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Frisbee is a plastic disc that is tossed from one person to another. Frisbees can be used in competitive sports such as Frisbee Golf. In Ultimate Frisbee, two teams get together and compete to toss the disc to a teammate in an endzone.


it can be challenging to learn to throw well, but anyone can practice and pick it up semi-quickly
Walter Frederick Morrison invented the frisbee.
Frisbee is always capitalized. It's a trademark
Back then they had pie dishes instead of these plastic frisbees. The plastic frisbees are more aerodynamic and are 'slicker' in design.
A plastics disc that is aerodynamic and can fly in the air when thrown.
The frisbee was a pie dish back then. It was highly entertaining and then came the more areodynamic and slicker designs. It was highly popular and an enjoyable toy to play with for all ages.
figuring your repairs are that it is tacoed (disc is bent up) what i do is i lay it down on a flat surface, rim touching the surface, and put some havy books on it. it flattens it down to normal after a day
wham-o and ultrastar are the big brands. there are also frisbee golf discs blehm blehm blehm
That depends on power, wind, and technique
Back in the 1950 and a bit after heaps.....but now not much, technology is much more entertaining.
It really would depend on who's throwing it.
They were known as "Frisbies" due to the pie company that made the tins they originated as.
The first Frisbees were aluminum pie pans made by the Frisbee pie company of Connecticut. They did not have a name. Teenagers would toss the pie pans around for fun. Eventually, a toy manufacture saw the teenagers tossing the pie pans around, and came up with plastic circular discs that could be...
A discus, used in Olympic games a while back. It is called a discus because it is in the shape of a disk.
The company that currently designs Frisbees is Wham-O. Before Wham-o, the Frisbie Baking Company sold pies with tins that kids could toss around. later on, Walter Morrsion made a plastic design of the pie tins. He sold the rights to the Frisbee to Wham-O, who currently sells them.
Pretty much the same as now, a plastic disc. They used pie dishes as well before.
The heat would make the frost melt.So the plow would come out and run over Mrs.Frisby's home while Timothy has pnemonia and can't leave or he will get worse.
When you first catch the disk, you are only aloud to take momentum steps, like if you were running and then caught it. Other than that, you only have a pivot foot, and cannot walk with the disk in your hands.
No..... There are many discussions on who invented the hula hoop (if you type it in google) but the inventor of frisbees is Walter Frederick Morrison.
backhand, forehand, scuber, hammer, push pass, and chicken wing.
Walter Frederick Morrison invented the frisbee.
It's invented by Walter Frederick Morrison.
If playing ultimate, then stop running and throw it
Pluto Platter, Mars Platter and Flying Saucer
a stack is when the offense or defense line up vertically or horizontally and then break off in separate directions in order to catch or block the disc
Depends how much power you out in the throw.
Spin, wind, power---areodynamics.
catching and throwing the disc, being on good defense, spirit of the game, etc.
Wham-o started making them in 1957.
Handler (people that normally throw the disc) Midfield, and long (person in the way back)
toss the disk to your teammates until you get to the touchdown zone, but the disk cannot hit the ground, or else it is a turnover
well, the frisbee was invented in 1957, so i would figure since then.
Yes, because an object would decrease the lift wind would give, so there would be less distance
Yes because the object will either weigh the disc down or change its proportion, causing it to fly differently.
it really doesn't matter how long your arms are, it is all in technique, power, and wind.
Walter Frederick Morrison
wham-o made them in 1957
That depends on wind, strength, throw type, and technique
It is a classic toy, sport, easy to use, and has been around for over fifty years
you can use two hands and "pancake" it, which is catching with one hand in the bottom middle of the disc and one on the middle top of the disc. or, you could reach your hand out and grab it by the rim
The captain usually goes to decide with the other captain who pulls and from where, other than that they are the same as everyone else
Ken Westerfield (born May 23, 1947, Detroit Michigan) is a hall of  fame, Frisbee (disc) Champion. Westerfield produced tournaments,  touring freestyle shows and world records. Westerfield was one of  the first freestyler's and a top competitor in all of the Frisbee  discipline's.   Source:...
In 1871, the "frisbie baking company" opened and made pies. Teens would use the pie tins to toss to one another. In 1948, Walter Morrison made a plastic version of the pie tins. They were known as "Pluto Platters." In 1957, the company "Wham-O" patents the discs as Frisbees. Today, the discs...
yes, Frisbee is a trademark
yes, Frisbee is a trademark name
Wrist muscles are the main, if not only, muscles used to catch a disc. Some forearm muscle may be used.
when it hits the ground (ka-chunk!)
The most important aspect of the Frisbee is that, unlike other sporting objects, the Frisbee actually flys
Walter Frederick Morrison
yes, you put in force to throw the disc, and the disc flies away (motion)
Walter Frederick Morrison
Frisbee is a trademark name by Wham-O
The reason for this is because of the low drag in the flying rings,  and air is pushed up easily through the middle. The wider the  middle, the better. In a Frisbee, there is much more drag, and in  order for it to go farther, you have to have a strong hand.
First curve the frisbee into you chest line up the tip to your target and flick your wrist outward and release
for entertainment, or if you're like me, you can use it to carry stuff in, food plates, or umbrellas.
yes as naval aircraft designs from Germany or UFO's
Pull your wrist back and quickly snap it forward in the direction your throwing the Frisbee, releasing the disc about halfway through the snap.
1957 is when Wham-O first started selling them as actual discs
you didn't really finish your sentence, but you should aim at who you want to throw it to.
The shape of a Frisbee is a disc, with an airfoil cross-section. As  with aeroplanes, this airfoil shape generates lift as it moves  through the air.
so it can fly in the wind and achieve distance
i would say the three most popular throws are backhand, forehand, and a hammer. The backhand is the typical throw everyone knows, the forehand is just like the backhand except there is a different grip and you don't cross your arm over your body, and the hammer is like a tomahawk over your head. The...
The story is that some kids were tossing around a pie tin around and the idea was kicked off into the frisbee we know today
There was an old company known as "Frisbie Baking Company." They made pies and kids discovered that using the pie tins they could toss them to each other. Hence the Frisbee.
There was an old company known as "Frisbie Baking Company." They made pies and kids discovered that using the pie tins they could toss them to each other. Hence the Frisbee.
It impacted mine by giving me a sport to do, helped me make many new friends, kept me in shape, and helped me have fun.
You hold the disc along the rim and put enough power and spin on the disc so that is flies away. Wind can also help carry the disc farther. The goal is to throw is to your friend without the disc hitting the ground.
The beginning throw to start the game or the throw after a team scores is call the "pull."
The link below has great discs, custom or pre-made.
You develop hand-eye cordination and you get in shape
On the throw-off, or "pull," if the recieving team does not touch the disc and it hits the ground, it is not a turnover. They pick it up from where it lands and continue play. If the recieving team attempts to catch the disc (therefore touching it) and drop it, it is considered a turnover, and the...
California has the most leagues and participants in Ultimate Frisbee.
Many people. especially by people back then..around 1950.
It created a sport that thousands of people love
A regulation game disc would be 56 inches in perimeter and would weigh 175 grams.
There was an old company known as "Frisbie Baking Company." They made pies and kids discovered that using the pie tins they could toss them to each other. Hence the Frisbee.
I would say now, Frisbee and Ultimate Frisbee appear to be growing as beach fun and as a sport every year, with new leagues popping up all across the United States.
backhand- hold the disc with your index finger on the rim and the rest under it. keep the disc straight and snap your wrist while putting your arm into it. forehand- put your middle finger on the rim with your index next to it and the ring and pinkie finger on the inside rim. Snap your wrist.
Hold your index finger on the side of the rim. tuck the other fingers (not thumb) wrapping around the inside rim under the disc. Snap your wrist and throw with your arm.
Well, if a disc is whipped at your face i guess it could be scary, other than that it is just a plastic, 175 gram disc Answer: One of the Frisbee like ancestors is the chakram (or war quoit). It definitely was scary - in shape it was a sharpened ring of iron up to foot (30 cm) in diameter that was...
I recommend buying Discraft discs because they have a better curve to the rim than most discs and fly better in my opinion. However, I have never seen them in stores (I get mine at tournaments or online). Another option would be Wham-O discs, which have a different rim style, but are overall the...
This is not true, you can throw a disc straight and let it fly. You just need arm and spin in the wrist.
There are many different ways to throw a Frisbee, but to name some of the more popular ones: Backhand, forehand, hammer, scuber, and chicken wing. Of course, any way you throw the disc can be considered a type of throw.
Well, technically, a Frisbee does fly when it is upside down, but not as far as when you throw the right way. This happens because when you throw it normally, the disc catches the wind under the rim and pushes it farther. Plus, when you throw this way, you are able to put more spin and power into...