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Katherine Paterson

Katherine Paterson is an American children's author. She has written many books, such as Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob, I have Loved.


Why did Katherine Paterson write Bridge . Her son's 8 year old friend Lisa Hill was on at the beach one day and got struck by lightning. His mom decided to write a book to help him cope with his grief which we now know as Bridge to Terabithia. She based the river and many of the events in the book...
Katherine Paterson has won several awards for her children's books.These include multiple Newberry medals, and multiple National BookAwards.
yes she did she was the middle child of five kids total.
her fave hobbies were playing the piano and tennis.also doing crosswords,and playing scramble with her daughter
Leslie dies and Jesse blames himself partly
She was a missionary in Japan after college .
Katherin Paterson is still alive and is now 77 years old
On October 31, 1932
She was inspired by her son's best friend, Lisa Hill who was struck by lightning and killed.
Katherine Paterson is still Alive
I think Katherine Paterson wrote 'Parzival' to entertain people. It does not give any information on medieval times, so she didn't write it to inform anyone. It also doesn't try to persuade us readers, so it cant be written to persuade..
It is a story about independence and to take care of the Earth.
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Her 8 year old son was playing at the beach w/ one of his friends(a little girl) and got struck by lighting and she wrote this book to cheer him up.:) o_0
I don't know I feel terrabele for him even though it was so long ago my best friends name is Lisa also I couldn't go on if something happend to her
To cheer her son up because her son and his friend (a little girl) was playing at the beach and his friend got struck by lightning. :(
US author Katherine Paterson is 85 years old (birthdate October 31,1932).
why does Katherin Paterson use bad words in books
how she encounters the bear 'end of world'
Katherine Paterson's husband is a retired pastor.
Katherine Paterson has four children and seven grand children
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they are both authors for young adult and children books.
katherine paterson's email address is katherine_paterson@yahoo.ca
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Yes, she is still living, has four kids and seven grandchildren.
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It was a key part of the story. Jesse learned to grow up because of it. At the end of the book, he continues to play Terabithia and make up stories even though Leslie isn't around anymore. He also becomes closer to his young sister by playing Terabithia with her as well.
George and Mary Womeldorf
Two books by Katherine Paterson have won the Newbery Medal. They are: . Bridge to Terabithia (1977) . Jacob Have I Loved (1981)
yes, Katherine Paterson is married. She alson has four children to her husban. But, only one of them were born to her and her husband the rest were adopted
Katherine Paterson's birth name is Katherine Womeldorf.
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is an American author best known for Bridge to Terabithia
Katherine had four children.
she was born in china and grew up in America
Sorry, her website does not identify the gender of any of her four(now grown) children.
No. She is Just an Author.
The First book Katherine Paterson wrote is Who Am I ? written in 1966. . i have no idea the fist book i believe was bridge to terabithia
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NO,but there Is a Sequel before it called,Jacob Have I loved
Katherine Paterson lives in Berra
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Katherine Paterson, the author, received a bachelor's degree from King's College in Tennessee and a master's degree from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education.
I have no clue. I am searching for it myself. she has writen 255 and still going (that include all types of books from her)
Her official web-site is http://www.terabithia.com/
She had 2 brothers Sunny, her older brother, Charles, who died as an infant..
yes she has siblings named Trisha and Jelica
It won as it was chosen by the committee as being the best contribution to children's literature of the year.
She won for her outstanding contribution to children's literature with two of her books: Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob Have I Loved.
Bridge to terabithia and other books
Katherine Paterson was born October 31, 1932 in Quing Jing, China
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Her other jobs were............................a farmer, a writer...!!! And that is all...........throughout har entire career life!!
John Paterson is now 81 years old and is still happily living with his wife and four kids.
Maniac Magee, since he thinks that it explains quite alot of things that occured during his childhood
Patterson began her professional career in the Presbyterian Church by teaching and writing Sunday school curriculum for fifth and sixth grade parochial students. In 1966, she wrote the novel Who Am I? . While continuing to write, she was unable to get any of her novels published. After being...
George and Mary Womeldorf
Katherine Paterson husband's name is John Paterson.
yes she have four chieldren
Yes, she is still alive. She currently lives in Berre with her husband (John Paterson) and her four grown children (Elizabeth Po Lin, Mary Katherine Nah-he-sa-pe-chi-a, John, and David).
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