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Dutch Language and Culture

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This category is for the questions and answers relating to Dutch, the West Germanic language of the Netherlands, its people and culture.
The Dutch Explored Africa, Indonesia, and near Japan.
'Small' translates to 'Klein' in Dutch. Small-Smaller-Smallest - Klein-Kleiner-Kleinst.
God heeft de wereld geschapen volgens de Koran 79:30.
Where did Aunt Til live is an English equivalent of 'Waar woonde Tante Til'.
Hallo, Mijn naam is Carina.
The Dutch pronounce it in two ways. Either the English/American way  or sometimes as 'Sjonny/Sjonnie'. That pronounciation is best  related to how the French pronounce the letter J. Think of saying  Johnny but start with the letter S and emphasize that letter in  stead of the J. Also leave the H...
Yes , Suriname belongs to the Dutch Language Union. Suriname became an associate member in 2004. The Dutch Language Union [Nederlandse Taalunie is an international institution for standardizing the Dutch language. The NTU was founded by the Netherlands and Belgium on September 9, 1980.
Answer Every person is different, and I personally think that you shouldn't tar everyone with the same brush. It is always wise to consider a persons culture before judging what you see and may not understand. But, to answer your question in general. They can be, but most of the time people are...
It can mean 2 things:Bij = byBij = bee (as in the insect)
'To stand' translates to 'Staan'.
125 years is an English equivalent of '125 jaar'.
Noun -- acorn, fruit, or seed of the oak tree.  Noun -- glans, head of the penis (Anatomy).Noun -- idiot, fool (Vulgar Slang).Verb -- mess around, loiter, remain idle in one place.
'Hello Katie' is in Dutch 'Hallo Katie' or 'Hoi Katie' or 'Hey Katie'
The Zulus fought the Dutch expansion.
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn [July 15, 1606-October 4, 1669] was a successful Dutch artist in 17th century Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. He was known for his etches, paintings, and prints. Subsequent generations have found particularly fascinating the artist's autobiographical record left in the...
The greatest and most natural movement is an English equivalent of 'die meeste ende di naetuereelste beweechgelickheijt'. The phrase in a Dutch dialect is an oft quoted statement by Dutch artist extraordinaire Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn [July 15, 1606-October 4, 1669]. Actually, the translation...
That translates to 'Vind je me leuk?'
Khe-BRAH-dehn DOW-*vehn VLEE-khehn is a pronunciation of 'Gebraden duiven vliegen...', which is Dutch for 'Roast pigeons fly...'. *The sound 'ow' is similar to the sound in the English adverb 'how'.
'computer' is exactly the same word in Dutch = 'computer'
In Dutch you say 'extraordinary' as buitengewoon or bijzonder.
Gelukkige moederdag is a Dutch equivalent of 'Happy Mother's Day'. But usually, Fijne moederdag is used.
Bedankt voor de geweldige seks
Surinam, Indonesia, some caribic islands and at some point, parts of the U.S.
Hi there is an English equivalent of 'Hallo daar'.
it was founded in 1624 and the place that the found was called the Netherlandsmy quote : vist my website is for this other site called ourworld my site is e1ashleys.wordpress.com leave comments on my site Yours Truly ,    unknown
A bridge like a bridge over water in dutch is "Brug"
The word for valley in dutch is vallei
No, a Dane comes from Denmark, where as a Dutch person comes from the Netherlands. No connnection what so ever...
Het is leuk om je te ontmoeten.
'Nice to meet you' is 'Leuk je te ontmoeten'
  the dutch owned new Amsterdam before the british took it over and renamed it New York  
Welkom in Suriname is a Dutch equivalent of 'Welcome to Suriname'.
'Ik hou van jou, Jezus' is in English 'I love you, Jesus'. And 'Ik hou van Jezus' is in English 'I love Jesus'.
Nederlandse or literally Nederlandse vrouw.
I'm going to marry a Dutch woman is an English equivalent of 'Ik ga trouwen met een Nederlandse'.
Sara is one Dutch equivalent of 'Sarah'.
Nee, dat zou je niet doen.
Goedemorgen aantrekkelijke man
A country with a strong navy and economy, and a strong will to stay independant from all the bigger european countries surrounding it (England, France, Germany, etc)
van harte gefeliciteerd
Bacon is 'Spek' in Dutch.
Fiets is a Dutch equivalent of 'bike'.
That the Dutch language remains an official and important means of communication within a Dutch culture laden context is one way in which language reflects Dutch heritage. In the case of the Netherlands, Dutch is the Kingdom's official, most important, historic and enduring language. That means...
1. een. 2. twee. 3. drie. 4. vier. 5. vijf. 6. zes. 7. zeven. 8. acht. 9. negen. 10. tien
"I don't understand you"=Ik begrijp je niet "I don't understand you"also= ik snap het niet
Basically they're two completely different languages with a similar origin, only that if you can speak one of them you will most likely be able to roughly understand written texts in the other (since spoken they sound completely different).
Reagan is what a Dutch language speaker would say, because the tendency is respect for the original name in the original language.
Little is an English equivalent of 'kleine'.
Je bent mooi is a Dutch equivalent of 'You're beautiful'.
Trek aan de hendel in de voetruimte.
Some fine people here in Eindhoven is an English equivalent of 'Fijne mensen hier in Eindhoven'.
Literately it translates into; "I wish you will have a nice day today", Or "I wish you'll enjoy this day".
Ik maak gebruik van Realtek AC'97 Audio Driver als dit bij mij gebeurd. Doet hij het gewoon weer.
DSi XL komt uit op 5 Maart 2010 .
There is no reason you can't.
hopelijk zul je je vermaken; this is said to younger people. (informal/no respect) hopelijk zult u zich vermaken; said to elder people. (formal/respect)
A person unfamiliar with the sea or seamanship
Via Moskou (3u) naar Tokio (8u) = 11 uur. Via Kopenhagen = 1.5 + 10 = 11.5 uur. Via Singapore 13+6=19 uur. Minimaal 11 uur dus.
    According to the "Dikke van Dale", the most respected Dutch dictionary, there are approximately 240.000 words (translated from http://www.ikhebeenvraag.be/vraag/7996).     The director of Dutch institute of Lexicality estimates more then 5 million words are ever used in the...
Waar is de WC? ORWaar is het toilet? (more formal)
Waar is het toilet? But like 90% percent of the people in the Netherlands speak English so dont worry.
"where are the restrooms" - "waar zijn de toiletten?"
The Dutch word "Luister" means "listen".
"Tot horens" is an informal way of saying goobye like "until we meet again" when you're calling someone. Literally it means "until I hear you again".
'Spoorzoeken' is a Dutch equivalent of 'tracking' as the term is used in ecology and in hunting.
Dutch is Very Hard to Pronounce I've heard. But I can Try to Explain it. D- Same in "Den" A- Well, its the clean British sort of A, like in "All" n- As normally Like "Net" k- as u Pronounce the C in "Cat" . In short, " dank " rhymes with Yank, as in " the cellar was dark and dank " . J-...
"Sante" is not a Dutch word, it is a French word. We use it when we want to say "cheers" to someone with a drink (when we call out a toast). The translation of the word is "health". The Dutch way of saying it is "gezondheid", which means the same.
It doesn't seem to translate from Dutch, but in French it means 'sweat'.
It's not, it's called the Wilhelmus.William of Nassau is just the alternative title, but hardly ever used.William of Orange was the Count of Nassau, so he was soemtimes (in history) called William of Nassau.He lead the Dutch struggle for independance, and like many anthems, it originated in the a ...
Contact opnemen met Leger des Heils Midden Nederland, Utrecht.
That's Dutch for "and who"
Pronosticatie van den jare 1514 uten overlantschen ghetrocken in den nederlantschen.It's 497 years old.
equivalent to -> Weltrusten allemaal/ Goede Nacht allemaal
Handmade - handgemaakt
1 teacher = 1 leraar (m), lerares (f)2 teachers - 2 leraren (m), leraressen (f)
This question can not be answered because you have not told us which 'country' you are referring to. Please understand that the people that answer your questions live all over the world, so you need to be very clear in how you ask you questions.