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An example of modern marketing genius, the Slinky adds a creative and visually stunning twist to the common spring. Its stable, upright design has inspired millions of people to never look at stairs the same again. Please post any and all questions regarding the Slinky here, including those about its history, design, hazards, and popularity.
It depends on which way the escalator is going, mainly... but even if you can get it to go for a while the escalator will surely break eventually.
I believe you can purchase them anywhere in the world. * * * * * Quite possibly, not in the Antarctic!
In 1960, he left his wife Betty, their six children, and a verysuccessful business to live in Bolivia. metal Slinky was made from 80 ft (24.4 m) of wire. At the end of thetwentieth century, the company was making two sizes in steel and two in plastic of various colors.
Answer . the slinky
In the year 1945. See related questions.
Depends on how long the slinky is...
Richard James invented the slinkey in 1943
There are different sizes that you can get a slinky
well you stand it up on the stairs and pull it over to the other stair and then it will keep flipping over to the next stair!
In Goldenrod city
Yes in 1948 only 5 years after it was made a young boy named 'Shawn Feltz' was playing near an open wire in his dads garage and he touched the wire some how, and died from electric shock at the age of 4. Medical personel later found this out 3 days after it happend, because a blackend spot on the...
Anything! Just use your imagination! You can make it walk down stairs, and you can make it go from one hand to the other.
The impetus of gravity. They can only move down-hill.
It was invented by Richard James, in year 1943
== Answer ==The inventor of the slinky is Richard James, who had help from his wife, Betty James. Richard James was an engineer employed by the Navy. In 1943, while working on anti-vibration technology, a torsion spring fell of the table. The movement of the spring caught his eye, and the idea for...
The "Slinky" was voted as one of the top one hundred toy inventions by members of the toy Industry . "What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound? A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it's Slinky. It's Slinky, it's Slinky. For fun it's a wonderful toy. ...
mechanical engineer Richard James in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Well Betty James and Richard James were the inventors of the slinky... sooo they must have been born in hollydasburg.. thats where the slinky was originally from soo they must have been born there
it impacted the society by giving endless hours of entertainment........ until it gets tangled but for some fans it is just part of the fun.
slinky can't walk up stairs because gravity doesn't take the slinky up just down :[
because its not wide enough
Slinkys were invented by an American in 1964 by George Washington the third.
it was popular mostly in 2004
Well, in my opinion it has got worse :/ i tried to push it down the stairs but it snapped ...
south of veilstone, and if that isn't enough look at your town map that you got at the begining of the game
10 dollars.. 10 dollars.
the slinky is not a fad it is a classic toy that is still played with today
You can throw it away and buy a new one.
we wouldn't have the amazement of watching it fall down the stairs
well, i will tell two tricks. the first one i call the mid-flip. Hold the top and bottom sides of the slinky, pull the top side. In mid-pull let go of the slinky and possibly 5 milliseconds after try to catch the slinky. And number two, is call the boomerang. Hold the bottom of the slinky throw...
It's made of metal and metal is a conductor of electricity.
'Slinky Dog' was voiced by the late Jim Varney .
Just bounce it but it might not be flexible
i have a slinky and its 40 rings!
it is made of poo
I would really have to pick mood rings, but that's up to you, but that's just my opinion.
They make a slinky type of movement.
i think 5 below sells slinkys or maybe target im not sure you should definintly check my answer later when i really know the answer.
i do believe that the slinky go its name because of your mom.
i dont know why dont u find the answer jkjkjkjk
80 feet of wire is used to create a metal slinky. Slinkys are awesome
in the back of dave c car, with a banana in your mouth.
It is to demonstrate the waves in air,sound,or even gases. Also to have FUN! You can also do cool tricks w/ the slinky, look it up on youtube!
He is a toy slinky that has the front and hind of a dog on either end. He sometimes has trouble getting his back end to keep up with his front end. His best friend is Woody.
yes they our since metal costs more to make then plastic. Plastic slinkies cost about $4
James Spring & Wire Company . Richard James and Betty James founded James Spring & Wire Company (renamed James Industries) with $500 dollars and began production. Today, all Slinkys are made in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania using the original equipment designed and engineered by Richard James. Each...
He invented the slinky because he accidentally knocked over a spring and saw what happened and it happened in the lab with his partner Betty.
both, a longitudinal and transverse wave.
Of course they do. Do a little research before you post a question next time, or ask the guys at your music store.
i am not sure if you put it in hot water not boilng water and then take it out after a few minutes then put something hard on the slinky and that may work i am trying it out right now if it does not work look up other things or make something new out of your slinky :)
You put it in walking position, then you blow on it as hard as you can. It'll walk in a jiffy then!
Maybe one of those cheap stores like, prices plus and yea you know I heard Target are selling the Metal original ones! XoXo-Tay hope this helped
two dollars in us three in canada
Richard James invented the slinky
Slinkies have cured cancer, ended world hunger, and have made world peace.
Wanted to know what country the slinky was made?Well to tell u, the slinky was made in the Interior Plains only I don't know which country.....plus I was guessing that it was made in the Interior Plains... so this may not be the answer....
Richard James
dave c was playing with the slinky in the back of his car.
Recycled cardboard in a hex pattern.
Members- Walter Heale- Vocals/ Guitar Raphael Chesterman- Bass Guitar/synth Jon Baxter- Drums/keys
Richard James did invent the in 1945.
They both could be considered desk toys but the jacks would be the best. You would have more control over the jacks than the slinky.Slinky would do better for stairs or floors to play with.
A slinky can stretch up to 6 storeys tall
The song was I came in like a wreaking ball
I think that the Slinky original is the best. It's bigger than the Slinky Jr. and will most likely go faster! BTW, I LOVE Slinky! Chow, ;)
It would appear that someone with all the grammatical prowess of a Nigerian scammer wrote these questions.
The strings in a regular slinky is metal.
Yes. But it depends on what kind of dung it is. - Hope I hepled, bye!
Garret Reisman took one aboard the space shuttle Endeavour, which launched on March 11, 2008.
Industrial revolution helped us produce more medicines, food and we started taking care of our sanitation.
a slinky is necessary because to have fun
To fix and stretched out slinky you should put the slinky in hot (not boiling water) for two min, and then take it out and place something heavy on the slinky.
There really is no way to fix a stretched Slinky.
Put it in hot (but not boiling) water for a minute or two, then take it out and rest something heavy on top of it until it cools. It should be better if not perfect then.
The Slinky was made out of steel.
The most common materials used for making a Slinky are metal and plastic. However, there are many materials that can be used as long as they get cut into that spiral shape.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania