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Fisheries raise and harvest fish for commercial purposes. Some use preexisting rivers or seabeds. Others involve hatcheries and contained fish farms. These forms of aquaculture can be in fresh or saltwater settings.
If varies between species, some species finding the gender is easy and some is nearly impossible. Lots of species have a difference in color of the dorsal fin (the fin on the top of the fish). Others will have color variations elsewhere. Some will be bigger than others although this is not very...
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The Seahorse in Dartmouth it was awarded the best fishery in Europe. Hope this helped ! :)
Seine netting is a type of netting used in fish management. A seine net can be between 10 and 1200 metres in length and looks similar to a standard landing net used by anglers. The netting is weighted at the bottom with counteracting floats at the top resulting in a net wall within the water. It...
obtaining fish from natural resources like lakes, rivers,ponds etc. is called capture fishing.production of fish in a given body of water such as ponds, lakes.or reservior using scientific methods of fuding,breeding,etc. so as to enhance the output is called culture fishing.
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managing fisheries for a sustainable yield includes setting fishing limits, changing fishing methods, developing aquaculture techniques, and finding new resources.
production of fish in given water bodies like ponds , lakes , reservoir etc. using scientific methods iike puding ,breeding etc so as to enhance the output.it is called culturing fishery............................
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  They are still there albeit at a much lower yield than 25 years ago. It varies from region to region. This answer is for Atlantic cod, there is Pacific cod too: Good stock size and fishery: Barents Sea, Icelandic shelf Reduced stock size and fishery: North Sea, Baltic Sea Low stock size,...
Agriculture and fishery management, although rooted in science, can  also be viewed as an art. The specific way in which each person  practicing agriculture or fisheries management is inherently their  art.
small scale fishery... the act of small businesses or start up businesses looking or fishing for resources on a small scale. Not hiring top companies to provide a service but looking for the small business to provide a service.
To raise and harvest fish, usually for commercial purposes.
    == Fish Farm in Florida ==     Your best way to get information on starting a fish farm in Florida is to contact the local fish and game office. They can give you all the information as to what state agencies are involved in the monitoring of these projects and what the specific...
Fishery work in open water north of 60 degrees S, is conducted by  many countries.   The line of latitude labeled 60 degrees S does, however, mark the  northern-most extent of the Antarctic, and south of which no  commercial fishing is allowed per the Antarctic Treaty (1961).
fisheries done from lakes and ponds
Fishery is important because people eat fish
for increasing yield and research.
the reason is because too many people were Fishing in the same spot so the cod couldn't reproduce fast enough. this is why they became endangered
Finfish made up 84 percent (6.1 billion pounds) of all edible fishery products landed and more than 96 percent (2.1 billion pounds) of all industrial fishery products landed.
Overfishing remains a serious problem internationally, with stocks of food fish dropping severely in Southeastern Asian waters,
The NMFS, however, has instituted a number of measures designed to protect fish population. One way in which the NMFS has regulated fishing is through the use of limited seasons
The U.S. fisheries industry is managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS),
The quality of fish taken by both western and other fleets also declined precipitously in the late twentieth century
1982 the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission found it necessary to recommend protective regulations. In 1985 U.S. fishermen landed 2.7 billion pounds of menhaden,
The U.S. EEZ contains more than 2.2 million square miles
The bountiful waters off the continent's East Coast attracted fishermen from Scandinavian countries possibly as early as 1,000 years ago
Industry analysts, however, question whether fishermen can harvest increased amounts of shrimp without damaging the ability of populations to sustain themselves.
1982 the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission found it necessary to recommend protective regulations. In 1985 U.S. fishermen landed 2.7 billion pounds of menhaden,
The state of Washington led the nation, responsible for roughly 25 percent of all distributed fish.
A fishery is an area with a large population of valuable ocean organisms.
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many; carp (most course fish) rainbow trout atlantic salmon taliapia sea bream sea bass pengasius (river cobbler) and many many more
  Fishery art is fishy art.
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Goldfish are never pregnant, but simply bear eggs. If there is no male in the tank, females typically re-absorb the eggs and never release them. If they do release eggs, the fish will eat the majority of them whether they are fertilized or not.When you do see eggs in your tank, you should clean them...
because The fishing industry in Japan constitutesboth a major industry and export
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Something important about the Beluga Sturgeon is that they are a different kind of species and different kind from other fishes.
Trout were first brought to Australia in 1864. The first eggs were brought from England and began to hatch in Tasmania on 4 May 1864.
Different type of fisheries are : Fin fishery, Shell fishery, Inland fishery, Culture fishery
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Yes, Fisheries are renewable.
Culture fishery is a type of inland fishery practiced in small water bodies where desired fish is reared and harvested.
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It matters a lot if they used little ship lets say 10-15 each of the boats would be the same as using one whole or around a whole big boat because more people are involved with bigger things ,and that is why it matters.That doesnt cover the whole cod fish business ,but it helps understand why we use...
Well all i can say is there is more than 100 according the the size of the continent
Sadly current test in Uganda in cooperation with the Chinese government have been almost entirely futile. This is due to the fish utilising the vast depths of lake victory that can not currently be recreated in captivity.From what I have been advise by the Ugandan investment authorities chief...
Culture fishery is a type of inland fishery practiced in small water bodies where desired fish is reared and harvested.
  Fish are animals that live in water. Fishery is the name of the industry that harvests fish from the rivers,lakes,seas and oceans.
  Because it is in everyone's interest to exploit them without end, but if we do that there will be no fish left for anyone.
Because they have gills that allows them to take in oxygen from the water.
Tanzania has the population of approximatelly 40millions people. It is the country with the vast land suitable for agriculture and rich in water bodies both marine and freshwater this qualify to be the country that can conduct sustainable agriculture for feeding themselves as well as for export. ...
 meaning of fish capture  
The collapse of the east coast fishery had several causes. 1. Pollution. Pouring untreated sewage into the east coast waters killed a large number of fish. 2. Habitat loss. Many of the fish use the wetlands and streams as places to lay their eggs and as nurseries for their young. When the...
because the rivers are covered by snow or ice
Snakes usually live between 10-25 years, depending on the species of snakes. Large snakes usually live longer than small snakes. Some species of small snakes only live for 3 or 4 years, while larger snakes (such as Pythons) may live up to 35 or 40 years. Snakes survive longer in the wild than in...
Agroprocessing means processing/changing/developing products in the  agriculture, forestry, and fisheries areas of industry.
Snails from any place are all a mollusk, from the class of Gastropod.
Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis.
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  == Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources - Sec. Tilapia ==   === Sec. Lapu-Lapu ===
Pretty sure it is a ichthyologist No, he is a fisheries biologist. Both scientific disciplines overlap to some extent, but differ greatly in scope
At a fishing dock or fishery. We can't give an exact location since you didn't mention a country/state/county.
Usually. Most fish dont pay attention to baby fish, they will  usually eat them, as far as freshwater fish, I know that you can  keep Betta fish male, Plecostomus, and Chicleds with there babys.