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Cocker Spaniels

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Cocker Spaniels are a breed of two Spaniel dog types, the English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel. It was also used as a name for small hunting Spaniel. In United Kingdom, they were bred as hunting dogs.
After 9 minths if age, any breed of dog is typically considered anadult
because he needs to chew like all dogs. get him some tough toysthat he likes and the behavior should stop. (sorry if the Malteseis a she)
you should never feed a coca spaniel a rats food
Some pee when they get excited. We love our puppy but it is getting out of hand.
Hi I have also wondered this today, as My cocker is 5 months and quite small with short hair, But today we met another cocker who was much bigger and like a fur ball lol, and only a month older at 6 months. My cocker spaniel is a pedigree from working sogs, I wondered if working dogs have a shorter...
Usually they are sweet but can be nippy and tempermental, but are very loyal to their owners
This is a good question, it depends on the cocker spaniel, each one is different. Most can only can jump 2 to 3 feet from stand still, higher if they are moving. Usually a six foot fence, is high enough, to keep them in their pen. A cocker spaniel when running, will jump very high, usually around 4...
You can name it by how it looks or you can name it after someone. hope i helped thanx...
I guess it can be anything. such as Rover, Meg, Rex... all the usual Doggy names. Mine is named Teagan. I've also heard a Suzy :L umm... Bear, fluffy, Rocky... like I said, usual doggy names :) or anything you like.
Why not? as long as they love each other.
It is Canis familiaris.
It is retired and VERY hard to find.
yes they do, just like most animals (mammals i mean)
There are a couple of types with long ears; could be a Basset Hound. Do you have a picture?
My 6 week old cocker spaniel pup weighs about 1.87kg :) He absolutely loves his food!
It will take time. She might not be used to humans if she is feral, or maybe she was abused by a former owner. Just be nice to her, and she will eventually get used to you.
It all depends. If one is a mean dog that does not like other dogs then no. It is always best to get them both as pups, but if you don't just train them to like each other and/or make sure they know YOU overpower both of them and one does not over power the other.
Female dogs of all breeds have menses (called the "heat cycle", or estrus) twice a year on average starting at around 7-10 months of age. A female dog will gain the most in health benefits if they are spayed before they have their first heat cycle.
Hello: Any dog can develop many genetic problems because of interbreeding. Cocker Spaniels have many skin and coat problems... also , they tend to have ear infections... A genetic problem would be with the heart, lungs or legs ( joints). I hope this has helped you.. Any other questions, Just ask
The cause of this disease is in some way related to the shape of the dog's chest, it tends to affect dogs whose chest has a tear-drop profile instead of a round profile like that of a Bulldog. Examples of dogs which might be affected would be Great Danes, Wolfhounds, German shepherds, Boxers,...
The English Cocker Spaniel is slightly larger than the American Cocker Spaniel. The breed standard for the English is 15-17 inches in height, weighing 28-34 pounds. The American Cocker Spaniel breed standard is 15 ½ inches in height, and weighing 15-30 pounds
You should have your dog examined by your veterinarian, it may be Vaginitis or Pyometra. Pyometra is the more serious of the two. It's a bacterial infection in the uterus of dogs. It is frequently life threatening, and requires prompt treatment.
Most Cocker Spaniels have "docked" tails, meaning the puppy had most of it's tail cut off when it was under three days old. The natural, undocked tail of a Cocker is a long tail that's close to a foot long, with a plume of long hair alone the tail's underside. A lot like the tail of a Golden...
Yes! I also have a male cocker spaniel named Jake! Cocker spaniel's are very outgoing happy dogs and it is good easy to learn name!
All cockers come in ranges of colours like black and white or brown and spotty but all of them are different. Their star freature being their long droopy ears makes them super cute and of course their tightly curled tails that unravel as they grow older. Most cockers are middle sized dogs but are...
Puppies should get 5 meals a day and Adult dogs twice a day.
A female dog (no matter the breed) should have at least two heat cycles before being bred for the first time. It's a good idea to have the dog examined by a veterinarian prior to breeding.
Most dogs will kill chickens if they are not trained not to chase and kill things.
A male dog (any breed) is a DOG. A female dog (any breed) is a bitch.
Quoting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocker_spaniel: "Cocker Spaniels coats can come in a variety of colors including black, liver, red and lemon in solids. There are also black and tan, and sometimes liver and tan as well as a variety of color mixtures of those solid colors including roans, roan...
They can get dirty just like we do. Cocker Spaniels are known for ear problems, so be sure the ears look healthy inside and smell good. If they are red or stink, then take your Cocker in to see your Veterinarian to check out the ears. A good grooming on a regular basis will help with any body odor....
He may still have some fluid or mucus on his chest. Increase your dogs fluids and this will break up any mucus and Lasix will make your dog thirsty. If he's having trouble breathing or constantly coughing then call your Vet asap.
it is not just cocker spaniels that lie down funny it is actually all dogs that choose to but cocker spaniels and other dogs that have their tails docked often find it comfier but no-one really knows why but it has been proven scientifically. (the term 'funny' means lying awkwardly on there side.)
It really depends what you want. Cocker spaniel's are often Bonkers, Mad, Mental and Crazy! Where as so are Cockapoo's. A cockapoo is a mixed breed cross between a Cocker spaniel and a poodle. Poodle females are very nice and easy to potty train. I personally have a Cocker Spaniel and I love him...
Their actual ears should be just slightly longer than their nose, but the fur could grow a little bit longer but not much. so feel free to cut it :)
If it's both terminal & in pain you might want to consider taking it in. You don't want your friend to suffer needlessly.
10 TO 14 YEARS. On average spaniels live between 10 - 14 years. It really depends on how healthy the dog is. It's not unheard of for spaniels to live to 15 years.
It all depends on the dogs. If both are well tempered, then they should get along perfectly. My basset hound hardly ever has problems with other dogs.
I think they were used as gun dogs. Such as for hunting ect..
up to 12,13 or 14 years I think
Not very well, Thank You.
Early signs a dog (doesn't matter which breed) may be pregnant are: . Decreased appetite is usually one of the earliest signs that your female dog might be pregnant. Not all females go through this dog version of "morning sickness", but a small percentage will eat less during the first few weeks of...
all kinds of dogs, just pick a dog that's roughly the same personality temperments like a golden retriever and they would go perfect but not dogs like dobermans, as they are to different
it depends on their living environment, how you train them and who they are around
They are not they are very kind and loyal to people all around them I used to have one ya know. Another answer No, they are not dangerous but Cocker spaniels are high strung and get excitable when people come over, they tend to wet on the floor a lot, as least the three dogs I personally knew.
Well they can...I'm not sure how healthy it would be though.
if its a girl, Madi, that is my cocker spaniels name and it fits her perfect!
give him the same type of food. it is not good that you keep switching his food. Dog kibble is what is most common and cheaper, so don't switch up his dog food brand, it isn't good for them that you would keep doing that so make sure that if you switch brands, you mix the food together before you...
Golden cocker retreivers also called a golden cocker spaniel cost about $600-$1000 because they are a mix breed
yes cocker spaniels are the best dog ever they are great companions and hunting dogs they are great multipurpose dogs and can point, retrieve and flush birds when at work they are also a great size for a house dog a settle well by the age of around 3 and a half they are also very lively well...
Cocker Spaniels can sell for all different prices, it really depends on the dog and if we are in a financial crises. Most Cocker Spaniel puppies would cost around $400. It really depends on the breeder - a well-bred puppy from fully health tested parents will cost more than a puppy that has no...
Definitely, I had a cocker spaniel/fox terrier mix and she (Allie) shed a lot. Every summer, we got enough hair off of her to make a small sweater. The dog looked like Benjie but with big cocker spaniel eyes.
yes they do, but now it has been banned to have their tails docked (cut very small at birth) so cocker spaniles have long tails now for their whole life
if you want a dog for a family then i would say a cocker spaniel but if you are living buy yourself or an oldery couple then i wolud have a pug
they vary depending on percentage as well as the parents colouring etc. Mine looks more like a cocker spaniel but smaller in size
The Irish Water Spaniel is a dog. It is the one of the oldest andmost certainly the largest of the spaniel family. They are built asa hunting companion that is great in water.
"Cocker" is an adjective; "spaniel" is a noun. So the plural is cocker spaniels.
Normally there first is between the ages 6-9 months then after that every 6 months.
Casey, Sadie, Maggie. Casey, Sadie, Maggie
I wouldn't think so because they are a more bigger dog.
The life span of an American Cocker Spaniel is 12 - 15 years.
you can find them anywhere just look for them i found my cocker spaniel at a dog store in bayshore,port st.lucie,Florida.
yes but not spaniel just Cocker
Yes. They have a undercoat that can mat if not brushed out regularly. It does shed but shedding is minimal if you brush your dog twice a week. Usually shedding accrues in season changes, stressful times, after giving birth, or when the dog is put in a warmer environment then used to. In general they...
I've noticed Poodle mixes such as Cockapoos, ShihPoos, Pomapoos etc tend to almost look exactly like they did as puppies. Teacup and Tiny Toy Poodles with the baby doll face look like puppies as adults. American Cocker Spaniels still look like puppies as adults sometimes, some Yorki mixes like...
No any healthy dog 3 years old is fully grown.
i dont know what kind of nimrod would ask this question?
It depends on the breed of the Spaniel. I know if you mix aChihuahua and a Tibetan Spaniel you get a TibeChi.
Yes, They shed there fur, but not that much!
Mine is called Indie, name after Indianna Jones, it is weird but works very well
We have a tri and a blenheim.. The tri has a different personality than the blenheim, but could not be considered "aggressive" in any realm.
Official Kennel Club breed standard for English Cocker Spaniels is as follows: General Appearance Merry, sturdy, sporting; well balanced; compact; measuring approximately same from withers to ground as from withers to root of tail. Characteristics Merry nature with ever-wagging tail shows a...
I have a lab cocker mix and she looks like a short labrador. she had the cocker eyes and sometimes spitefull attitude, and lab length fur but waved from the cocker in her. very good loyal well behaved dogs.
Cocker spaniels live up to a normal dog age which is 14. They also can live up to 18.
Most Cockers are great with kids, if someone wrestles with them they may nip to show if isn't good but not enough to break skin
Some names could include Sadie, Curly, and of course the famous Lady! Lacy works as well. Maybe someone else has better names.
Cocker spaniels are one of the world's most intelligent breeds of dogs and are in the top 5.
Both are great dogs but for a first pet probably the cocker would be better. SOme Springers are pretty high strung and tend to be nervous and kids can worry them sick.