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Emma Rose Roberts was born on February 10, 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York. She is an American actress, model and singer. She is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts. Roberts became known for her role as Addie Singer in the Nickelodeon television series "Unfabulous."
In response to previous answer:"no she does not smoke she is a smart cookie well, there is a picture of her and a friend holding cigarettes, her friend apears to have hers lit, but hers (emm's) is partially out of frame so you can't tell if its lit, but in either case no evidence of actual smoking" ...
Most of it is natural but she also uses makeup and foundation to cover up blemishes and zits.
would you prefer taking acting lessons from a proffesionel teacher or learn at home by watching your family members who act also?
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The actress known as Emma Roberts is related to the actress known as Julia Roberts through Emma's father, actor Eric Roberts. So Emma is Julia's niece.
Emma Roberts Education. Sarah Lawrence College. Archer School for Girls.
I would think so, at $20 million a movie she should be
no Emma Roberts is not married
He admitted that they had shared more then just on screen kisses but were not dating anymore! As for the tattoo he said she is very special to him and wanted something to remember her by, but he is currently dating Selena Gomez. yeah, they were an item. alex has her initials tattoed on his wrist....
Emma Roberts has been in movies such as Blow, bigLove, America'sSweethearts, Grand Champion, Spymate, Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, TheFlight Before Christmas, Wild Child, Lymelife, Hotel for Dogs, TheWinning Season, Valentine's Days, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac,Twelve,, It's Kind of a Funny...
Her aunt is Julia Roberts, with an aunt that famous it's not hard to get roles in movies
A public fan phone number for Emma Roberts is not known at thistime. However, you can send her fan mail at her official fan mailaddress. Fan Mail Address: Emma Roberts Sweeney Management 6253 Hollywood Blvd Suite 201 Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA
Emma Roberts - author - died in 1840.
Emma Roberts - author - was born in 1794.
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Emma Roberts has written: 'Oriental Scenes' 'Oriental Sketches, Dramatic Sketches, and Tales: With Other Poems' 'HIDDEN PLACES OF SUSSEX (The Hidden Places)' 'Memoirs of the rival houses of York and Lancaster, historical and biographical' -- subject(s): History 'Hindostan, its landscapes,...
she is a christian
Around 110 pounds
Yes: i have a dog and a cat
Emma Roberts was born on February 10 1991 so she is 20 because my birth day is march 7 1991 and i am 20
Emma Roberts stared in: . Wild child . Nancy drew . unfabulous . The Hotel for Dogs . Aquamarine . Grand Champion . Blow
Answer . The director of the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India.
Robert Roddick Ackrill Breare was the last of that family to own the Harrogate Advertiser and other local newspapers. He ran the the business for 8 years from 1975 before selling the company to United Newspapers, thus ending the family's involvement.. This information is from:. www...
They are not alike. At all. Emma Roberts is American and Emma Watson is British. People from very different places. They do different things, they like different stuff, the believe in dissimilar ideas. They don't even look alike. Better get contact lenses, my friend.
when Emma was young i mean about 12 she wasn't pretty at all and she got all her beauty from the age of 14. and now she is Hollywood princess. miley was always beautifull but now Emma maybe is more beautifull than her i guess but i moments miley is more..
yes she does have a boyfreind.
Emma Watson is much prettier but Emma roberts is still prettier butalot of people prefer Emma Watson these questions are ridiculouslegit who would prefer emma roberts over Emma Watson
yes she has alex pettyfer
Well, to film the kiss scene in Wildchild, they would have to be filmed kissing. Ergo, he kisses her in real life. Obvs!!. and fyi "ergo" is from wildchild.... oh yeahh, im good!!. and btw so is "fyi"!!. And so is "btw"!! ...woops, just broke the link there!
I guess it isn't anyones business why they broke up. Because she's dumb as hell. She may be a good actress but you cant dump a hunk like him! Yeaaahhh! and the fact that she kissed another maytiee in front of ALEX! nd he still didnt say shyt nd she still broke up wiv himm.. fukd in the head or...
Yes she did have a look in the episodes of unfabulouse they were not put on for the show they were real!
she likes pink or brown but definitely a preference for the brown.
She says she is a cat lover
i have never found a very close match so i had to make one i use an old altered tee shirt for the top, a gold ribbon from a gift basket for the shash, and for the skirt i made a circle skirt out of quilt batting with a chiffon overskirt
she loves the colour hot pink also lime green
Los Angeles CA.. It says so on her facebook (e.r.roberts@hotmail.co.uk).
nope, she has a younger sister
She drives a Black Range Rover
Julia Louisa Hardy was married to Charles Hazeltine Lovejoy, a methodist clergyman. Her children were Charles Julius Lovejoy, Juliette Lovejoy Whitehorn, Edith Lovejoy and Irving Lovejoy.
i don't think so.. she used to date Ryan sheckler like 3 months ago..
Yes, he has "ER" inside interlinking hearts on his right wrist.
her favorite food is spaghetti and meatballls or chicken and mashed potatoes.
Just Dance by Lady GaGa
yes, and her aunt is Julia Roberts :)
Well no one knows yet but we will find out soon i hope!!
Yes. Emma Roberts is the daughter of Julia's brother Eric. . they are related . Yeah, Julia's Emma's aunt. yes , Julia Roberts is Emma's aunt and is the daughter of Eric Roberts who is also a well known actor
Artist . Robert Rucker. b. 1932 d. 2001. Robert Rucker was a native of New Orleans, and he opened his own gallery in the French Quarter at the age of sixteen. Immediately, Rucker found himself surrounded by fine artists of the New Orleans area, like Knute Heldner and Clarence Millet, two of his...
I'm not sure about this question, but I thing so. cause I've seen in a site that she's home schooled.
Emma Watson bra sieze is pretty big she is so pretty AND SO CLEVER
yes, the white tank top with pink seagulls is from hollister.
valentines day and wild child that's all i know :(