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Kia Sedona

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The Kia Sedona is a rebadged variant of the four-door minivan Kia Carnival. Manufactured from 1998 to 2006, the Sedona comes with a 3.5 L V6 engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission.
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The speed sensor is located on the right side facing the driver side. It is on the transmission under the air filter and air line that leads to the intake manifold. It is on the left side of the transmission. It is not on top of the transmission but on the left side of the transmission close to the...
the tensioner is at the bottom of everything two bolt release first the one that holds the pulley then the one that gives the belt its tension dont extract entirely just loosen
I think you have to drop the pan,just have a new gasket handy if you do.
on the top rear of the engine near the fire wall.
the light of the air bag is on. the sensor is fail
You can program your Kia Sedona remote, by holding the lock andunlock keys at the same time. The red light will flash until theremote is program. When the remote is program. The red light willstay constant.
Any tips on changing the power steering pump on my kia sedona
You can not unlock the radio without the code. You can remove theradio and get the serial number from it and call the dealer for theunlock code.
There are two different types of steering fluid that are compatiblewith your vehicle according to the manual. M-III or DESRON-IIE andDexron IIE ou M-III should both work in your Kia.
The way to change a rear wiper blade on a kai sedona would be to take the vehicle to an auto mechanic or an auto body shop and let them change the wiper blades on the vehicle.
1-2-3-4-5-6 Click the link for a diagram.
It may or may not have one. If it has one, you will find information about it in your owner's manual.
I can do better than a manual. Check this site out, create an account and you will have the same repair maunals online as the techs in the shop! http://www.kiatechinfo.com/index.asp Best resource i have ever found for Kias and saved my butt when my mass air flow sensor died.
The maximum towing capacity of the 2005 Kia Sedona is 3500lbs. The engine is pretty powerful: 3.5L V6, 24 valves, 195 hp @ 5500 rpm. The Sedona tows better than most other minivans because of its great torque of 218@3500rpm. The Sedona comes equipped with a smooth 5 speed automatic transmission.
I have a 2003 Kia Sorento and I just changed mine right at 100K miles. Now I'm having problems with the Cam Shaft Positioning Sensor, replaced Alternator belt and variable intake was leaking......spent over 1G in 2 months. I am the original owner. Hope this helps.. You must do it before 60k (non...
The Kia engine mount are designed to be durable and can last long. It has a precise rubber hardness that tunes the mount to the engine. Newer design used steel and proved to be practical to use in the long run. The rubberized engine mounts wear faster as they are always exposed to heat, chemicals,...
A 2005 has 3 coil boots on the front head, and 3 wires w/boots for the rear plugs.
Find the speedo cable, which should be at the top of the gearbox. This is where the new oil is filled, and the speedo doubles up as the dipstick.
We just replaced this, and it was inside the motor I think. I know they had to take off the plastic covering then open up the engine part, and it was right on top. Cost me about $110 with a new serpentine belt too.
The torque specifications, for your 2002 Kia cylinder head, is 120pounds per square inch. The head bolts should be torqued in 40pound intervals.
which ever side cylinder one is on its the opposite
2004 sedona's have a tanny cooler in the front to keep it from overheating like a small rad if one of the lines are bad or damaged it will from the bumper (front) area
There is an input and output sensor for the Sedona. They are both located on the top of the transmission. Some people have one on top and one on the side nearest the firewall. Here are the steps on how to replace them: http://bigmektek.blogspot.com/2013/05/changing-speed-sensor-in-05-kia-sedona...
Most likely it will be in the fuse box in the engine bay. I have a 1999 KIA Carnival (Carnival and Sedona are the same vehicle). Note however the connector is NOT a 'standard' scanner connector (a J1962 connector). Rather it is a KIA-unique connector sometimes called a "73". It can have 20...
Park brake light - might mean the e-brake pedal is slightly moved down to initiate light. Battery light - means the alternator is bad or battery bad etc. Parking brake light also comes on when the brake fluid runs low... This happened on a 2003 kia Rio the next day the car died it is either because...
there are 6 spark plugs, 3 are visible and easily changed, but 3 are under the engine and very difficult to get to. I had to have a shop do the work and they said they had to pull the motor to reach them.
Answer 1 Battery "Self-Recovery" That depends on the condition of the battery before you "ran it down." IF you're lucky, turning off all lights, AND allowing to stand for a few hours, will allow the chemistry in the battery to recover, and MAY be strong enough to start the vehicle. The problem...
from the bottom 13mm loosen idler pulley bolt then turn adjuster bolt under pulley
In the fuel tank on the electric fuel pump which is under the floor mat between 2nd row seats.If you find how to get the fuel pump out let me know.I have everything off I need I think but cant find a tool to twist the pump to take it out.Thanks
my Sedona 2005 just tune up ...but some time loss power..same time is normal....and the sound of exhaust is not silent like normally .....and to much gasoline consumetion.....
Te a light that looks like a horse shoe with a line in the middle
It's actually quite simple. The hardest part I found was removing the bolts from the caliper and was able to get them off with some liquid wrench and a socket wrench. Once you get the caliper off, take a small bungee cord and hook the caliper up on the spring so that you don't stretch or damage the...
Mercedes Benz in both versions TD and CRD or DCI and if your cam belt breaks it's a £2000 pound Job at least so always make sure you have the belt done maybe 10000 miles before it says because stop start motoring brings down service intervals and oil changes
the best way to do this is to remove the full strut and spring asembaly. then use a size 32 socket and hit the actual bearing from the rear making sure that there is nothing to obstruct the hub causing it to not move. the hub will fall out of the asembaly then followed by a few more hits the bearing...
Answer:. Top up the master brake cylinder fluid. The catch is that when you top it up, it overflows because the small filter below drains slowly leading you to think it is full. Make sure you look for the "Full" mark on the side. I thought I had top it up and I hadn't, hence light kept coming back...
There are two reasons that might cause it first some one siphoned the gas out of your KIA the other is that your fuel gauge sending unit in the tank stuck in one position and over the time it set it released its self.
Two, one in the tank and the second in the Engine.
There is a diagram under the related links.
No, Sedona is not a desert. A desert averages 10 inches of precipitation or less annually. Sedona averages about 16 inches of precipitation annually, so it is officially classified as "semi-arid".
The 3.8 L v6 in the 2006 Kia Sedona has a timing chain. No belt.
Were is the fuse for the ac for 2002 kia sedona
Kia.. Kia is the maker of the Sedona.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kia_Carnival
This information is provided in the owners manual which comes with the car.
All "p" codes have four numbers in them. P340 doesn't mean anything. Should be Pxxx I think the answer you are looking for is 0340 and it means that you need a new camshaft sensor, crank sensor, or timing is off on your car. The entire circuit for these sensors sends off this code, so it could...
Remote is not transmitting, codes are not set the same, receiver is not working, motor burnt out, no power to motor, drive chain jammed or broken, counterbalance spring broken, etc. No way to tell at long distance.
Unfortunately, not. My inspection in my Jetta is due and I just found out that I need to pay around $1500 to have my airbag light turned off in order to pass inspection.
Check your battery. Check your battery, my sedona alternator broke when the car has 35000mi but 6 years old..
Low Pressure port is on the front passenger side, just behind thegrill, and slightly under the cooling fan duct. Access it byremoving one screw (10mm) on both ends of the duct. You can thenpush it aside enough to reach the port. The High Pressure port ison the same side in front of the grill. Very...
The conversion should be pretty simple if you are mechanically minded(even a little knowledge will do).Find a wrecker or look for an 86 that is being dismantled privately, take a camera and photograph such things as pedal positioning/mounting etc. Location of gearbox and mountings etc. Buy these...
I have yet to read a good solution to this seemingly frequent problem with the back seat seat belt on many KIAs. We have a 2007 KIA Rondo and the backseat middle seat belt has gotten stuck several times already. The first time we took it to the dealer, this time we (my wife and I) took it apart...
Engine surge in a 2004 Kia Sedona is often caused by a clogged fuelfilter or dirty injectors. When insufficient fuel reaches theengine, it will exhibit these symptoms.
under the back end. turn the key just inside the back hatch and it will fall out
Jack the car out and remove the wheel. Remove the ball joint nut.Pound the ball joint out with a sledgehammer. Reverse the processto install the new ball joint
Unfortunately, the only way to retrieve trouble codes after 1995 is with the OBDII scanner. The good news is that there are some auto parts stores that will scan it for you free of charge. Or, you can buy a simple OBDII scanner for about $60.
Press and hold the button you want to use for that door and hold the button on the gargage door opener at the same time for 30 sec
It is for the rear heater. Press the button and this will enable heat to come out rear heater vents.
The HTR RR switch in a Kia Sedona determines which air vents theair is blown through from the rear heating. When it is pushed in,the lower vents blow hot air, and when it is not pushed, the roofvents blow cold air.
The 2006 Kia Sedona does not have a replaceable transmissionfilter. So you only have to replace fluid, never the filter.
There are a multitude of reasons why this could be. Low refrigerant, too much refrigerant and/or PAG, blockage in the system, bad orifice, bad accumulator or receiver-drier (which you have depends on what type of AC system you have), blockage or damage to the condenser fins, faulty low pressure...
Is the oil lever OK ? Also get a compression check in each cylinder to see if one of the piston rings have worn out.
The Kia electric door mirror fuse can be found in the fuse box. Theelectric door mirror fuse will be at the bottom of the firstcolumn.
The code reader you used may not be advanced enough to read all codes or to pull stored codes. The CEL may light and then go off (even for problmes much more serious than a loose gas cap). Some codes are still stored. However, some are not. I do not think there is any rhyme or reason to this. Like...
Shown below are the pins wires coming out of the factory stereo head unit of a 2004 Kia Sedona. . Pin 1. Yellow Wire Fused Voltage Supply. Pin 2. Brown wire Interior Light System. Pin 3. white Green Wire Right Rear Side speaker. Pin 4. white Red Wire Right Front Door Speaker. Pin 5. Green Yellow...
The fuel sending unit in a 2003 KIA Sedona is found under the rearpassenger seat. There are some plastic heads which hold the lockingring and have to be removed for you to access it.Ê
I believe this is good between 2002 and 2005 but may work for other Kia Sedona 1: Remove Trim, this looks hard but is easy , first remove black Philips screw from underneath the ashtray (the ashtray pulls out) - do not remove the silver screw. 2: Unclick the trim, this is wood colored in the posh...
The starter, on your 2004 Kia, is located near the front of theengine at the bottom. You can follow the positive battery cablefrom the battery directly to the starter.
1 in front down by exhaust, the other in back by exhaust. open hood look straight down in middle of front behind radiator looks like a spark plug. the other is just opposite side of engine. have to get under car to see it
IT SOUNDS LIKE ITS THE REAR WINDOW DEMISTER (HEATER) you wont notice it working unless your rear window is fogged up or icy. CMK
That is the botton to turn the rear windshield defroster on. It will go off automatically after a few minutes to prevent damage to the glass.
Its under the rear of the car (boot area) and is attached to the outside,under body of the car, it can be released by turning the large nut in the centre of the plastic rear floor panel, using the wheel brace, the nut may be covered with a filler piece, turning this nut will slowly lower the wheel ...
Yes it has one ! and it should be changed at no more than 100000 kms but its recomened to do it by 90000kms. Not to be ignored unless you want to change your engine and not a DIY job unless you know exactly what you doing.
Believe me the service manual from manufacture is useless. I own a 2003 manual and it doesn't help at all when I try to replace the alternator, the helps from google provided 90% of the information you will needed. maybe it will be helpfull when I need electrical info. I also own a accord manual and...
By law, an ASE certified technician in an EPA certified shop must recover and store the refrigerant in your vehicle. Once that's done, you use a fuel line separator to disconnect the refrigerant hoses from the receiver-drier.
May have failed coil pack, there are 3 coil packs and 3 leads, 1 coil pack fire 2 cylinders in wasted spark. Isolate the failing cylinder and test the input voltage and signal to coil using a led test light or noid light. If signal is present- replace the coil pack If no signal possible crank...
I tried and could not..so therefore I dont think its possible You will have to jump start it with another battery. The brake pedal must be pushed then an electric solenoid will trip allowing the shifter to be moved. This prevents you putting it in neutral when there is no power.
Remove the engine cover plate (6 screws). You will be able to see the throttle on the right side aft on top of the engine. Follow the throttle body toward the windshield. It should be a little right of the center and toward the driver's side wiper (used as a reference). It has a 4 wire connector...
I got b1324 after changing my battery. Kia dealership reset the light and made it go away.
The 2004 Sedona came with a 5 year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and a 100,000 on the emmissons only. As far as the details of the warranty I haven't found it anywhere except it is the same for the 2005 model which I downloaded from KIA. Try the website.
The first thing I would check is for broken motor mounts. This causes the vibration around 40-45 mph. There is a service / recall bulletin about this at Kia.
18 inch passenger side & 26 inch driver side. rear 16 inch
According to the mechanic I use, it is 85.000 miles. Though in his opinion he would do it a bit earlier 70.000. Regards
My fiance' has a 2006 Sedona. I found her fan relays in the main fuse box under the hood. If you open up the fuse box and look under the lid, you will see a diagram for where all the fuses and relays are located. It's possible that there are 2 or 3 relays for the the cooling fans. They'll be listed...
I am on my 3rd Kia Sedona van and love it. However, there does seem to be some down side and that is the Air Conditioner.. If you live in climates that rarely get above 100 you should be fine but if you live in areas of the SouthWest like me, you will have some discomfort.. The air blows out cool...
About 400.00. They have to pull the upper engine manifold off to get to the rear three plugs, and each plug is platinum, and each has its own coil pack. Used those can be found for 50 ish apiece, or 250 each new. Have fun! :-) Do you mean coil pack cost $50 a piece? I don't think coil pack...
The local Kia dealership located a leak at the top plug (transmission fluid visible on top of the transmission directly below the place where you add brake fluid) on my 2003 Kia Spectra. They charged me $92 for the full diagnostic test to determine where the leak is. This model is somewhat similar...