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Erin Hunter

Erin Hunter is actually a pseudonym for a group of authors. They are Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui Sutherland, and Victoria Holmes. Together, they have authored two series of books. The best known of these series is Warriors.


Adderfang . Amberclaw . Ashfur (TC) . Beechfur (TC) . Berrynose . Birchfall . Birdflight . Blossomfall . Bluestar . Brackenfur . Brambleclaw . Briarlight . Brightheart . Brindleface . Brook Where Small Fish Swim . Bumblestripe C . Cherrykit . Cinderheart . Cinderpelt . Cloudspots ....
There is a Power of 3 series, but there is no book or series in the Warriors Saga that is Power of 5.
It is called Night Whispers.
"Erin Hunter" is really a pseudonym for four ladies, Tui Southerland, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Victoria Holmes. They made a pseudonym so all of their books would be put together.
The warriors series is published by HarperCollins publishers.
Erin Hunter is actually 4 people, so you can email her at warriorcats.com or you can look up her phone number or even visit her a day or two. There is 3 ways for 4 people!
The first cat that Firestar gave his warrior name to was Thornclaw.
it has already come out in November 24, 2009
Seekers book 1 The Quest Begins Seekers book 2 Great Bear Lake Seekers book 3 Smoke Mountain Seekers book 4 The Last Wilderness Seekers book 5 Fire in the Sky Seekers book 6 Spirits in the Stars that book is still not out And there is Manga's too. Warriors book 1 into the...
The Warriors series has four coauthors. Their birthdates are: Kate Cary--November 4, 1967 Cherith Baldry--November 4, 1967 Tui Sutherland--July 23, 1978 I couldn't find the birthdate of Victoria Holmes, sorry.
Yes, each saga has six books, but Erin says that the Omen of the Stars saga is going to be the last installment of the book series. She will still make the Super Editions and continue on with the Manga series and Seekers.
So that it would match the book better. After it was published they felt like it wasn't a good cover.
There are 5 Erin Hunters: Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui Sutherland, and Gillian Philip.
Well, first, Erin Hunter is really three people that they alternate with. They all were individual writers until they met and then they started writing the Warriors series. One of the writers would come up with the ideas while the other two write it into a story.
Most libraries and bookstores shelve books by the author's name. If the Warriors bookes were to be written using the authors' real names, they would be scattered all over the library/store and it would be confusing. The Erins decided it would be so much simpler for everyone if they were to just use...
60 it isn't 60, it's a lot more than 60 there are 68 characters by the second book, plus the dead ones
I not 100% sure but i heard they should be making one in 2011
I READ IT LAST NIGHT BUT DIDN'T FINISH ALL OF IT -Lionblaze tells Cinderheart about the prophecy -Cinderheart refuses to be his mate(sorta) -Littlecloud catches green cough, and so does Sandstorm -Briarlight isn't dead yet -Flametail drowns after the ice cracks beneath him and dies,...
The fourth book in the Omen of the Stars Series is said to feature the Tribe of Rushing Water, and is currently called The Sign of the Moon , as revealed on Victoria Holmes' (One of the three erins)Facebook page.
It has been revealed that all four Erin Hunter's have other part-time jobs. However, their current part-time jobs are unknown.
Erin Hunter is actually three people under one penname: Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Vicki Holmes. Kate's husband died a few years ago; Cherith's husband is Peter Baldry; and Vicki got married in '08.
Erin Hunter lives in UK, so she has not visited any schools in the US., due to her living far away.
it was released on march 23 2010
Yes! Erin Hunter is mainly 3 different people, but Tui recently joined!
The book doesn't come out until Febuary 8 or 9 2011 it is called Spirits in the Stars. I read on a website that Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and Ujurak finish their journey on the ice to find a place of sick bears that have an intrest in Lusa.
Vicky was the first of the three Erins so she didn't really 'join' the team, she created it.
Night Whispers comes out in the UK on the 23rd of November 2010 and in the US on the 1st of December 2010! Hooray! No i heard it was the Nov. 23 in the us!
Shadowclan: Frogs, Lizards, and snakes Thunderclan: Mice, Voles, and Lemmings Windclan: Mostly rabbits Riverclan: Fish Skyclan: Birds such as thrushes and sparrows Tribe of the Rushing water: Falcons and bird eggs
April 5th, 6:30 pm B&N Princeton Princeton, NJ April 6th, 6:30 pm B&N Carle Place Carle Place, NY April 7th, 3:30 pm Mendham Books Mendham, NJ April 8th, 6:00 pm Bookmark Shoppe Brooklyn, NY April 9th, 4:00 pm RJ Julia Madison, CT April 11th, 4:00 pm Oblong Books & Music Millerton, NY ...
Well, Erin Hunter is actually 4 people writting a series together and yes two of them have cats. If you want to know more about the Erin Hunters you should visit their web site and click Meet Erin Hunter. There is a lot of really cool things you can find out about them.
Write a letter through the publisher or agent.
Some time during 2011. The exact date hasn't been released yet. Actually, it is not coming out! Erin Hunter decided to release a book called Crookedstar's promise instead. It is going to focus on shadowclan. Mapleshade, the dark forest she-cat, will be featured. And this is asking the number one...
Yes. The fifth series is entitled Warriors: Dawn of the Clans . The first book, The Sun Trail , was released on March 5, 2013. The second book, Thunder Rising, is set to be released on November 5, 2013, and the third, The First Battle, should be out on April 8, 2014..
It takes place in the forests of England. AS you may have picked up in the fourth book, the cats have a vague English accent. For example, in America we say don't know' but in the warrior series it says dunno which originates from England>
If you mean how many Erin Hunters there are, there are 4!! The newest is Tui Sutherland. The main Erins are Cherith Baldry, Victoria Holmes and Kate Cary!
Erin Hunter is four different people, and all four enjoy writingabout animals, and their behaviors. Their first series, Warriors, was founded by one of Vicky Holmes'seditors who had asked her to create a series featuring feral cats.
She has made SkyClan's Destiny, but I think that that is it. She may make more in the future. You never know :D
There are many herbs in the world of Warriors. Some are not even mentioned in the series. Here are most of them: Cobweb : to stop the bleeding Poppy Seeds : eat if shocked or having trouble sleeping Honey : sore throats Dock : Soreness Marigold : good for cuts and scratches and...
the cat who took prey to the tribe of endless hunting is Feathertail because she saved the tribe of rushing water and died there.
According to the official Warriors website there are no Warriorsmovies in production and no definite plans to make one, "no matterwhat you read on the internet!" There have been discussions withproduction companies but, so far, nothing has quite worked out.According to Erin Hunter, they are waiting...
20 books 6 in the first three series and two in the fourth
She is a girl. Edit: To be more accurate, "she" is actually four "girls" - Vicky Holmes, Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, and Tui Sutherland.
She has a cat named Bramble and a cat named Sorrel. Brambleclaw and Sorreltail are them!
Nothing, well it took me awhile to find out what monster meant I learnt the seasons fast
In the story, they're just called "the forest" and "the lake." The old forest was modeled after the New Forest, but the lake was made up.
Erin Hunter is three women who are all different ages. sorry
Well, I'm not really sure if she has one book that's more famous than another, but the most famous series she's written is Warrior cats, in the warrior cats series there are sort of series' but in the etire warriors series, there are: super editions, feild guides, the original series/saga (the first...
There are actually 4 women who are Erin Hunter, they came up with that name so readers won't be confused each of the women's favorite cat is listed in the link below. To get to the question, click "Meet Erin Hunter", then click "Read the interview" then scroll down until you find the question "Who...
A good idea for Warriors: Into the Wild ;Instead; *Rivals: The War Begins* :)
You would have to find one of the 4 Erin Hunter's addresses or their email, which I don't know. Just look it up on the internet, or something like that.
YES, Andrew clements,j.k Rowling
It is the very first Warriors book called Into the Wild.
It is about Dovepaw and Ivypaw becoming warriors and Jayfeather and Lionblaze finding out that Hollyleaf may still be alive and not walking in Starclan's ranks. They all know the Dark Forest is rising and when it does they'll be ready.
Erin Hunter is actually a pseudonym for four different authors. Victoria Holmes, Cherith Baldry, and Kate Cary all grew up and livein the UK. And, according to website, Tui Sutherland (who used tobe only an editor of the series) was born in Venezuela and lived inParaguay, Miami, and the Dominican...
Google 'Erin Hunter' instead of asking someone on wikianswers. Plus, remember that Erin Hunter is really several people.
Erin Hunter is actually four people. They are Kate Cary, Victoria Holmes, Cherith Baldry, and Tui Sutherland.
Erin Hunter is not a real person. 3 people are the authers of the books but they came up with one name for all of them so they didn't have to put all their names on the books. my input is that there are actualy 4 people "acting" as erin
Erin Hunter is actually three people. Two are also book editors, which may have inspired them, and i believe the other one is their friend.
"Erin Hunter" is really a pseudonym for four ladies, Tui Southerland, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Victoria Holmes. They made a pseudonym so all of their books would be put together.
Erin Hunter did not win any awards but she should
Yes. But only when in desperate need of food.
Erin is actually a pen name for three or four different people, all with different hobbies, so please refine your question. Also, ARE. What ARE Erin Hunter's hobbies.
1. Warriors 2. Cats 3. Mythology
Hello! I have heard about this book and I am happy to answer! I found this online a while ago: The Blurb The dark forces that have driven a rift between the four warrior Clans are growing stronger. While Lionblaze remains focused on protecting ThunderClan from another deadly battle, Jayfeather...
Erin Hunter is a penname for four authors, Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry and Tui Sutherland, who all write the books together. All four are alive and continue to write new books.
To me i think she would be very happy because i heard someone tried to convince her to make the movie but she said the economy is tight. so yeah if i were her, i would be happy
Long Shadows by Erin Hunter comes out November 25th 2008 and the cat on the cover is Sol who is the tortoiseshell with pale yellow eyes and that trys to stop the Clans from believing in StarClan because of the solar eclipse that is coming so he trys to shatter their faith by telling them if your...
She gets them from the illustrator.
When a kit is about 6 moons, the clan leader makes them an apprentice.
i think it was somthing like waching football and reading. but not at the same time.. writting books
SPOILER ALERT! If you're talking about Jayfeather's stick, it has a connection with the cats who lived in the forest long ago, particularly a cat named Rock. I forget why he scratches it, so you'll have to read the other books to find out.
Hello,. Eclipse comes out September 2nd, 2008.. Happy Reading!. It already came out.
Yes, it is and I recommend it to any Warriors fan!
Well, yes, i would say that alot of people are angry, but i know she will get back to Warriors
It is called Fire in the Sky and it hs already been published. But it may be har to find because it just came out.
"Erin Hunter" is really a pseudonym for four ladies, Tui Southerland, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Victoria Holmes. They made a pseudonym so all of their books would be put together. I don't know whether they go on Wikipedia.
you can meet her if you're at one of her book synings on her road trips.
I believe it is called Sign of the Moon, after that, I have NO idea. Hope this helps.
You can get it at Barnes and Noble.
she killed silverstream to move the story along, then graystripe went to riverclan but his heart always belonged in thunderclaan
the next book is night whispers and then sign of the moon and then the last hope but the last hope hasnt been released yet and it is being released in march 2012
The books in the Warriors series are as follows: Warriors . Into the Wild . Fire and Ice . Forest of Secrets . Rising Storm . A Dangerous Path . The Darkest Hour Warriors: The New Prophecy . Midnight . Moonrise . Dawn . Starlight . Twilight . Sunset Warriors: Power of Three . The...
For her story plot to go as she planned, yes. Erin Hunter had to kill Silverstream so that she and Graystripe's kits would be with RiverClan when Tigerstar became the joint leader of RiverClan with Leopardstar. Then Tigerstar, in his quest for pure-blood cats, could try to make Stonefur kill them...
I started reading them at 12 and my sister 11 so i would say, 10 to 16 maybe. because there isALOT of details