) They will make a nest and lay eggs on a flat rock. They will actively guard the nest and babies. You can do this in a 15 gallon tank. Make sure you put a flat rock and a 'cave' in the tank for...
Yes they do, they are called Fry not babies, and fish lay eggs from a tube in their body
simple just take the fish throw it into pond or lake it feeds itself.
Yes, especially in the following species: Amazon molly Bennett Blackstripe topminnow Bluegill Sunfish Char Grayling European Bitterling Green swordtail Guiana leaffish Houting Whitefish Jewel Fish Least Darter (Microperca punctulata) Mouthbreeding Fish Salmon Southern platyfish Ten-spined...
male and female got together and make young ones
There's now way to sex oscars. Oscars aren't able to breed until they are 2 years old. The male and female can live together. Oscar fry need to be removed or put into breeder box so they don't get eaten.
  Measuring the swimming speed of large fishes in the wild is extremely difficult.   Most sources believe that the fastest species of fish is the Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Istiophorus platypterus. It has been clocked in excess of 110 km/h (68 mph) over short periods.   http://www.amonline.net...
Either the female goes over some aquatic plants with the male  following, or the male pushes her over some. The female releases  eggs and the male fertilizes them, as most fish do.
If you have an adult male and an adult female molly, they will  breed in almost every case. To make sure you have a pair you need  to look at the fin under the fishes belly. The female will have a  normal fan shaped fin while the male with have a slender tube  shaped fin under his belly. When...
it differs from one type to another for eg carp takes about 5 years   pacu takes about 7-6 years   gold fish 4-5 years   cat fish 8-7 years   tilapia 1-2 years   giant gourami 4-5 years   ............................and so on    Not only does it depend on the species like it...
That's a very broad question. \\Though I would guess for mating.
This is just my opinion about how puffer fish find "love". When the season comes for spawning (mating) I think that the male puffers have a little show off, I think that they get in a group of two, and whichever one is the biggest and most threatening looking when all puffed up then I think that one...
They are most active in tight spaces,like jammed between a tree root in a stream,ot under a ledge.They usually come out when bugs do,so if you want to see or catch one,the best time is at don or dusk.
Yes. They have bones.
Indeed blood parrots are hybrids between the 'Red Head Cichlid' and  the 'Red Devil' (or I would guess sometimes 'Midas') cichlid. My  personal experience that a number of forums will agree with is that  the females for the majority fertile. However, the majority of  males are sterile like the...
It is Spring to Summer.
Probably wear spots from rubbing together while stacked.
No. They are completely different fish.
They are external because they are never looked after.that doesnt make sense i think a cod is internal
Yes, some fish even have standards. In Bettas, Males are deemed  attractive by how well built their bubble nest is. Yet in live  bearer society, males chase females either until the female wants  to mate, or until the female gets tired, than mate with them.
There are a couple of fish that look like they kiss, but cichlids are aggressive little beasts : D what is actually happening when you see to cichlids going at it is simple; they are fighting. Since fish do not have hands, they use their mouth to fight.. Generally speaking.. when the fish are going...
Yes, harp seals eat Greenland fish.
Well, i really dnt know
A male will have what appears to be spikes on his head. A female will have a smoother looking head. I have 2 females and a male in one of my tanks. Just found out there are gonna be a whole lot more
Bring the temperature down to about 60' over time. Do not do it suddenly because it may kill your fish. Bring it down 2' every day until it gets to 60'.Then slowly bring it back up. This gives the fish the feeling it is summer which is when they breed. The fish will lay the eggs and the male will...
Yes. The problem is simply that most people can't keep goldfish  alive until sexual maturity because they are usually kept in tanks  too small for them and they die young.   A Fightn' Fact-   Fancy goldfish: 1 Fish= 29+ Gallons   1-Tail Goldfish: 1 Fish= 55+ Gallons
The gestation period for most live-bearers is around 28 days, give or take a few days depending on water quality and temperature.
Keep your tank clean and fish happiness at 100% and they will breed when they are mature. :)
The female fish lays a great amount of her eggs in a good, protected spot, then the male swims over it and ejects his sperm cells in a fluid. This settles down over the batch of eggs, and the sperm fertilize most if not all the eggs.
  == Answer ==   Goldfish don't always stay the same color. As a goldfish ages, it can turn a variety of colors, like orange or yellow or white, including patches or spots of color as well.
education skills organisational and management know-how honesty work ethic
They don't. They give live birth.
slap them with a fish, its good for them and keeps them healthy :)
  When a female is large and fully grown, she cannot be bred with small males as they will be unable to wrap her properly and the eggs might not be fertilised. Large, fully grown males should not be combined with very small females as they could hurt them. But as long as the two partners are not...
The fastes freshwater fish I know of is the bass!
No, they lay their eggs if fertilized, in a pebble bed in the river, in which they were themselves born.
What will happen is your fry, when it is born, will swim up to the surface for that first bit of air and then they will swim somewhere that they feel safe. They will swim through to the bottom part of the breeding net and they will come up for air if they need it. It is a good idea also to remove...
Maybe they do and you just don't know it.
  Yes, in the summer months. If you have an aquarium with a heater, turn the heater down to colder temperatures (remember goldfish can live in freezing temperatures, surviving fierce winters in outdoor ponds, although I wouldn't recommend putting your goldfish through that if it's avoidable.)...
It is a bird, a kind of heron.
Tigerfish hunt for fish, reptiles, geese, pelicans, and  alabatrosses. A very large one can eat a small crocodile.
catfish have whiskers and spots
well, sea lions are fat, and they have chicken pie on their wiskers :D
Breeding enables a particular species to produce offspring so that it does not become extinct. Breeding also enables a species to better evolve and adapt according to its surroundings and, for domestic livestock, to improve on meeting market demand (as controlled by humans).
yes it is possible.
One must be very specific when writing a fish farming proposal plan. One should make sure they write in detail of what fish they are going to be farming and how many of that type and for what purposes.
No in a word all guppies are live bearers hence their almost accidental breeding at the base of the anal fin there is a dark area called the gravid spot this is present in all females nearing the time og giving birth
  == Answer ==   Yes, goldfish can breed in the home aquarium.
    Go to www.bettatalk.com and get a detailed answer.
The Atlantic blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) lays eggs. Oftentimes, they will lay seven million at a time! Please access the related link(s) below for so much more on this, one of the largest fish in the world as we know it today.
Crocodiles are the only predators.
Yes, fish can get pregnant. They can be live bearers (have them like a women does) Or they can lay eggs which they hide in a nest the build around the tank
Not all sharks have live young. Some lay eggs like most fish do but to answer your question, no, sharks are not the only fish that give live birth. Guppies, mollies, swordtails and other members of the family Poeciliidae, as well as members of other fish families, give live birth.
Some are egg hatched and some are live born. Depends on the fish.
slap it with a fish it has been scientificaly proven that this is the best way to find out.it was on the ABC channel! :)
well these fishes are known to be hydrocturnal this is the main reason they breed at night.
slap them with a fish, its the best way to be sure :)
Ideally about every 28 days. some breeders ahve benn able to condition and get their Bettas to breed in half that time, but that comes with experience.
yes because it has a tail
Asia (Singapore) and there are extremely tight restrictions on their export. They must be captive bread and they contain a micro chip embedded in dorsal muscle for identification. Permits are also required for the export of these fish.Australia has some beautiful species as well, but exports are...
Usually not... My Betta females don't do it often, but I dont think  its a nest like the males will make because its just a few bubbles,  but what Ive learned also is that it may be plants from the tank.
Her and the male will take over an area in the tank where some sort of breeding surface is available.
she can be put back right away but if the other tank has males you might want to give her a little time to rest before she starts to get chased around by the males and its up to your consideration any where from a few hours to day or two should be enough however if she's left with her babies she...
You will see them, unless they have been eaten. They won't lay one, but rather a hundred or more depending on the size and species.
well if its a betta fish then yes, two male bettas in one bowl may result in one killing the other. you may also notice that even when there is only one male betta is in a bowl it will try to attack its reflection thinking its another male betta
You have to do what the male fish would do- hold her very gently, with her just at the surface of the water but making sure she's still in the water. Then carefully turn her over onto her back, making sure your supporting her head. Then very lightly stroke her tummy, almost like your tickling her....
Because a pineapple fish is a weak swimmer, it hides during the day, but comes out at night to eat small shrimp that swim along the top of the sand in the water.