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The legal process uses highly specialized language and terms. Ask about their definitions in this category.
By legal definition of posted it means the act through an event hasbeen made published to the world or group of individuals
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Yes. It may be officially labeled as something other thanmalpractice, but they can be prosecuted.
It normally refers to the assets held by a corporation, government agency or municipality including but not limited to cash on hand.
Mission Essential Personnel are the personnel assigned to complete the mission essential functions which have been predetermined by each installation in an effort to carry on their mission assigned essential tasks.
The difference in index and non index crimes is depending on if they are willing or non-willing crimes. Index crimes consists on willful homicide, arson, larceny more than $50, rape, burglary, theft, basically anything that is physically pursued by the person committing the crime. Non Index crimes...
The assessment will not be done on the schedule stated, it will be done later - it is postponed.
I think you managed to extract only part of the complete phrase. I suspect there is another word: commerce. There are cases that involve interstate commerce. I found a Supreme Court case entitled: Corn Products Refining Co. v. Eddy, 249 U.S. 427 The second paragraph contains the phrase: ...
The pane discussion is held to exchange ideas and expression agreement and disagreement on points of mutual interests. The moderator guides the whole discussion and defines differences. This discussion may or may not have a genera audience. تعقد المناقشة جزء لتبادل الأفكا...
Using and gate - pla is programmable while pal is fixed
A crime is a wrong which is punished by or on behalf of the state, as opposed to a tort which is a wrong for which a private individual seeks redress.
A contract whereby, for specified consideration, one party undertakes to compensate the other for a loss relating to a particular subject as a result of the occurrence of designated hazards. http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/insurance
In the law, "non-exclusive" is used as an adjective or other form of grammatical modifier that means or suggests that something is shared, or conversely does not belong to just one person.For example, since all tenants and the landlord of an apartment building need to use certain common areas...
According to dictionary.reference, the first recorded use of "de jure" was in the 1610s. The legal term translates from Latin to English as, "to law." As an adverb, de jure refers to conditions created by enacted law, as opposed to "de facto," conditions created by social or economic circumstances,...
Gender and Crime Age and CrimeClass and CrimeRace and Crime
Royal Crown Cola/ Royal Bank of Canada Red Cell Count/Red Blood Cell
Innocent infringement is a violation of copyright without willful intent. Accidentally moving an mp3 onto a shared drive would be innocent infringement.
A Rural community is the country
An heir is the person entitled, by reason of relationship, toreceive an intestate (without a Will) person's estate after theirdeath. It is also the term for a person who inherits under a Will (weathera relative or not).
Psc is always first choice because psc cement gives more strength than opc and also psc cement setting time is slower not that much it will give same strength in 28 days... Because of slower setting cracks will not appear or there is very less chance to appear cracks and it will requires lesser...
a decrease in biodiversity.
An embarassing moment is when you feel uncomfortible, bashful , or maby self conscious. Hope this Helped!
United States A mortgage is commonly understood to be a loan secured by real estate. The more formal definition in a title theory state is as follows: A mortgage is an instrument used to convey title to real estate that is given as security for payment of a debt or the performance of a duty. (A...
It means enforcing anal and oral sex on a woman and man. Bestiality also meets the legal definition of this isssue.
A proposed law is known as a bill .
Due West is 270 degrees on a compass.
Larceny - auto theft - embezzlement - etc. The list could go on endlessly. Crimes against property are exactly THAT, crimes against PROPERTY. This is different from Crimes Against Persons. Crimes against persons are ones in which individual(s) are victims and are put in PERSONAL PERIL. Such crimes...
The primary aim of business organisation is to make profits. The primary aim of why dat of public organisation is to render services.
# To append or attach to something.   # To seize territory.
Recombinants take up the plasmid but do not incorporate it into the DNA. Transformants take up the plasmid and integrate it into the DNA. Recombinants wouldn't express the new genes while Transformants will.
axetil and proxetils are attach to medications and have different degradation capabilities and later cause bioavailabilities.
Teleconferencing is a blanket term used to describe, overall, communication between two people at remote sites, via video and/or audio. This also includes the term "video conferencing", "voice over IP", etc.
difference between tally & fact ?
Something undergoing digestion.
It is a temporary suspension of an action or process ordered by the court.ADDED: In the legal context, a stay is a court order preventing further action until a future event occurs, or the order is lifted. It is not necessarily, temporary.
The term mobile home park is now out of date, such parks are now refered to as Residential Parks because the homes being built for the last five years or more are not relocatable as such, they are permanent structures the same as any suburban home. There is a legal definition under the Manufactured...
Common law is the system of deciding cases that originated in England and which was latter adopted in the U.S.. Common law is based on precedent (legal principles developed in earlier case law) instead of statutory laws. It is the traditional law of an area or region created by judges when deciding...
  == Answer ==   Res gestae (a Latin phrase meaning "things done") is an exception to the rule against Hearsay evidence. Res gestae is based on the belief that because certain statements are made naturally, spontaneously and without deliberation during the course of an event, they leave...
vat inclusive- Gross price (price after adding tax)vat exclusive-net price (price before adding tax)
corpus in English means body
  Lucrative- adj. profitableproducing a great deal of profit.
operation, intelligence, pcr, investigation
The poet wants to convey the idea of the Brook's silently passing by some hurdle.also it is slipping by some obstruction in its flow.this obstruction may be wild growth,a tree,a stormy part or a sandy bank.such things are generally found on the banks of a rivulet
Insubordination can be a broad term, but typically it means the employee failed to or refused to do something in his job description or as he was directed to do.
Difference between General manager and Functional manager?
In the original statutes of marriage in the US, it was allowed between a husband and any number of wives. Interracial marriage was forbidden. Divorce was forbidden in almost all circumstances. Contraception was forbidden between married couples. The wife automatically took the surname of the husband...
A do not detain order is law enforcement's way of letting you know that they're not interested in pursuing any minor charges against you because you're under investigation for bigger things. If you are on the Do Not Detain list, take advantage of it! I sure do. I speed, do burn-outs in front of cops...
It means that in return for doing something or providing some service, you are reimbursed (not necessarily in a monetary sense, altho money is not ruled out)._________________________________________________________________It means reward for employment in the form of pay, salary, or wage, including...
1 The difference between best and secondary evidence is best evidence is the legal doctrine that an original piece of evidence, particularly a document and secondary evidence is Secondary evidence is evidence that has been reproduced from an original document or substituted for an original item. For...
anionic dyes have a negative charge and attach to cationic surfaces and vice versa when the cationc dyes which are postively charged attach to anionic surfaces...
The commitment issued to the Sheriff is basically the sheet of paper that is handed to him or his department, which officially declares the sentence for the defendant. On probation cases, the defendant is given this paper to get into the probation office upon reporting for the first time. This will...
I assume you mean "prohibit." These means to forbid, to ban; it may involve passing a law that prevents something from happening. Parking your car in a "Handicapped" space is prohibited unless you have a special license plate.
volatile oils:-These are volatile at room temperature & are usually obtained by distillation.When evaporate do not leave any spot.These cannot be saponified.These are mixtures of cleoptenes & stearoptenes.Fixed oils:-Non volatile at room temp & can be obtained by special extraction...
with no fixed boundaries or demarcation    also that which is neither most general nor most special and also  not intermediate (for example quality as a form of accident - see  more in the Barneses book "Porphyry introduction", Oxford  University Press Inc. New York 2003, p. 6)
of such a nature as to be available over its subject without reference to one person more than another, or, as generally expressed, a right competent, or available, against all persons. Rights in rem include not alone rights over physical property, but all rights available against all persons...
Damages is the estimated money equivalent for detriment or injury sustained.In law, damages have to do with how much money you recieve for any harm or injury caused to you.
It's not a legal term. it's when people stand & clap their hands.
  means whatevere paper you signed.... your kinda stuck in it
  living somewhere for 6 months makes you a state resident by law, we reside wherever we live   living somewhere for 6 months makes you a state resident by law, we reside wherever we live   living somewhere for 6 months makes you a state resident by law, we reside wherever we live  ...
A sale is a transaction where a person gives money for a good or  service and receives that good or service. A sale can also use the  barter system where goods or services are exchanged for other goods  or services.
State laws generally provide that a person commits theft if he obtains or exercises unauthorized control over the property of another with a purpose to deprive him thereof. There are many different ways by which a person can commit theft. A person may commit theft by simply taking the property of...
"De jure" means "concerning law". more specifically it means 'according to law, by right and legally, legitimate and required by law'. As opposed to De facto whish means 'existing, but without legal authority'.
The difference is that opinion is what YOU think and evidence has been proved and you KNOW its right x  Hope that Helps!!
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A dictionary definition of misappropriation of funds is the intentional, illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one's own use or other unauthorized purpose, particularly by a public official, a trustee of a trust, an executor or administrator of a dead person's estate, or by any...
According to 33 USCS § 1471 (5), the noun "ship" is defined as --"(A) a seagoing vessel of any type whatsoever, and(B) any floating craft, EXCEPT an installation or device engaged in the exploration and exploitation of the resources of the seabed and the ocean floor and the subsoil thereof."
1-Your Item's prices as per units, 2-Ocean Frieght rate,3-FOB/CNF,4- Your Profit as per unit.
It started by people making sounds in their throats and later it became singing
Loitering is the act of staying around a public place for an  extended time with no real purpose. Prowling is going out and about  with the intention of finding a date or hookup.
when you own something, that is a possession. Being able to use it  for its intended purpose is utility.
As defined by the Illinois Vehicle Code / Illinois Compiled Statutes in 625 ILCS 5/1-106 Bicycle. Every device propelled by human power upon which any person may ride, having two tandem wheels except scooters and similar devices.   ----   for Florida it is defined as a vehicle
  Multiple personality disorder is a condition in which somebody appears to have two or more distinct personalities that are present at different times and take control of the person's consciousness and behavior.
  == Answer ==   Someone who steals something owned by someone else
In bail bonding, the principle is the defendant for whom the bail is posted.
A class c misdemeanor are those crimes that are punishable by a fine of no more than $500.
That will depend on how they are used. Typically a license is issued by some regulating authority and a certificate is issued to document some status or achievement.
is finding of an entire information for something
Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
If X warrants the use of Y, then X is so bad or so extreme, we had to take Y action; it's kind of a defensive thing, saying "we didn't want to do it, but the situation demanded it." It's most often heard in police reports, as in "the suspect's actions warranted the use of force," but it can be more...
Well the reds are the commies so the pinkos would be the socialist?
To be sane is to have your wits about you, to understand what you're doing and where you are and be able to be a normal and functional member of society. Being INsane is the opposite. An insane person might hallucinate, not know who they are, where they are, what the year is, might indulge in...
  Just distribution in society, structured by various moral, legal, and cultural rules and principles.
It means there was a lot of crime in that area.
It is called the surrender of an accused or convicted person by one state or country to another (usually under the provisions of a statute or treaty) Legal surrender of a fugitive to the jurisdiction of another state, country, or government for trial. Source: Answers.com It's when you're turned...