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Herbert Hoover

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Herbert Hoover was the 31st President of the United States and served from March 4, 1929 to March 4, 1933.
Father: Jesse Clark Hoover (born Sept. 2, 1846 inMiami, Ohio- d.Dec. 13, 1880 in West Branch, Iowa) Mother: Hulda Randall Minthorn Hoover (b. May 4,1848 in Ontario, Canada; died Frb. 22, 1884 in West Branch, Iowa)
The Great Depression started in about 1929, official start dateof it considered as Black Tuesday on October 29, 1929. . NBER says the recession started in August 1929. Many attributethe start to the stock market crash of October 1929, aka BlackFriday, however that is not the case. The stock market...
Hoover believed that the federal aid to the poor would make peopledepend to much on the government. so as a result he did not want togive federal relief to needy. Bail outs are likely to lead to the principle that the outcome ofthe economic well being of a country or the world for that matterin the...
Hoover dam (Boulder) was named in honor of Pres. Herbert W. Hoover.
Herbert Hoover was elected President of the United States as a member of the Republican Party in the 1928 Presidential Election. Before his run for election in 1928, he had previously been offered the democratic ballot in at least one earlier election and refused. Furthermore, his career...
Hoover was in charge when the stock market crashed, and firmly believed that the market would correct itself. Thus he didn't do much of anything, which failed spectacularly, and FDR was able to win the election easily and then implement the New Deal which helped slow and eventually reverse the...
While President Hoover did veto the Reconstruction FinanceCorporation bill, it was passed over his veto. He had already beendefeated by Franklin Roosevelt the previous November and was onlypresident for one more month after the veto.
They met as students at Stanford.
He was remembered for his relief work in Belgium during World War One, and was described as the only man to come out of the 1919 peace conference with an enhanced reputation.. However, his 1928 win had less to do with personal popularity, and more with the facts that. a) He was the candidate of the...
He was the first born of Mary Ball Washington..
In 1928, Hoover represented a continuation of the post-war boom that had gone on under Harding and Coolidge. Times had been good in the 20's and most people thought the boom would last.
Yes, but he did not win back presidency.
he was involved in the great depression and kept money to himself, not caring about the nation because it was in crisis. people lived in hoovervilles
It began on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929 and lasted until the early forties
President Hoover was looking for ways to help the country out ofthe Great Depression. He offered federal aid to banks andbusinesses hoping this in turn would help the citizens.
yes, there is. There is one in Potomac Md it is Herbert Hoover Middle school
President Hoovers popularity was falling as voters felt he was unable to reverse the economic collapse or deal with prohibition. Franklin D. Roosevelt used Hoover's failure to deal with the problems as a platform for his own election, promising reform in his policy the New Deal, which resulted as...
declaring that the depression had ended
Hoover hung onto his hopes between Tariffs regardings Agriculture (farming) and the Great Depression and before he was finished over 8 million Americans were unemployed. Not all Americans blamed Hoover and it is complex. Please ask your question on www.Google.com There are many more details to learn...
Hoover might have said let's re-engineer it, while FDR would say, lets fix it.
When the dam was in its planning stages, in 1930, Herbert Hoover was President. It was then in 1930 that Secretary Ickes stated publicly that Hoover Dam was to be built, noting that naming a dam after a president was appropriate. In 1933, when Hoover was not re-elected, the name was reverted to...
Herbert Hoover didn't attend high school. He attended night schooland studied bookkeeping, typing, and math. Earlier he had attendedFriends Pacific Academy. Hoover entered Stanford University in1891, and became the first person to sleep in the dormitory.
he blocked the Garner - Wagner relief bill which could have provided lots of jobs to the people of America
In the U.S. Presidential election of 1928, Herbert Hoover beat Alfred E. Smith 444 to 87. In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt beat Hoover 472 to 59.
No. Hoover served as President from March 4, 1929 to March 4, 1933. Woodrow Wilson was President during World War 1 (March 4, 1913 - March 4, 1921)
\nHe called for private relief rather than government aid, and this led to the impression that he lacked compassion, which was shown to be untrue as he initiated public relief efforts which were later enlarged in F.D. Roosevelt`s New Deal. He later organised civilian relief efforts in Europe during...
Wilson's predecessor was William H. Taft.
He believe that the federal government could not give direct aid to individuals. Hoover believed in free market capitalism and he opposed government intervention so he didn't do much at first. later on as the depression got worse he tired to increase government help but it was too late for the...
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Herbert Hoover was elected President on November 6, 1928. Hereceived 444 electoral votes, and his running mate was CharlesCurtis. Hoover was sworn in on March 4, 1929.
President Hoover falsely claimed that Americans were protected fromhunger and cold during the Great Depression, but they were not. OnBlack Thursday, he said the country's fundamental businesses ofproduction and distribution were on sound footing while trying tocheck the beginning economic fall.
Herbert Hoover's wife was Lou Henry Hoover ( Mar29, 1874 - Jan 7, 1944). They were married on February 10, 1899, at the home of the bride'sparents in Monterey, California and had two children (sons)together. (see the related question)
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Jesse Clark Hoover (born Sept. 2, 1846 inMiami, Ohio- d.Dec. 13, 1880 in West Branch, Iowa) was the fatherof Herbert.
He was born in west branch Iowa on August 10, 1874. He was put up for adoption at age 10 and raised in Oregon by his uncles who lived there.
His cabinet and several advisors chosen by him for specific advice
I don't think he built the dam. I'm pretty sure it was just named after him.
His Smoot-Hawley Tariff law resulted in declining American exports because foreign countries responded to it by raising their own tariffs. His belief that the Government shouldn't intervene in the economy worsened the crisis.
Herbert Hoover got a degree in engineering at Stanford- he was a mining engineer of note and worked all over the world in that capacity.
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He was born February 22nd and died December 14 th 1799 .
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Part Of President Hoover's Plan for the great depression was tou cut 160million taxes dougled amout spent on public work. He urged state & local government to accelerate their spendings and also he,approveda programin which the federal gov. had a few buildings built.
he didnt cause it, but he refused to listen to anyone about how to effect a recovery so it was prolonged and worsened. So to sum it up although president hoover had some skills that made him a president who may have been ok without the collapse. His belief that the country would recover without any...
he played medicine ball for 30 minutes every morning.
Grant became President on 4 March 1869 however the Election was held in 1868.
required borrowing money and government deficit spending.
Washington was the first president elected under the Constitution. But the United States existed as a nation for several years before the Constitution was enacted, held together by the Articles of Confederation. The United States declared its independence in 1776, yet Washington did not take office...
Herbert Hoover did not have a very successful Presidency. About theonly major bill he got through was a tariff to protect farmers.Unfortunately for him, he was President during the stock marketcrash that caused the Great Depression. The 20th Amendment wasratified under his administration, but he was...
At first President Hoover tried to organize national optimism by summoning business execs to DC to declare that conditions were sound and that there would not be wage cutting. When that did not work (stop the depression), he became inactive for a while, trusting to the idea that it all would self...
President Hoover nominated four candidates to the US Supreme Court; however, only three were approved. John Parker, who was nominated to replace Justice Sanford, was rejected by a Senate vote of 39-41 on May 7, 1930. The seat was subsequently filled by Owen Roberts. Confirmed Charles Evans...
Herbert Hoover, u.s. president
No. Woodrow Wilson did. See wikipedia's article on the 19th amendment.
Two of the reasons Herbert Hoover ran for President of the USA are. The leaders and a majority of the Republican Party asked him to, because Calvin Coolidge declined to run for re-election, and, . He believed the Republicans were in a better position to foster a pro-business climate in government,...
Charles Curtis was Vice President under Hoover, and was in office at the time of the 1932 election. John N. Garner was Roosevelt's first Vice President.
Indian assimilation, began Boulder Dam and laid the groundwork for social security and child welfare.
The stock market crash of 1929
Hoover believed that rugged individuals who looked to no one butthemselves, were the secret of American cultural vitality. If thegovernment provided massive relief or sponsored huge handouts, itwould be the first step in destroying the American spirit. Hebelieved charity was a state and private...
destroyed farmers rep on the streets in NY
Because that's how our government was made its in our constitution, and we need someone to be a leader, but to make sure they don't abuse power their is separation of power between the branches of government and the president can only serve 4 years then get re-elected once.
1. The Great Depression started when the Stock Market crashed because of credit. 2. In the roaring 20s, most Americans were buying goods with credit, while 80% of Americans had no savings. With many Americans in debt, businesses went under. 3. Another factor was that banks weren't very trustworthy...
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He did a lot of small things that were overshadowed by the Great Depression. 1. Made "The Star-Spangled Banner" the national anthem 2. Went after mobsters and prosecuted Al Capone 3. Added more land to the National Parks System 4. Prison Reform 5. Treaty of Ancons (peace treaty between...
Franklin D Roosevelt had 222,564,888 votes on his first election. _______________________________________________________________ 1914 Democratic Primary Results for U.S. Senator from New York: . 133,815 votes - 62.08% - James Gerard . 63,879 votes - 29.64% - Franklin D. Roosevelt . 17,862 votes -...
Herbert Clark Hoover was President of the United States from 1929 - 1933 and the primary challenges he faced was dealing with the Great Depression which began with the Wall Street Crash in October of 1929 and with the ongoing resistance to alcohol prohibition. . Mr Hoover was the head of the F.B.I.
you should vote for him cause i think he will handle it good. I think he will run the country like he ran NYC during the world trade center.
President Herbert Hoover believed that encouraging voluntarycontrols in the business sector would end the depression. He metwith business leaders and asked them to not lay off people.
Dwight D. Eisenhower. At the end of his second term, an election was held and John F. Kennedy defeated Eisenhower's vice president, Richard Nixon.
The very first thing Hoover did in response to the 1929 crash wascall business leaders to Washington to pressure them into keepingwages high, instead of cutting wages as economic conditionsrequired. Lee E. Ohanian of UCLA calculates that this was the causeof about 2/3 of the unemployment in the...
Hoover was blamed becasue he let all of the ants run free in thestreet instead of enforcing the "clean street act" so get rid ofthe investation
The Hoover adminstration did almost nothing to help the poor.
Herbert belief were to take over the country with his power he had
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a. The New Deal b. Glass-Stegall Act- made getting commercial credit easier and released $750 million out of gold reserves for additional business loans
No. Herbert Hoover served from 1929 to 1933; and at that time, there were 48 states. The 49th state, Alaska, and the 50th state, Hawaii were admitted in 1959.
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The vice president for Herbert Hoover was Charles Curtis (January 25, 1860 - February 8, 1936) , congressman from Kansas. The 31st President of the United States was Herbert Hoover fromMarch 4, 1929 to March 4, 1933. His Vice President was CharlesCurtis.
Hoover took office on March 4, 1929 and left on March 4,1933. Heserved just one term having been defeated for re-election byFranklin Roosevelt, He was the 31st President of the United States . . Herbert Hoover was president from March 4, 1929 to March 4, 1933. He was preceded by Calvin Coolidge and...