Lake Victoria

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Lake Victoria is a freshwater lake in Africa, bordered by Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.
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lake Victoria is the lake the equator passes though
Nairobi, the capital and largestcity of Kenya, is located east of Lake Victoria.
Bad luck Brian Fell in it.
mostly from precipitation (rain), but also from the african's peeing in it and other rivers.
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The African Cintinent
In eastern Tansania sharing a border with Kenya and Uganda
North, through ancient egypt.
One must assume that you're asking the question about Lake Victoria in Uganda, Africa. It looks like Lake Victoria's major lat/long attribute is equatorial, since it lies 33 degrees and more east of the prime meridian. From, here are the lat/long details: Latitude: 0...
No because the real one is at near rwanda and have been found By james may I think at 2013
in 1912t was discovered
what coutry is lake Victoria in
people came from their home and brought them with the and they got in the lake ..
Pros Of The Nile Perch Introduction In Lake Victoria-. *Nile Perch provide more body mass (meat) than the smaller 1-2 inch fish that people used to fish out of Lake Victoria. *Since smaller boats are not large enough to catch Nile Perch in, fishing industries must catch the perch, thus creating a...
Hmmmm Lakes & Oceans really do not go together ! I'm thinking you meant continents ! N America & Africa would answer that Q
About 150 miles at the widest point
about 150 miles at the widest point
It is located in East Central Africa
It is located on the African Continent, on the boarders of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
Lake Victoria is located in east central Africa along the equator. It borders the countries of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa, and is part of the tributary system of the Nile River (White Nile). *Despite the name, Lake Victoria and Victoria Falls are not...
Lake Victoria has been known as Lake Nyaza, Ukerewe, The Eye of the Rhino, Nalubaale, Sango and Lolwe
It is located in East Central Africa
Not in it, on the boarders of it, as is Uganda and Tanzania
It is located in Eastern Africa. It borders Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
Well Kenya is one of the countries that border lake Victoria..lakeVictoria is in the middle of:Kenya,Tanzania,and Uganda
1133 m (3773 ft) above sea level
The average depth is 40 meters and the deepest spot is 83 meters.
Uganda... that was one of my daily geography questions, if you are doing one good luck!!
Lake Victoria borders Kenya Uganda and Tanzania. whose Capitals are Nairobi, kampala, and Dar es Salaam respectively.
It occupies a shallow depression in the East African Plateau between two arms of the Great Rift Valley
The first European to sight the lake in 1858 was the British explorer John Hanning Speke and named the lake after the British Queen , Queen Victoria
The White Nile flows into this Lake Victoria Tana I am not sure about.
The lake has borders with Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
It is the world's second largest freshwater lake and the largest lake in Africa
origin of nile perch in L.Victoria . Nile perch was introduced into Lake Victoria from lakes Albert (Uganda) and Turkana (Kenya) in the 1950s.
The deepest point is about 250 feet
It is a natural lake
lake Victoria is in Africa(it is the source of the nile river aral sea is in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
The size of this lake is 89 acres. The most populous lake is Lake Ukerewe in the south of lake Victoria which is home to 150,000 people. Area not known, but in view of the population may be the largest
No, It was previously lake Rudolf.
The African continent
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Nairobi, the capital and largestcity of Kenya, is east of Africa's Lake Victoria.
It is the world's oldest lake
No, because the nile perch ate other fish and was hard forpeople to catch fish because there are a few not that much as theyexpected there to be. Also people should have not introduse nileperch to lake viktoria because that is where lots of fish swim andpeople usually catch them and like I have said...
The doulbe negative in your sentence makes the question sound positive, but I am going to go ahead and assume that you mean something negative. Pollution will prevent people from visiting Lake Victoria because the natural beauty of the lake and the environment would be ruined, ugly, disgusting, and...
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Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda, is north of LakeVictoria.
Two major landforms in Algeria are the Atlas Mountains and the Ahaggar Mountains.
Victoria Lake is in Southern Africa. More specifically, it is located in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.
Lake Victoria is a volcanic crater that has filled with run off from rivers and direct precipitation. A volcanic soil is commonly black, I.E. Hawaii.
No. Lake Victoria has a surface area of 68,800 km 2 or (26,600 sq mi,) and Scotland has an area of 78,387 km 2 (30,414 sq mi.)
The Lake was named after Queen Victoria of England.
Lake Victoria is known for its waterfall.