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Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is a bestselling American novelist best known for his romantic novels such as The Notebook, which later became a hit movie.
Here are his published works, in order: . The Notebook (October 1996) . Message in a Bottle (April 1998) . A Walk to Remember (October 1999) . The Rescue (September 2000) . A Bend in the Road (September 2001) . Nights in Rodanthe (September (2002) . The Guardian (April 2003) . The...
If you mean the wedding vows it is Corinthians13:4-8.. I looked it up myself for my vows.. hope that helps
1 - Message in a Bottle (1999) - Starring Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn and Paul Newman (Director - Luis Mandoki) 2 - A Walk to Remember (2002) - Starring Shane West, Mandy Moore and Peter Coyote (Director - Adam Shankman) 3 - The Notebook (2004) - Starring Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams and...
OF coarse :) in fact the last one he worte called The Last Song is a teen love story
It's Romantic, with like Drama and War involved .
Dear John was written by Nicholas Sparks.
Yes, he is a Cathloic.
The two major themes of this book is fate and destiny. The photograph plays a major role in the book which helps lead to the theme. However, themes can't be described in one word. So, another theme is The theme of this book is that you shouldn't hold grudges on people, because one day, if they die...
Probably at any bookstore like Barnes & Nobles or Borders.
Are you asking if it's an AR Book ? Yes, it is, I've tooken it so yeah . I'm not sure if it answered your question though . . - :)
to never take anyone for granted.
6 of his books have been made into a movie, which are Message in a Bottle A Walk to Remember The Notebook Nights in Rodanthe Dear John (Feb,5,2010) The Last Song (March,31,2010) He has also sold the rights to True Believer, At First Sight and The Lucky One The Guardian is also a book...
The Notebook (October 1996) Message in a Bottle (April 1998) A Walk to Remember (October 1999) The Rescue (September 2000) A Bend in the Road (September 2001) Nights in Rodanthe (September (2002) The Guardian (April 2003) The Wedding (September 2003) Three Weeks with my...
They're really both the same. If you read any of his novels you'll realize that all he's doing is regurgitating the same old stories over and over again. Dear John, Last Song, The Notebook. If you've read one, you've read them all.
The army. They are the ones who are keeping John and Savannah apart
You can buy his movies on Ebay,Amazon,or maybe at Target/Walmart.
This book is set during the 21st century, in Wrightsville, North Carolina. The property that Ronnie's father lives on is easily the oldest property on Wrightsville beach, it was sandwiched in between 2 massive houses on the beach front. This house was not in the best of shape the paint was peeling,...
About 176,000 words. there's about 500 words per page.
You can't. ; ) But you can sample the first five chapters on barnesandnoble.com. But really, most libraries carry Nicholas Sparks books.
All of Nicholas Spark's books are incredible. A couple of my favorites are The Choice, The Notebook, and Dear John. All of them are amazing.
That there are people who walk into our lives and change it in ways we could have never imagined but they can't stay with you forever. Dear John teaches us to treasure what we have because one day we could lost it all...just like John did.
they all take place in NC because that's where nicholas sparkls lives. Most authors write their novels where they live.
I love Nicholas Sparks so you will also like KRISTIN HANNAH (Firefly Lane) all her books are amazing, Jodi Picoult, Charles Martin, Nicholas Evans.. TRy it
The mood of the Gardian is suspence, some thriller, combined with a little romance.
In my opinion the antagonist is Blaze because Marcus likes Ronnie, so Blaze tries to destroy Ronnie by placing cds in here purse. Ronnie walks out with them and then now she has to go to court
irony- when Ronnie meets will and she thinks he is the last person she will ever fall in love with and she falls in love with him.
Its about two people that fall in love. They feel like they are ready to get married but others feel they are moving to fast, but what they dont know for a while is that she is pregnate
Tim was Savannah's neighbour. Its Tim's brother Alan who is her inspiration to start the ranch for autistic kids. Tim loves Savannah. book's better than the movie but i cried in both :L
the theme of the wedding is.... if you want to know what the theme is READ IT YOUR SELF
Yes, they are! True Believer is about Jeremy Marsh and Lexie Darnell, meeting and falling in love. At First Sight is about them battling other complications, its pretty much the sequel. :)
he has 6 so far. a walk to remember, message in a bottle, last song, dear john, nights in rodanthe, and the notebook
writing, the piano and football.
Although I haven't read any others, The Last Song is by far the best book I have ever read in my entireee life (especially good for teens) and I also love the movie! The Notebook. but I must say, The Last Song is very good too. all NOVELS are awesome.
You can go to a bookstore or visit spark notes or cliffs notes.
yes.(well mostly after he as written the book of course.)
the resolution of A Walk to remember is when Landon visits Hegbertat the end of the movie!! i personally love romance novels andmovies but really dont get all this writing stuff so you may wantto make sure with your teacher if this is right
No, they are two separate people and two separate authors.
No, Logan didn't die. It didn't say if Beth and Logan ended up getting married, but they ended up living together. And Keith is the one that died.
There is a story within the novel about Jobell flowers
No, he died of an infection.
His last novel was The Choice , from 2007. Now he is currently finished writing his new novel The Lucky One and it will be released on September 30, 2008.
The Last Song is an emotional. "Perfect movie to share with your daughter". I am not going to spoil the movie for you. I love that movie.
The rising action in The Notebook are all the events that lead up to the climax. The rising action in The Notebook would be Allie trying to decide who she wants to marry, Noah or Lon.
At the beginning, Logan is in a tour in Iraq. Then he goes back home to Colorado. Later, he walks to Hampton, North Carolina.
the climax is when, Wilson and Jane reach the point of forgivness; which is at Anna's wedding.
The Film wasn't as good as the book in my opinion. Least favourite character...would have to be Dean. Though Landon was pretty annoying most of the time, too desperate and jock-like i think =/
Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth
he writes in the Romantic genre. you know like sappy love stories and such, but i do love them!
the main character in the notebook Noah Calhoun, Allie Nelson, Lon Hammond other minor characters Guss, fin, Sarah, Morris Goldman
The conflict is that her dad in the movie has a disease and all she did was be horrible to him and soon after in the story her dad has a heart breaking death.
yes it has. its won heaps and heaps of awards just find it out yourself
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks is a romantic drama.
The Last Song, with Miley Cyrus.
Miles finds out that Sarah's brother is the one who accidently hit his wife, he and Sarah break up for six days, but at the very end Sarah comes home to find miles and jonah waiting for her
The climax of The Guardian is when Richard hits Mike on the head and Mike passes out. Then Julie came out and ran to the beach. Meanwhile, Mike is drifting in and out of consciousness.
The Last Song revolves around a seventeen year old Ronnie Miller, who is sent by her mother to spend the summer after graduation with her ten-year-old brother, Jonah, visiting her father, Steve. Steve, a former Juilliard professor, had divorced Ronnie's mother, Kim, three years earlier and left New...
Miles, Ryan, Lan, Lexie and Savannah
she wakes up from her coma and they all become a happy family
Instead of it being annas wedding its Jane and wilsons wedding
he wrote it the summer after his freshman year in college while he was recovering from an injury to his Achilles tendon. he never published the book
He's name is Marcus. He is Blaze's boyfriend and he loves Ronnie, but he is a bad person. He gets everything his way. Marcus is heartless, careless, and cruel.
Yes, but some books are based on his experiences. The only book that is true is Three Weeks With My Brother .