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Koi fish are a species of domesticated carp and come in a variety of colors. They are a popular fish to have in large ponds and can grow to be very large.
I'm not entirely sure what question you are asking, but 'hajimete anata wo mita' means 'first time [I] saw you.'
There are a number of meanings - Yin-Yang, Male/Female, Day/Night, Water/Fire, Sun/Moon. It all stems from philosophy of taoism.
:) Veggie matter! :) Whether in pellets, flakes, or just rawvegetables (best) it doesn't matter! A Fightn' Fish Fact- peas(with their outer shell removed) are goodfor the swim bladder! ;)
Upstream: you have been in a battle. Downstream: you have achievedyour goal
If the Koi is swimming down, it is because of preference. The story of the Koi was, it swam upstream against the current to reach a calm serene pool in front of the royal palace, where it then transformed into a dragon to protect the King.
If they are bullfrog tadpoles, usually yes
in cold water
Koi is the fancy name for ornamental carp. Carp in the wild areusually dark and a dull color. Koi, a type of carp have been bredlike guppies or gold fish to make them more desirable. So Koi'sspecial use would be to make the fish in a pond visible andbeautiful.
You can get the sword by defeating Kitsune(easier) or O-dokuru head(harder)!
its just random each kioki is in difint pack cuse of type
you go to yokai ferry and do the quest for a pirate
Most any aggressive larger fish will kill it.
Depends on what you're looking for. You can get a 3-4" regular koi for around $5. You could also get a 3-4" "select butterfly koi" for $30.
The koi pond was part of the mystery boxes. You had to purchase it with farmville cash to take a chance to open a mystery box. You may not get it as there is I think 6 different items that you have a chance of getting. They change whats in the mystery boxes every month. The month for the pond has...
Koi is a type of Carp and will eat anything that is on the bottomof the pond or lake. They are omnivores, just like humans. I havecaught carp with worms as well as corn. Koi, however need a specialdiet to keep their colors vibrant, so purchase commercially madefood instead of allowing them to forage...
a huge variety of gold fish (both normal and fancy and fantail goldfish) and tropical it all really depends on where u live like mine sells anemones but some other don't go and find out is my advice
No, it does not matter if a koi fish is facing up or down. This isall a matter od personal preference.
Very calm and non-territorial fish. I would suggest gold fishcalled Comets. They are inexpensive since some are used as feederfish. They come in a variety of colors so some may think that youhave more Koi in your pond and since they are gold fish, they canlive in cold water and if your pond has...
As long as there are no living Koi in your pond, using the water onyour lawn is the best way since the nutrient rich water will helpyour lawn. Otherwise, letting drain in the sewer drain on yourstreet is ok.
A 6 inch long 'koi' fish can stay healthy at regular pellet food used for comets fish or gold fish i have used nova pellet food for two years and my 2 koi fish are perfectly healthy! you can also feed them dried blood worms (high in protien) but not oftenly because this food afftects the clear look...
because it is belived to be a symbol of good fortune or luck and it meand wild and colourful fish. it is important to japenese coulture
Koi are a type of carp and can get very large. 135 gallons is notenough room for Koi to be kept for a long period of time. Theyshould be kept outdoors in over 500 gallons, constituting a pond.Only fry can be kept in an indoor aquarium but then they will havetrouble adapting to an outdoor environment...
Koi is a domesticated carp and looks more or less like a wild carp. Koi , however, are generally smaller than wild carp and have been bred so that they are most well viewed from the top. They tend to be not so deep from the dorsal to pectral fins as wild carp. Neither koi nor wild carp stop...
Koi is a type of fish. Just don't put koi in the pond and it will not be a koi pond.
Koi could be feed koi flakes and koi pellets but they are lovers of live food such as crickets, ants and they like little midges as well.
when a koi fish swims upstream and makes it it turns into a magnificent dragon thus a koi fish swimming upstream symbolizes overcoming adversity and realizing/fufilling our fullest potential
hi i am devendra agarwal gaurantee to nahi de sakte but itna jarur kah sakte he ki esa jarur hota he jis insan ke sath is janam ma nyay nahi hota ya uski abhilasha adhuri rahti he to jarur hota he . har insan ek maksad lekar janam leta he agar wo maksad ek janam me pura nahi hota he to punarjanam...
They are egg layers. I would wait for the eggs to be laid and the eggs to hatch then remove the fry to a different tank.
C'est clair, (that's easy to understand) quoi de neuf? (what's new?) in England
Yes it does, as a koi carp swimming upstream indicates that it has over come, or is over coming a personal battle and that when it reaches the top it has over come it and is transformed into a beautiful, strong and majestic dragon.
they stand for overcoming things, new beginnings, attaining goals.
The color of a koi fish relates to the family that they belong to.The blue koi fish is known as the asagi, the ogon is gold ororange, and bekko are white, yellow, and red.
A Koi-dragon is mythical Japanese creature that is half koi fish at the back and a dragon front end
My mum has Hornwort in her Kio pond and it has grown very well and the koi have not eaten it at all
The most prevalent danger to Koi are birds. Mostly Blue Heron andother predatory birds. Raccoons and other animals will eat them aswell if they are able to catch them.
In traditional Japanese mythology, a koi would swim upstream, and if successful to get to the end of the river which would generally be a waterfall, the koi would have the power to become a dragon if it were to pass through the falls. The overall message of the myth is one of perservearance and...
a koi can live for hundreds of years if there maintained right. in that period of time they will grow 3 ft.
Koi Tattoos: According to Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. More generally, the Japanese associate...
Nope they sometimes eat there eggs
A koi is a large and colourful Japanese carp.
No they will not i hace 6 goldfish and 3 koi and ive had them forever but they will reproduce toether
I suggest a skimmer box should be installed. They are similar to pool skimmers but the water gently flows in from the surface and filters out the pollen and anything else floating on the surface, connect it with your filter using a pump so clean water can be pumped out. If you don't want to invest...
Well, the turtles may see the fish as food, depending on the size. If the turtle is smaller, the koi will see the turtle as food, overall it may work. It is not recommended by me.
Probably the same thing you're feeding it in when it's in the pond.
Simple explanation so this phrase would be: - "the pure shall rule, and impure will be no more" But it didn't justify the whole Dhora so I decided to have an in depth look in to it. Guru Gobind Singh had written Dohra at Hazoor Sahib. He wrote this Dohra after giving Gur Gaddi to Guru Granth...
no. they are a type of goldfish. they live in freshwater. actually they are part of the same family of goldfish. they are related, not same species.
a low-res flash version can be found here http://www.gamedesign.jp/flash/hanafuda/hanafuda.swf
Yes koi fish can eat bannannas but only in very little pieces. koi fish can actually eat any type of good comon fruit. the only fruit that i know that they can not eat is grape fruit.
Search online for koi Web sites and clubs in your area. Koi USA is a magazine for enthusiasts (koiusa.com). Call local nurseries for a referral to a local fish expert.
Check out the link below The koi fish stands for ambition.
mako ka Iraq peyo ya mako ko ubal ker piou sath menh green tee be shmil karo ye pansari ki dokan sy mil jaty hain,,,,,
Go with the one that has the most meaning to you, a tattoo is very personal, and only you need to know why you got it. :)
Carps are omnivores and eat both insects and plant matter. There are species specific pelleted foods that you can get from your LFS.
Koi are ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor ponds and water gardens. Watching a school of koi that glides in the fresh water and seeing their vibrant colors while reflecting the heat of the sun brings a therapeutic feeling to a person...
Up to 36 inches(3ft) make sure that if you have more than one to have a nice big pond for it, like the ones you get at walmart. 50-100 gallons are perfect.
Koi get anything from 2 foot to 4 foot long, they are huge chunky fish!
this means every love story is painful. This is commonly usedphrase in hindi.
Well koi fish symbolise strength and courage, and the legend and myth behind the koi fish is that it swims upstream to turn into a dragon. The Dragon symbolises the end of a journey and overcoming the obstacle you faced. Therefore a Koi swimming upstream symbolises faceing a problem and being on a...
it is texto (sms) language and means c'est quoi ça? What is that?
koi mil gaya was an alien related film. The story is very similarto Steven Spielberg movie.
\nA bird grabbed a fish from a pond nearby and flew over your yard and dropped it. Probably a heron.
Everyone will be there in success, no one will be in failure. Thatis how we can translate it.
Koi (the fish name, meaning carp) sounds like the word for "fancy" or "love". In Japanese characters, Koi is "恋".
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some one come into my life to make it life. This is one of manyexamples for sentence use.
you there - you're making fun of me or what? (kind of menacing - borduring on the 'looking for trouble?)
you there - you're making fun of me or what?
Black= baby orange= kid orange+white= teen/adult White= Elderly (most likely 2 die)
A Koi fish swimming upstream is a sign of great fertility, as fish need to swim upstream to spawn. Hope this helps.
Cost?... well it would cost around about $5 and $20
Oranges and reds are common koi colors. But these days, koi really run the spectrum, so nothing is unheard of.
Aye rights can they, they love it more than they normal food. Gets them alot bigger anal
possibly bored if you have a tank put some plants of ornements to keep it buzy
You can, but the koi may eat them.
The clearest answer to this is that sailors would get a sparrow on each shoulder for crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans respectively. Also, sailors would often get a sparrow for every 5,000 nautical miles traveled. They also were to serve as good luck so sailors would get them for this...
No, why should they?
It kinda matters. Mostly 25 inches, or more.
they grow bigg around 12 inches
Yes, they are both coldwater fish, ad related species. They need a min. of 20 gal. ea. to grow to full size and live a normal life span of upwards of 25 years. If not given enough space, they will die after a year or so. The fancy finned goldfish are mutant and not found in the wild, as a...
a blue coi is a type of fish that is blue. it is one of those fish thst you usually see in a chinnese resturant.
It isn't really recommended because it is a tropical fish but can live with koi if it doesn't get too cold.