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In 2016, he dated Hyoyoung of 5doll. He has also been said to date Nicole of KARA, and Eunjiof APINK.
You write it like: 키
I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that when someone calls out a number, they will go in a line to either catch or miss the mouse. it's your choice if you catch or miss it. So for example, if the number that has been called out is 3 then the first person in line chooses to say catch (now there...
yes..... nanah katayama from Philippines
which kibum are you referring to? kibum Key of SHINee, kibum of Super Junior, kibum who used to be Marumir from XING and UKISS, etc. There's lots of Korean idols named kibum.
It's around a Thousand Dollars ($1000)
같이 가자 [gatchi gaja] literally: "together go let's"
you say it: ge-tte-lo-stte-eg-ghed
Somewhere in Gangnam, Seoul.
This is a bit tricky... Super Junior started with 12 members in2005 (Leeteuk, Heechul, Hangeng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin,Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kibum. In 2006 anothermember joined which was Kyuhyun. There were 2 members that left thegroup and those were Kibum and Hangeng.
Cho Kyu-hyun is 29 years old (birthdate: February 3, 1988)
Kevin Woo (Woo Sung-hyun) is 26 years old (born November 25, 1991).
I don't know how to say it but to write it is "바바라". I used a translator.
Eunhyuk, followed by Shindong.
In.south korea that is his hometown
Girls' Generation sang 'Chocolate Love' for the new Chocolate phone by LG Cyon.
Taeyang or Dong Young-Bae speaks and sings in Korean. He also singsin Japanese under the name SOL.
Most translators will give you 아름다운 (ah-reum-da-oon), which means "Beautiful," or "Lovely" in English. But, . 사랑스러운 (sa lang seu lo oon) translates literally to "Love-ly" in English. .
There is no season 2 for emperor of the sea
For that every one knows, SS501 was on a secret mission. They say that the stars who is most populated in idol gets to go a a mission. So that's why ss501 was in danger but it was all true, but no worries because they won't get hurt anymore
Well, Super Junior M is a sub group from Super Junior. I am sure you know that. But Semir is a well known clothing brand in China.
내 여자 친구가되고 싶어.... means do you want to be my girlfriend
This question refers to the treatment of American and UnitedNations troops held as prisoner-of-war by the Democratic People'sRepublic of North Korea during War (1951-1953). UN and AmericanPOWs were subjected to torture and brainwashing in contravention ofthe Geneva Convention. Furthermore many still...
syazwani is pronounced the same in Korean as it is in English.
Super Junior is ACTUALLY a South Korean boy band...
How are you? Right? It can be 당신은 어떻게 지내요? ( dang-sin-eun eo-tteoh-ke ji-nae-yo?) But this one is more spoken 어떻게 지내세요? (eo-tteoh-ke ji-nae-se-yo?) * nae is spoken as ne
Leeteuk actually facilitated Yoona and Lee Seunggi's relationship.
You can meet them when they're having concerts and fan-meets. Fan-meets are the best. In concerts, to actually meet them, you need backstage passes.
He's not, all charges were dropped.
Lucky for you I wrote out a list off the top of my head today^^ Summer Dream Before you go Keep Your Head Down Unforgettable Love After Love Mirotic Rising Sun Ggomaya Hiya ya Lovin You Beautiful You Forever Love Always There Evergreen Get Me Some O Jung Ban Hap ...
Pls share, where you intend to take that test in Korean, will replyyou at large
it was just a picture on paparazzi that wasn't even clear and they denied that.
Here are some that I know: Full House Explorer of the Human Body (EHB) Adonis Camp Super Junior Mini Drama Super Junior Show (yes that's actually a show)
다리 (da-li)
(Musical Introduction) Yubin-(rap) you know I still love you baby. And that'll never change. Sarangei (I love you) All- I want nobody nobody but you! I want nobody nobody but you! Sunmi- How can I be with another I don't want any other All- I want nobody nobody nobody nobodaay Sunye- Why you trying...
Music intro.) (Rap) You know I still love you baby. And that'll never change. Sarangei (I love you) I want nobody nobody but you! I want nobody nobody but you! How can I be with another? I don't want any other. I want nobody nobody, nobody nobodaay Why you trying to, to make me leave you? I...
i dun care what ur question is but babo in Korean is stupid like u
1. Hana 2. Toul 3. Set 4. Net 5. Dashat 6. Yashat 7. Ilgup 8. You-dul 9. A-hap 10. Youl.
Leeteuk is the leader.
Seoul, South Korea
There are lots ! Shows that they or just a few members appear / have appeared in: • Invinvible Youth • Idol Army / Idol Show • Strong Heart • Star King • Hello Baby (they had their own season) • Factory Girl • We Got Married
Lol are you a SHINee fan? anyways, ring ding dong is in English and the way you say it in Korean would be something like: ling-ding-dong the letters R and L in Korean are often sound the same.
Generally Korean singers have facebook accounts but they use it at private mode. Nobody except them know if they do have or don't have.
The wonder pets are part girl and part boy. Linny and Ming Ming are both girls and it's kind of obvious they are. At first I thought Tuck was a girl too, but I figured out from some of their episodes that Tuck is a boy.
For 2011, sadly HeeChul and Leeteuk are going to attend Military service because every man Born in the republic of Korea have to attend before they're about 30. On the other hand, they're working on 5jib !! (5th album)
Yes, they do, i tried this with my American Girl doll and my Generation doll.
Happy Valentine's Day in Korean is - 해피 발렌타인데이 (he-pi bal-len-ta-in de-i).
DBSK has 5 members. -Hero Jae-Joong=The most handsome -Micky Yoochun=The cutiest and softest boy -Max Chang-Min=The gentlest and youngest boy -Xiah Junsu=The huskiest and shortest boy -U-Know Yunho=The best dancer
As of September 2010 they have 94 songs. Good luck finding them all. ㅋㅋㅋ
Super Junior debuted on November 6, 2005.
Nope, he is Korean.
The tallest in Super Junior is Siwon.
in 2010....is Jung Min
안녕하세요 (an-nyeong-ha-se-yo) or 좋은 아침이에요 (jo-eun ah-chim-i-eh-yo).
Yes, they are. But Junsu, Yoochun and Jae Joong are still together. They created a new band called JYJ(Junsu, Yoochun, Jae Joong). Edit: Not as of 11 December 2011. Not officially. Currently they are just separated, as JYJ and the other two members, Yunho and Changmin, in TVXQ. It will depend on...
Taeyang was born on May 18, 1988.
DBSK has the biggest fanbase out of all Korean, and probably all Asian, artists. Their fan club is called Cassiopeia. We're talking millions of people.
Yes, it's called 'The Wonder Girls Movie".
To be honest we don't really know. Hopefully not, because he is fiiine. (^ lol i agree) SHINee (up to recently with Jonghyun) Have kept pretty quiet about their dating/sex life or lack there of. South Korea's attitude is a bit different towards stars and idols, a bit more respectful so i think...
Her real name is Soo Yeon Jung
Kim Tae-yeon is the oldest.
다이아몬드 (da-i-a-mon-deu).
"Park" ( spelled 박) is just a name in Korean. It has no other meaning.
no, lol.... what kind of question is this? DBSK beats Arashi in every category, lol....
Sweetheart or Lover
Kyuhyun is the youngest. he was born on 1988, while ryeowook in1987
Apparently, it is proven that she got a nose job. It is alsosaid that she had her jaw fixed however, there isn't much proof ofthe jaw situation. Rumor has it that she's done an eye job andcountless other things but there isn't any proof of it. She deniesany plastic surgery but it is confirmed that...
Korea celebrates its independence day by having parades, parties, fireworks, etc.
There is not an official date to when SHINee will come to the states, but I know SHINee has been to Australia for a concert. Hopefully they will come here as well as many other Kpop artists.
No he his not.
simlihak 심리학 :))
There are two distinct ways to say the number "40" in Korean. One is the "Sino Korean" (influenced by Mandarin Pronunciation" and the other is the "Pure Korean" way, which is what villagers in Korea used before Chinese influence. The Sino-Korean was is pronounced in English like this (Not...
He left in September for the 2-year mandatory army service, but is still considered to be part of Super Junior. He's one of the inactive members.
There has been no official statements from Hangeng or SM yet. So he hasn't officially left the group.
No, he did not leave Super Junior.
He was born on July 18, 1993 (1993-07-18). so.. 2012 -1993 _________ 18 So he is considered to be 18 in most places. However, he is 20 by the Korean standards.
No. Changes in the way the data is stored prevent Generation 1 Pokemon Games (Blue, Red, Yellow and in some countries, Green) and Generation 2 games (Gold, Silver, and Crystal) from trading into Generation 3 or beyond. As a Basic explanation, Pokemon in Generation 2 were stored at a maximum of...
내일은 니가 뭐 할게요? Literally: What will you do tomorrow? Pronounced: 'ne i roon ni ka mwo hal ge yo?' It's not exactly what you wanted but the meanings are the same.
it been said Jessica was the GG doll
he has at least 8 as of September 2012. Two on his right ear and six on his left.
G Dragon is 5 feet 9 inches and 123 lbs. Very skinny!
여러분, 사랑해요! [Yeo-reo-bun, sa-rang-hae-yo!]
bobo (보보) doesn't mean anything. babo (바보) means idiot.
No. There just only one super junior but there have four group of super junior.Although some of them join in two group and some of them just only join one group but they still happy together in one big group of super junior. . -Super junior K.R.Y -Super junior Happy -super junior mandarin(add 2...
to an older girl you say: "noona, neomu yeppeo" to a younger girl its: "___(
Yes, SNSD & Girls' Generation are one group. Their Korean group name is S o N yuh S hi D ae / 소녀시대 (for short SNSD ) 소녀시대 translated to English is Girls' Generation . Some people call So Nyuh Shi Dae ' SoShi ' for quick too.
Watch out is correctly written in Korean as 조심해!