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Shays' Rebellion

Shays' Rebellion was a militia uprising that occurred from 1786 to 1787. It was led by Daniel Shays and Henry Gale. This rebellion was very influential in the development of the Constitution.
i wish i knew hi; i think he made the state stop making taxes or something.
It was a necessary occurrence that perpetually altered the path ofthe United States.
(1) The American economy went into a depression after the American Revolution. (2)Daniel Shays led a group of armed farmers who used the language of the American Revolution against the Massachusetts legislature. (3) The Massachusetts militia refused to turn out and put down Shays's Rebellion. (4)...
farmers who were mad about taxes ! :D
Farmers: Farmers were unable to pay the debts and taxes on their farms and they were being taken away by the congress. Daniel Shays reasoned that his farm could not be taken away by the court if there was no court. He raised a militia and led an uprising. They started burning down the courts in...
Shays' Rebellion was an armed uprising that took place in central and western Massachusetts in 1786 and 1787. The rebellion was named afterDaniel Shays, a veteran of the American Revolutionary War and one of the rebel leaders. The rebellion started on August 29, 1786. It was precipitated by...
Disputes between states could not be resolved without a national judiciary
Massachusetts had the power to tax citizens.
High taxes and judgments for dets
Shay's Rebellion was fought over the idea that the centralgovernment within the Articles of Confederation was to weak.
because it shocked congress into alling for a constitutional convention
i believe it did because of the rebellion the taxes was discused
The cause was that the government was taking away farmers land because they could not pay their dept. The rebellion scared the government and they stopped taking away farmers properties.
Shays rebellion caused Americas contenetal congress to write a new constitution that includes Sherman's Great Compromise that combined the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan.
The Shays Rebellion was started by Daniel Shays, an American soldier and farmer. The rebellion started because people were taken to prison because they couldn't pay off debt. The Whiskey Rebellion was a protest on taxes. "Taxation without Representation". They were both affecting by farmers. They...
the weakness of the central government under the articles of confederation
Shays' Rebellion represented the most dramatic example of civilunrest and dissension and played a huge role in the creation of theConstitution.
Daniel Shays ( 1747-1825) organized a rebellion against the colonial government of Massachusetts in 1786 in protest of their failure to pay him for his military service. I would not rank him as very important, but people still remember the name .so maybe he is more important than I think.
This event occurred in Massachusetts, in the Springfield area. Farmers in western Massachusetts resented the fact that the state's tax laws favored trade at the expense of farming. The state legislature was composed mostly of merchants from Boston and other shipping towns and cities. In 1786,...
It showed the weakness of the Articles of Confederation to raise taxes and create laws. It showed the need for a strong central government to rule the country. Read more http://www.kgbanswers.com/how-did-shays-rebellion-help-lead-to-an-offer-to-revise-the-articles-of-confederation/4265546...
The central government did not provide troops to quell the rebellion.
shays rebellion was good because it allowed for farmers to berepresented through shays army and then caused for people to seethe negative aspects of the Articles of Confederation and causedthe conventional congress to make changes
No. Shays' Rebellion took place from 1786 to 1787, and resulted from the inability of farmers in Massachusetts to pay their debts. To prevent foreclosures, they formed an armed group to oppose the Massachusetts judiciary.
Federal Springfield Armory by the main Shaysite force on February 3, 1787. But actually it didn't end there as it eventually sort of led to the creation of the United States Constitution.
it increased the power of common people in framing the constitution
Unrest among Mass farmers' taxes. Farmers, including Daniel Shays who was the leader of this revolt, were unhappy with how the state dealt with them; there were too many taxes the farmers were unable to pay and the government thus seized their land.
It occured to convince the need for a stronger national governent.
Because it showed the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.
They were scared that when they didnt have taxe money, they wound go to jail
Shay's rebellion provided one of the reasons for the Constitutional Convention. Since Congress had not been meeting, there had been no way for the states to join together to fight the rebellion. The new Constitution made the President the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He would always be...
it pointed out the weaknesses of the declaration
Lord Durham was by sent by Britain to investigate why the Canadians were feeling so rebellious. In his report, he blamed the French-Canadian people and culture. Because of him, Upper Canada and Lower Canada were merged into the the Province of Canada so that the French would be a minority....
There was no Executive branch to carry out the laws passed by Congress, and so they weren't forced to follow the Articles of Confederation. This rebellion was the event that triggered a reform which pushed to unite the states and create a more effective national government, known as the...
It began on 29 August 1786 and was over my March of 1787.
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Specifically, the four demands of Shays' rebellion were: 1. freezing of debt collection (time of no collection so people could get back on their feet) 2. capital move further west so it would be closer to all people 3. end debtors' prison 4. increase the supply of paper money so that there would be...
No one because: Nathaniel Gorham was the 8th President of the United States in Congress Assembled in June 1786. He left office in November 13th, 1786, and Arthur St. Clair , who was the 9th Predident of the United States in Congress Assembled, came in on February 2, 1787 .
Shayâ??s Rebellion began as a series of protests by farmers againsttheir state and local government then turned bloody. Objecting tostate enforcements of tax and credit debt collections, protestsarose in states from New Hampshire to South Carolina with therebellion in Massachusetts being the most...
The issue of unnecessary taxation without representation was one ofthe key issues being Shay's Rebellion. The rebellion took place inwestern Massachusetts in 1786 and 1787.
Shays' Rebellion added urgency to the movement to produce a new national constitution. The US Constitution was created in part because of Shays'Rebellion.
Well u see shays rebellion was the first documentation to break away from England and for what we now know as America.
Showed confederation couldn't defend its self without a stronger national government.
the main cause of shays rebellion was that the uprising of farmers to protest high taxes and heavy debt became known as shay's rebellion. this was written by michelle read heart the end
The government under the Articles of Confederation could not aid Mass. in putting down the "rebellion" as it was to weak to act. Mass. was left to end the event. The rebellion eventually collapsed but the problems continued. Shays and his followers believed they were simply carrying on the sprit of...
Farmers in the western areas Massachusetts resented the fact tat the state's tax laws, enacted by the merchants of Boston and other seaports, favored trade at the expense of agriculture. In other words, the farmers were paying taxes which helped the ship and commerce community of Massachusetts. The...
Shays Rebellion proved that the federal government was stronger and more powerful than the Articles of confederation. Before Shays Rebellion, there was Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 which the government did not stop. Bacon ran the governor (Berkley) out and took control until Bacon died. Bacon's...
They didn't just have to fight in the Revolutionary war, They had to help pay for it too.
Yes, the central government did not have the right to collect taxes which prevented it from paying their veterans.
The federal government lacked means to intervene and had to stand by while the state militia put down the uprising.
The US was suffering in a major economic depression. Also, the region of Massachusetts felt a deep distrust of the leadership in Boston. (still researching for my homework)
Farmers in western Massachusetts resented the fact that the state's tax laws favored trade at the expense of farming. The state legislature was composed mostly of merchants from Boston and other shipping towns and cities. In 1786, farmers assembled in conventions and demanded that their property tax...
Shays's Rebellion would change the opinion in favor of those who wanted the Constitution to structure a stronger central government.
His actual letter says they sent all the spiece out of the country buying cheap stuff causeing a collapse in domestic earnings capacity that led to the shortage of revenue, the actual letter says , lack of money.
Daniel Shays rebelled against oppressive debt collection and taxpolicies in Massachusetts. He wanted to reform the government. Hewas angered by the economic policies and aggressive tax collecting.
Shays Rebellion was basically a bunch farmers getting together to say they had enough. they were sick and tired of unfair taxes and debts that could land them in prison if not paid. It was named after and led by Daniel Shay a Revolutionary was Veteran.
i think it means that the government has not enough power
Taxes required of poor farmers
I would've supported Shays' Rebellion. I think it was the right thing to do. The farmers that fought in the war were getting thrown in debtors' prison unfairly. Shays did the right thing! Go Daniel Shays!
it's better to say "What were the farmers during Shays Rebellion angry about?" and the answer to that is: The farmers were angry about being taxed by the government.
He was a hero because for example if someone keeps giving you moreand more work to do and only have a little time to finish all thatwork and you dont finish it you get in trouble and even get morejob to do you will get mad and might want to do something about itIs this fair? Think about it this is...
The significance of a domestic rebellion is that there was dissatisfaction in early america. George Washington's response said that he would not tolerate any violent form of dissatisfaction.
The significance of a domestic rebellion is that there was dissatisfaction in early america. George Washington's response said that he would not tolerate any violent form of dissatisfaction.
Because of high taxes, they faces the loss of their farms to foreclosure.
1.Daniel Shays led farmers in a tax rebellion. 2.Delegates agreed to the great compromise. 3.The Bill of Rights was written by James Madison.
He marched 13,000 troops into Pennsylvania.
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Answer . Pugachev's rebellion last from 1774-1775. He urged serfs to revolt, and they did, killing their landowners.. It was significant because it was the most famous rebellion of the peasants and Catherine began to see what her favoring of the nobility did to the peasants of Russia.
Shay's Rebellion exposed the weaknesses of the Articles ofConfederation by showing that the General Court and the State hadlittle or no regard to the plight that was occurring in ruralareas. Shortly after Shay's Rebellion, the Continental Congressapproved the new Constitution in Philadelphia.
He believed with a stronger central government would protect against popular unrest.
Shays's Rebellion forced courts to close.
George Washington, Olivia mun ,blades of grass, your mother, a trool, and Parliament
Shays Rebellion was when farmers revolted and burned down courthouses and caused lots of damage. They fled once they heard the forces were coming to stop them, most escaped to the woods safely but a few were shot and killed. This rebellion showed government that the articles of confederation did not...
The federal arsenal (storage place for weapons) was the Springfield Armory located in Springfield, Massachusetts.
the government couldn't afford a strong army; therefore, the more wealthy people had to pay soldiers to fight off the farmers in shay's rebellion.
I have one reaction reported from Washington concerning the rebellion and it was after it was crushed. "Good God" is what is reported from Washington. He felt that only a Tory or Briton could have predicted such disorders. Since he wasn't president until 1789 that is the only thing I have that shows...
Daniel Shays lead the rebellion with his followers because they believe they were losing their farms through the mortage foreclosues and tax delinquencies. The rebels wanted paper money, lighter taxes, and suspended property takeovers which was not provided in the Articles of the Confedaration...