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Twi Language and Culture

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A language spoken in Ghana which consists of three mutually understandable dialects.


Christianity, Islam, and Traditional African religions are practiced by the Ashanti ethnic group.
Ashanti is not a country, it is a tribe located in parts of West Africa.
They lived largely in what is present day Ghana.
roots berries and grapes
they consider all tribes their friends.
Its called Kente Cloth. Its traditionally woven by men. Google it.
Fishing, mining, and many jobs you find within other tribes....
what is the meaning of anokye in ashante language or twi language
There is no word for scavenger. But it can be described as: animal que se alimenta de carroña. My (Mexican) dictionary also gives 'basurero'
nobody killed him
Babic is primarily used as a surname in Serbia. It is also used in Croatia and Slovenia. It is derived from the Slavic 'baba' meaning "old woman".
It isn't spoilt/It hasn't gone bad
Yeah. Like some people believe that when they see they're special one, they immediately fall in love with them, and some of them do, and sometime it even works out!
because it shows that he lives somewhere and has a place to call "home" it relates to the the beale situation because he went out to look out at the 728
most of them are just lazy..
Jaydean is an invented name. It has no meaning. It is sometimes considered a variant of Jadon, which possibly means either "thankful" or "he will judge" in Hebrew
tope de hule or parachoques for automotive
¿Disfrutas tu comida?-ItalianCom'e il cibo?
it normally means you. e.g. wo ho te sen means how are you.
The two words have the same meaning in their respective languages. They're spelled differently, of course.
It means: "Where are you going to meet me?"
he was the ewe's key person and brought the idea of pouring water on the mud wall
invisible in spanish is "invisible", but pronounced [im.bi.'si.βle]
Eri, Era, Rica, Ri, Ricki, Arie, Airy, Aya, Ery, Rhya, Rikki, Rikky
he built the Mallam Junction road
I think this means I miss you so much
Your question is incoherent.
South Africa in the village of Mosembueqe.
Asante (Akan cluster of Twi)
Thank you. Med a ase (pron. Meh-daa-se). Please. Me pa wo kyεw (pron. Meh-paw-chow). How are you?. Wo ho te sεn? Learn more at http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g293796-s604/Ghana:Important.Phrases.html
They eat fish roots and grapes and berries.
short answer: yes.
fɛfɛ (pronounced feh-feh).
    == Ashanti ==                
Mainly by hunting or harvesting! ;] they have shop's like us, but tend to hunt wild animals for meat, and harvest wheat etc. hope this helped!!
In parts of West Africa, esp. Ghana.
Prempeh College Yaa Asantewaa Senior High Opoku Ware School Kumasi High School Kumasi Anglican Senior High School Osei Tutu Senior High School
  twila means very cute
They live in Central Ghana.
The p in PS means post script and you write it afer leters for things you forget.If you are referring to the old expression, "mind your p's and q's" it stands for pints.
Arabic rugs: zalio za Kiarabu.
mud and clay for the ground sticks for the structure and straw for the roof. but they are very vulnerable to extreme or bad weather.
They are located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, in Western Africa. =)
Ashanti is a tribe in Ghana. Ashanti means anti-peace in Hindi.
iam not to sure =============Yes, he can and he spoke some twi in his new 2012 movie called Joni Waka. If you want proof heres the trailer for the movie:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNQPzpp61n4&feature=channel&list=UL