Dominica is a small island nation in the Caribbean. Christopher Columbus named the island after Latin word for the day of the week he discovered it, a Sunday.
The imperial parrot is Dominica's national bird and appears on theflag. The island also has large frogs, small tree frogs, thirteendifferent species of bats, and large boa constrictors.
The 10 presidents of Dominica are; Sir Louis Cools-Lartigue, Fred Degazon, Sir Louis Cools-Lartigue, Jenner B. M. Armour, Aurlius Marie, Sir Ckarence Seignoret, Crispin Sorhaindo, Vernon Shaw, Nicholas Liverpool, and Eliud Williams the incumbent
15° 18′ 0″ N, 61° 23′ 0″ W . 15.3, -61.383333
\nPatron of Astronomers\n
It really depends on how you look at it. Some people here, such as the president, are rich. Some people come in at middle class like here in America, and some people ARE poor. But you can't say if the country is rich or if the country is poor. It could be in between-you just can't say either one.
Dominica is in the Commonwealth of Nations, but is not a Commonwealth Dominion (now referred to as "Realm"). Meaning, essentially, that, while they do acknowledge the British monarch as head of the Commonwealth, the British monarch retains no title pertaining to Dominica (whereas Commonwealth...
There are 7 active volcanoes on the island of Dominica
Dominica is a Caribbean island nation and in being so it is associated with North America.
I'm from Dominica ans is looking for the answer but when I find it I will let you know,the cross however on the flag represents the Islan's Christian Faith.
The national dish for Dominica is "mountain chicken" (a large frog) called crapaud. There are other dishes, such agouti and manicou, which are made from local rodents.
rainbows and unicorns
15.73 (births per 1000 persons in 2009)...
Isle of Beauty, Isle of Splendour, the national anthem of the Commonwealth of Dominica
Dominica is the Italian word for Sunday. Domingo is the Spanish word for Sunday.
Latitude : N 15° 24' 53.9964", Longitude : W 61° 22'15.5136"
No; they are two different countries.
Tropical Wet Climate.........
Dominica will be competing in the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi.
Countries to which Dominica passport holders may enter without visa