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Hello Kitty

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Introduced by Sanrio in 1974, Hello Kitty has become one of the most recognizable cultural icons in Japan. Hello Kitty, along with Sanrio characters Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, and Chococat, is also a prime example of "kawaii", or cuteness in Japanese pop culture.
Does who still make hello kitty things
yes hello kitty is real because i saw her at a birthday party at school
If your worrying about Hello Kitty taking over the world then you shouldn't be because as long as Hello Kitty company's stick with what there doing with there project, they won't take over the world. :-)
The "Hello Kitty" name is a trademark of the Japanese company Sanrio Co., Ltd. .
There was only 1 cause; nuclear weapons. If there hadn't been nukes there would've NO COLD WAR...just war as usual.
Hello Kitty is famous for kids' entertainment. Usually parents buy tapes of Hello Kitty is to entertain kids.
I don't know if I speak for all men, but I sure don't.
She only has 1 sister which is her twin named Mimmy.
Micaela Adwell.
As much as 3 apples.
There is hello kitty socks at H and M.
Hello kitty was invented in Japan in 1979, which means it is Japanese
Yes of course ima wearin a pair right now!!
It depends on how you look at it. It was originally Chinese/Japanese war propaganda spread during WWII to get the younger generation interested in enlisting, or at least supporting the war. However, in modern times it has been adapted to books, clothes, accessories and all sorts of goods that can be...
no,she was introduced in Japan in 1974 and brought to the United States in 1976 so she is Japanese
Hello Kitty was created by graphic designer Yuko Shimizu for the Sanrio Company in 1974.
no it never edgiest
buy a building put hello kitty things in tell people to tell othersthey may just come to your store
Yes i would like to own a hello kitty store
She is not fat she is fluffy :)
Yes Hello kitty has a mouth.
what do you mean
Give it a cookie... cookies make everyone smile
No, because of 2 reasons. 1 Hello Kitty is not a girl she's a cat hence the name Hello "Kitty". 2 Hello Kitty has a mouth but not in her general image you can she where she has a mouth her some of her movies or television shows.
yes, yes, and I am saying yes for know reason because you are talking too fast and not thinking about what you should say
In 2010 Yuko Shimizu made Hello Kitty.
Yes, Hello Kitty is a book
kitty's mother is called Mary
no, the hello kitty design is trademarked. you would have to contact saniro.com for a license
No one cares about hello kitty! So, shut up and get a life.
Hello Kitty started in Japan. It is now distruibuted all over the world. Hope that's helpful! :)
Fergus. Definately. Or Bartholomew?
If you meen buy her, almost every where but they have tons of hello kitty stores in NYC .
Find the picture you want to use and save it to your computer. Then go to your design settings and upload the picture from your computer.
It was made by those crazy Japanese.
Yes but hello kitty is now hell kitty. So NO MORE PINKY PINKY
some costume stores might have them, or you can get creative and make your own!
not any time soon because it is a big part of many children in the Asian countries.
Hello Kitty in The Sleeping Princess watch the first 5 min here to see if this is correct (I've been searching for the same episode)
Lee's carries it but call individual locations - I found it east Flamingo store
Kitty is a product of the Sanrio Company. Every year, Kitty makes millions of dollars for Sanrio in the form of merchandise, cartoons, food items, etc. Kitty is a friendly cartoon cat that makes the world a brighter place to be.
yeah, sure, i guess so, i would think so, i hate hello kitty but look on target.com, well i don't hate it but i strongly dislike it. :)-brett d. (breccan) aka comicbook1
Well in the original Hello Kitty no! But now people have make things such as Hell Hello Kitty to make people think that way.
No there not hello kitty is a cute toy but what you don't kno hello kitty is being used and worshiped by the devil also the devil is using hello kitty to get to Lil kids and brainwash them in wanting hello kitty even more
How can you even ask that question? Spongebob is definatly better. :P
well is the world hello you could take the o away and put an a and then put the word bad in it then you would get Hella Bad Kitty and there are some pictures of her wearing fishnets and other revealing outfits
Probably because it was designed that way!! And it looks cute
I do. My room is pretty much covered in Hello Kitty.
Type your answer here... someone tell me i do not know
Well, I don't think you can have a "Hello Kitty Phone" But, you can find a phone COVER with a Hello Kitty design. Try looking in your nearest town/phone shop. Like Where you got your phone. Hope I helped! - XxHelloKitty11xx
Hello Kitty is a Japanese Character.
No, Hello Kitty is a Londoner, although she was created in Japan!
listen hello kitty is bad!i had a cousin who loved hello kitty when she was like 6 but heres the bad part:she never talked.she said that she had a dream of god telling her to throw all of her hello kitty things away.the next day she did & thats when she started talking to everyone.she changed alot...
go left 2 screen and continue left until the apple tree at the end.shake the tree and the apples will fall.
Yes but usually more for teens than small children.
she would scratch every body and run away!
One scary story is that Kitty means devil in Japanese, and that along time ago, a lady had a daughter who had mouth cancer and shemade a deal with the devil to create Hello Kitty if he healed herdaughter. This is why Hello Kitty has no mouth, because itsymbolizes the daughter. So supposedly, Hello...
go to the lighthouse, then go inside and go into the watchroom. then, while your underwater, all of the seashells are there (they are all the big, pink ones)
You go into the Lighthouse and there is like a tiny door like how you get into a submarine, you know? You will find yourself underwater. You see the little pink shells on the sea floor? Those are the shells! Just click on them to pick them up!
In the Philippines it's almost everywhere!
no because she`s make-believe.
at the lighthouse near sunshine shores
You have to go under water and there are a ton of pink sea shells everywhere. Than after you got the sea shells in the water go inside the crack in the boat. Than you get the big pink sea shells in there and you get your sea shell necklace
yes hello kitty is a toy craze
I don't think Hello kitty is on any more but you can go to you tube and watch it there i thing ^^
I just did a search and found quite a variety on eBay.
go in to the light house and click the submariine like vent thin
well no one can tell you you have to find them yourself
There aren't really any shells.
She is amazing! She has many cute that the are Hello Kitty designed and are very cute. But be warned it some of the Hello Kitty products can be cheaply made and very expensive. But Hello Kitty her self is very cute and a good "person" at heart.
In Build-a-Bear-Workshop It $22
Kitty first came into being in the 70′s when a then new company called Sanrio needed to come up with a merchandise mascot that would appeal to the preteen girl demographic. They commissioned an artist to work on the project and she came up with a drawing of a white Japanese Bobtail cat that...