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Confederate States of America

Also known as the Confederacy, the Confederate States of America existed from 1861 to 1865 and consisted of 11 Southern states which seceded from the United States.


  == Answer ==   It was not impacted by the war because of distance, but it suffered from a lack of immigration and expansion because of wartime shortages.
The Confederate strengths were their numbers and their ability toshoot. However, their weakness was that they were cocky andunderestimated the power of the north. The Union had canonfactories all through the northern region of Boston. When theConfederates were bombarded with canon fire, it was...
Jefferson Davis did not die from hanging in 1859. Davis passed away  on December 6, 1889. The cause was bronchitis along with  complications from malaria. Jefferson Davis was the President of  the Confederate States from February 18, 1861 to May 10, 1865.
The principal cause of the Confederate States of America was its desire to maintain its independence as a separate political entity apart from the Northern states or United States. Intially, secession from the US was prompted by differing beliefs in regards to tariffs or taxes on imported goods and...
no he was the president of the confederacy; Robert e lee led the south
The figures carved into Stone Mountain are the Confederate heroes, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.
There's no such thing, because there was no CSA until 1861.
The first President of the Confederate States of America.
Probably the most fundamental problem was that southerners were going to war to defend a principle enshrined in the Bill of Rights. This was States Rights, a theory of government where power was decentralized, with most power retained by the individual states, and a weak central government. Davis...
The CSA never made an 1862-dated cent. There are lots of replica and fantasy pieces that have been privately made and sold as novelty items. There was an entire set of Confederate "tokens" including 1862-dated "cents" made in the early 1960s and sold during the Civil War centennial observances....
The Confederate had to build from scratch when the Union didn't. The Confederate Army was inferior in manpower and cannon. Equally significant, the Confederate Navy was decidedly weaker than the Union Navy in nearly all aspects. The one thing they had going is they got some of the best...
Eleven southern states and delegations from Missouri and Kentucky which had seceded from the United States formed the Confederate States of America.
Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States ofAmerica for its entire duration during the Civil War (1861-1865).At first the Confederate Congress made Davis the provisionalpresident and then within a year or so elected him as the permanentpresident. As an aside, the Confederate...
Prior to 1865, most citizens of the United States considered  themselves to be primarily citizens of their respective states and  secondarily citizens of the US. As each state ratified the US  Constitution independently, they felt they could reverse that  decision should the federal government...
Defeat the Union armies in order to gain international recognition as a viable new nation.
Jefferson Davis was elected as president of the confederate statesin 1861. Superficially, he looked right for the job - a traditionalplanter-aristocrat with a respectable record in the Mexican War. In fact, he did not measure up to the job, being unable to controleither his own cabinet or the...
    New Orleans, LA As the story goes:     In November 1889, Davis left for Brierfield Plantation to take care of family business. As he traveled through New Orleans, Davis was exposed to a cold-rain that caused him a severe cold and bronchitis that was further complicated by Malaria...
  Who was jefferson davis's parents??
Most historians agree that the last authentic Civil War veteran died in 1953. There were old men claiming to have served for the next ten years, but little documentation supports any of their claims. Nine would have been exceptionally, extremely young to be enrolled as a drummer boy - most were at...
The president of the US is elected for a four year term and could be relected; however a president of the Confederate States could only serve one six year term.
the first answer was "nothing", but I strongly disagree about that. Jefferson Davis did many good things for the people of the South, but not for the people of the North. Jefferson led his people to fight for what they believe in, even though what they believed in was wrong. Jefferson Davis was...
Your coin is either a copy, a fantasy piece, or a counterfeit. All  4 of the genuine Confederate half dollars and the 15 one cent coins  are dated 1861
Lincoln refused to consider the Confederate States of America as a viable political entity and, with cooperation from the Northern States or US Congress, invaded the Confederate States which he considered to be in "rebellion" and militarily subdued it.
Because Lincoln had changed the official war-aim by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, which turned it into a war on slavery.After that, Britain could not intervene on the Confederate side without looking pro-slavery -and the British public would never have agreed to send troops for that purpose...
1. South Carolina 2. Mississippi 3. Florida 4. Alabama 5. Georgia 6. Louisiana 7. Texas
The states which initially formed the Confederate States of America seceded because of differences with the North regarding tariffs on imported goods and the expansion of slavery in the western territories.
The humbly-born Abraham Lincoln did not look like a front-runner for the Presidency, and was elected only by chance, as a compromise candidate. Yet he possessed finer qualities of political and human judgment than any other US President, before or since. The challenges he faced were massive. He had...
Jefferson Davis was a member of the Democratic Party when he servedin the United States Congress (before he joined the Confederacy andbecame the President of the Confederate States).
Davis urged national unity to secure independence, while his Cabinet stressed "states rights."
The Old South, the Deep South, the Rebel States, Dixieland, Swannee
They broke away from his union of states.
Montgomery, Alabama was the capital of the Confederate States ofAmerica from February 4 until May 29, 1861. The confederate capitalmoved to Richmond, Virginia in May 1861. The Confederate governmentmoved to Danville, Virginia in 1865 as Richmond fell to the Federalarmy.
Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Virginia
All of the states at that time either stayed in the Union or joined the Confederacy. Geographically. Geographically, there were no states in between the two nations. The Border States is the term given to the slave states that chose to stay in the Union. They included Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland,...
Eleven states seceded from the Union plus delegations from Missouri and Kentucky formed the Confederate States of America--13 states in total.
They were leaders during the civil war. Lincoln was the President of the Union and Davis the President of the Confederate States.
Tennessee was the last of the elevenSouthern states to declare secession from the Union as asubstantial portion of the population were against secession.Tennessee seceded from the United States on June 8, 1861.
Jefferson Davis was the only person to serve as president of theConfederate States of America. He first served as the provisionalpresident, then the Confederate Congress elected Davis to a sixyear term.
South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Texas originally followed by Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee. Missouri and Kentucky sent representatives to the CS Congress.
Complete lack of manufacturing capacity in the South.His own mistaken assessment of his Generals, especially Bragg, Johnston, Forrest and Hood.Shattered civilian morale when Sherman turned East across Georgia, almost unopposed, on his campaign of farm-burning.
What is the value of a Confederate $100 bill dated 2/171867
Both Lincoln (the 16th US President) and Davis (President of the Confederacy) were born in the state of kentucky, Lincoln in 1809 and Davis a year earlier, in 1808.
Yes, in Georgia.He was more-or-less fantasising that he and his cabinet could continue the struggle from somewhere West of the Mississippi.Hs two-year prison sentence earned him some sympathy, and he was allowed a dignified retirement.
Yes   First off your question is not stated properly; the South did secede successfully from the Union, though they were never recognized as an independent country by other European countries.   But answer to was it "right" for them to secede is the same answer you get when asking if it was ...
  The first capital was Montgomery, Ala.; the capital moved to Richmond, Va., The Confederate States of America
It was Montgomery, Alabama.   Later, it was moved to Richmond, VA. The Confederate States wanted the State of Virginia to join them so they offered to move the capitol there if they would secede.Richmond,Va
Richmond, the capitol of the Confederate States, was captured by the US military in 1865 causing the Confederate government to flee southward and later dissolve.
The President of the Confederate States of America (they were onlyaround long enough to need one) was "Jefferson Davis".
Lincoln did not consider the Confederate States of America a viable political entity and believed them to be in "rebellion" against his government.
The one and only president of the Confederacy was born in Kentucky, but also lived in Louisiana and Mississippi. He was serving as a U.S. Senator from Mississippi when Southern states began seceding from the Union in 1860 and 1861.
He was opposed to tariffs on imported goods, which the South needed. He saw these as a direct tax on the South.But the war was not caused by Davis's opposition to anything. It was caused by Lincoln's opposition to any extension of slavery (one of the conditions in the last attempted compromise.)
  == Answer ==   Blue for Union     Grey for Confederates
The South was also known as the Confederacy or the CSA, an acronym for the Confederate States of America.
The provisional government of the Confederacy was formed at Montgomery , Alabama in February of 1861.
The majority of "Confederate" bills on the market today are replicas. Many were made during the 1920s and given away as an advertising promotion while others were sold at Civil War-site gift shops. They're replicas, not counterfeits, because they were never intended to deceive but many are such good...
The election of a Northern sectional candidate, Abraham Lincoln, to the office of the President of the United States. The Republican Party, to which Lincoln belonged, favored restriction of slavery from the western territories and high tariffs or taxes on imported goods. The states which seceded...
The Confederate States were forced to return to the Union when they were conquered militarily by the United States in 1865. However, their elected representatives were not allowed entrance into the US Congress until they had passed the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution.
It is widely known that the Confederate army including the armyfrom nothern America, were rotten shots and it said that 'theycould not shoot a barn house if they were in one'. only 5% of thewar was combat. the confederate army had a few good generals onewhich they had shot,while on a hunting...
Who was he president for....  When was he president...  Why was he president....
Jefferson Davis was the First and only President for the confederacy.
For the majority of its existence, the capital of the CSA was Richmond, Virginia. The state capitals of the Confederacy were the same as they are presently in those states.
Transylvania University and West point
Richmond was important for several reasons. It was one of the four or five largest cities in the south. The Confederate government began in Montgomery, Alabama, but once Virginia seceded the Confederate government moved to Richmond. So Richmond was the seat of the Confederate government, with its...
In the southeastern part of the present day United States.
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To gain foreign recognition as a nation, to acquire more slave-states, and to sell its cotton to the world, without having to share the revenues with the North.
Jefferson Davis lived from June 3, 1808 - December 6, 1889.
Abraham Lincoln was the president of the US. Jefferson Davis was  the president of the Confederate States.
Nothing much. He is not regarded as a great President or as a great man.He was not even wanting to be President. He was a retired military man who hoped to lead the Confederate armies, but his record as virtual Commander-in-Chief is not impressive.His accomplishment was to keep life in a doomed...
It ruled that Dred Scott who was a freed slaved was no more than property and that no slave has any rights.
Thunder Blackjack(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Mountain)
Because Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation just in tme.This made it impossible for other countries to help the Confederates without looking pro-slavery.
Pro-slavery.He was President of the Confederate States of America.
Davis' favorite meal was a bisque of corn and crab meat with a hint of spice. It was supposedly told from slave to slave to finally son and grandson for generations. As far as I know, living near Beauvoir and having the same meal served to me with a rousing story about Davis partaking in this...
The military invasion by the US government which prevented it from achieving its independence as a separate nation.
Richmond, Virginia was the capitalof the Confederate States of America.
The South experienced minor rioting due to food shortages and theNorth had riots because of the North's 1863 conscription laws. No one was killed in the Southern riots but in New York City inJuly of 1863, the riots were deadly. Mobs of rioters lynched FreedBlacks and burned down buildings. It was...
The General Assembley created the Tennesse state quard to provide protection to the state if natinal guard were called into action