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Egglaying and livebearing are the two strategies exercised by fish. As what their names suggest, egglaying fish lays eggs rather than giving birth to a little look-alike of an adult fish as what livebearing fish does.


more numbers means that there is a greater chance of the fishpopulation to sstay living
I doubt that they can breed, a lot more depends on if two fish can breed than just their size, as far as I know guppies can only breed with other guppies.
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get about 2 females for every male, then make sure you have alot of plants at the bottom to hold eggs and help hide the fish when there hatching or theyll get eaten feed them a bit more than usuall, that's how i always get my fish to breed
there are three basic breeds: fantail goldfish, comet goldfish, and common goldfish. if you are getting goldfish for the first time, i would recommend common goldfish as they need the least care.
Have an established male producing a bubble nest in his tank, have a female with horizontal lines developed the length of her body, place together in males tank and after egg laying and the male begins to move eggs to the bubbles, remove the female. Once eggs hatch either remove fry or male.
Yes. As long as the pond is suitable. Oxygenation is essential.
I use a divided fish tank. I put male on one side and female on the other. Let them watch each other through the glass for a while. Once they get used to each other, and the male has made his bubble nest, put them together. Make sure your female is good size because if she is to small the male will...
Function of fish gills. To preform breathing for the orgainsm that lives under water. (Listen everyone!... go to National Geographic for kids, or the regular one to find a more specific and general info. on this subject. To find it type on google "national geographic" or "National geographic". Hope...
I would say a Tetra 1.5 gallon tank. It works well for a pair.
about 300-450 hundred.
In addition, as it would not allow me to type any further, eggs have been laid by the female salvini central America cichlid, but as stated no male exists in tank of that area, other tank mates include mouthbrooders such as frontosa, peacock cichlids, and mbuna's all from south Africa, so I am...
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Stronger muscles so that they can swim against the flow.
Breeding Bettas is a difficult and challenging endeavor. Also anexpensive one. You will need a brooding tank that is no smallerthan 10 gallons, a 40 to 50 gallon growing tank for the fry to growup in, and upwards of 500 individual jars to put the new Bettas inonce they are large enough. You will...
When goldfish are breeding, the male usually will chase the female.This is pretty easy to witness, because the male will do thisfrequently. You may also see the male pushing the female into asoft plant, that means they are spawning. P.S. To tell the gender of the goldfish, look for white spots...
Most species lay eggs once a year (though this can be several batches of eggs over a few day period) other fish can lay eggs every few weeks or every few months.
Pond fish generally start breeding in the spring or earlysummer
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The female seahorse deposits her eggs into an opening in the front of the male's body, and he keeps them into a pouch until they hatch, at which time they "squirt" out of him. The seahorse is not pregnant in the sense we think of pregancy, he is just carrying the eggs in a safe place in a...
Males will get white spots around their neck/ shoulder area.
Year round, but especially in Spring for pond goldfish.
if you're refferring them to being young then no
The female gets bigger, there are fish eggs, there are baby fish.
No, they come out of a small tube under their body close to the tail fin called the ovipositor. There are, however, some fish commonly called "mouth brooders" that will either scoop up the eggs into their mouths and keep them there until they hatch or will keep the fry (baby fish) in their mouths...
A very easy fish to get to breed are convict cichlids. Buy a male and female from your local store (cheap) They will make a nest and lay eggs on a flat rock. They will actively guard the nest and babies. You can do this in a 15 gallon tank. Make sure you put a flat rock and a 'cave' in the tank for...
Most fish hatch from eggs. However, there are some livebearers, such as mollies guppies, swordtails and platies. These fish retain the eggs within the body and give birth to live young.
Yes they do, they are called Fry not babies, and fish lay eggs from a tube in their body
getting more goldfish in your tank
Start with easy breeding fishes. Give all naturality that you can to the tank.
simple just take the fish throw it into pond or lake it feeds itself.
It's a personal preference. I like breed discus & Ranchu because it's cool and you can sell it for 50k+ coins. A cross between Eagle Ray and Yellowbelly Damsel produces Eagle Damsel which sells for 143115 coins
the male would be skweesing out the eggs of the female and when the egg get sqused out they would flout up to the top of the tank on the bubble nest that the male made when it was ready to breed
You don't need one to breed and i don't think you do to sell.
Yes and No. The betta will make a bubble nest, but it is helpful to the betta to have the bottom half a styrofoam cup in the tank for the betta to build it on, it would most likely build one anyway if there was a place to build one though. Good luck!
Plants and rocks. Fishes usually give birth in the shallow waters.
Yes, especially in the following species: Amazon molly Bennett Blackstripe topminnow Bluegill Sunfish Char Grayling European Bitterling Green swordtail Guiana leaffish Houting Whitefish Jewel Fish Least Darter (Microperca punctulata) Mouthbreeding Fish Salmon Southern platyfish Ten-spined...
Give it good food and don't miss feeding it! if it is infected by other fish than move it away from them but if it's a sickness, then add dechlorinator 2 teaspoons in a jug with water, mix it well, and then put it in your aquarium.
male and female got together and make young ones
It is easy to breed fish provided you give them proper attention and care.
There's now way to sex oscars. Oscars aren't able to breed until they are 2 years old. The male and female can live together. Oscar fry need to be removed or put into breeder box so they don't get eaten.
Measuring the swimming speed of large fishes in the wild is extremely difficult.. Most sources believe that the fastest species of fish is the Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Istiophorus platypterus . It has been clocked in excess of 110 km/h (68 mph) over short periods.. http://www.amonline.net.au/fishes...
Either the female goes over some aquatic plants with the malefollowing, or the male pushes her over some. The female releaseseggs and the male fertilizes them, as most fish do.
If you have an adult male and an adult female molly, they willbreed in almost every case. To make sure you have a pair you needto look at the fin under the fishes belly. The female will have anormal fan shaped fin while the male with have a slender tubeshaped fin under his belly. When you see males...
Yes. Sarasa Comets is just a fancy term for red and white comet Goldfish. Same species.
pesonaly i dont belive in guppies NEMO!
i have platy in my tank the give birth to small fries rapidly.the males are larger and have longer tails the females are shorter and have shorter tails when the females are about to give birth their belly swells and the tend to hide.
it differs from one type to another for eg carp takes about 5 years pacu takes about 7-6 years gold fish 4-5 years cat fish 8-7 years tilapia 1-2 years giant gourami 4-5 years ............................and so on Not only does it depend on the species like it says above, it alsodepends on many...
That's a very broad question. \Though I would guess for mating.
This is just my opinion about how puffer fish find "love". When the season comes for spawning (mating) I think that the male puffers have a little show off, I think that they get in a group of two, and whichever one is the biggest and most threatening looking when all puffed up then I think that one...
They are most active in tight spaces,like jammed between a tree root in a stream,ot under a ledge.They usually come out when bugs do,so if you want to see or catch one,the best time is at don or dusk.
after five days you will find small comet fish.don't clean the water or introduce new species to the tank because sudden change in water can kill the and new species will have tension of eating the small fish. feed them regularly.if you have filters or other equipments which suck the water tun them...
Yes. They have bones.
Indeed blood parrots are hybrids between the 'Red Head Cichlid' andthe 'Red Devil' (or I would guess sometimes 'Midas') cichlid. Mypersonal experience that a number of forums will agree with is thatthe females for the majority fertile. However, the majority ofmales are sterile like the flowerhorn...
Do not change the water as the fry may not be able to adjust. If possible remove other grown fish. Provide plants as a hiding place and protect them from excessive sunlight.
#1 It normally depends on your Bala Shark fish's size. Get a approximately 45cm (length), 9cm (height), 9cm (breadth) tank from a fish shop and also purchase a canister of tropical fish food, air pump, a water plant and a canister of anti-chloride liquid. #2 Put your fish first in a clean...
It is Spring to Summer. I think spring
You will know when it is a bubble nest when the male makes a ton of bubbles at the surface. The male will go to the surface ant take a gulp of air,mix it with some saliva in his mouth that makes the bubble strong then blows the bubble. He will do this over and over until there are like 400 bubbles....
Probably wear spots from rubbing together while stacked.
No. They are completely different fish.
They are external because they are never looked after. that doesnt make sense i think a cod is internal
Yes, some fish even have standards. In Bettas, Males are deemedattractive by how well built their bubble nest is. Yet in livebearer society, males chase females either until the female wantsto mate, or until the female gets tired, than mate with them.
Because that is where they are most comfortable spawning the next generation.
There are a couple of fish that look like they kiss, but cichlids are aggressive little beasts : D what is actually happening when you see to cichlids going at it is simple; they are fighting. Since fish do not have hands, they use their mouth to fight.. Generally speaking.. when the fish are going...
Yes, harp seals eat Greenland fish.
Well, i really dnt know
A male will have what appears to be spikes on his head. A female will have a smoother looking head. I have 2 females and a male in one of my tanks. Just found out there are gonna be a whole lot more
Bring the temperature down to about 60' over time. Do not do it suddenly because it may kill your fish. Bring it down 2' every day until it gets to 60'.Then slowly bring it back up. This gives the fish the feeling it is summer which is when they breed. The fish will lay the eggs and the male will...
Yes. The problem is simply that most people can't keep goldfishalive until sexual maturity because they are usually kept in tankstoo small for them and they die young. A Fightn' Fact- Fancy goldfish: 1 Fish= 29+ Gallons 1-Tail Goldfish: 1 Fish= 55+ Gallons
fish eat many different things, but all are specialized in certain foods. most are carnivorous
The gestation period for most live-bearers is around 28 days, give or take a few days depending on water quality and temperature.
If you mean different varieties within the same species , then yes. That is how new strains are formed. Similar species from the same family of fish have bred, but it is rare.
Yes! But seriosly, the rocks wont make any difference!
Keep your tank clean and fish happiness at 100% and they will breed when they are mature. :)
The female fish lays a great amount of her eggs in a good, protected spot, then the male swims over it and ejects his sperm cells in a fluid. This settles down over the batch of eggs, and the sperm fertilize most if not all the eggs.
Answer . Goldfish don't always stay the same color. As a goldfish ages, it can turn a variety of colors, like orange or yellow or white, including patches or spots of color as well. Common household goldfish tend to change colors throughout their lives. White, orange, and yellow color changes, in...
Atropine is used in ophthalmology as well when the measurement of eye refractive errors (i.e., cyclopegia) is required, due to its papillary dilation properties.
The wicker affair carried by trout fishermen is called a "creel". But the place in the fishing boat filled with water from the lake or sea the boat is on is called a "live well".
Depends on the type of fish. For e.g.: A guppy fry will take 3-4 months to mature. For more information, visit the link below.
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They don't. They give live birth.
slap them with a fish, its good for them and keeps them healthy :)
Minnows are egg layers, the eggs hatch within five days afterfertilization. Remove adults from the tank after they arefertilized or the adults will eat the babies. You can put in a frypen for them to stay in if you do not have a tank for the adults.
When a female is large and fully grown, she cannot be bred with small males as they will be unable to wrap her properly and the eggs might not be fertilised. Large, fully grown males should not be combined with very small females as they could hurt them. But as long as the two partners are not...
The fastes freshwater fish I know of is the bass!