South Sudan

South Sudan declared independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011. South Sudan is predominately Christian while Sudan is Islamic. The capital is Juba and it is landlocked.
Salva Kiir Mayardit is the President of South Sudan. Kiir has been the President of South Sudan since it's independence on 2011 July 9.
South Sudan is a sovereign state (country) and a member of theUnited Nations. Thus it depends on what you mean by a state. Theterm can mean an independent country, in which case the answer isyes, or a subdivision of a larger country, like Uttar Pradesh inIndia, in which case it's no.
South Sudan became independent on July 9th, 2011.
Darfur is in North Sudan.
South Sudan is 647,095 sq km. It is the 42nd largest country in the world slightly smaller than Afghanistan.
South Sudan declared independence from Sudan July 9, 2011.
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The area of South Sudan is 619.745 Km2 or 239.285 sq mi.
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Potentially..... Southern Sudan just had a referendum (part of the 2005 Peace agreement) to decide whether the province will become its own nation. The results of this referendum will be released later this month and if the majority of the votes are for succession, Southern Sudan could become its...
I'm not sure of how except from political unrest.. But I read that it is now going to be called North Sudan and South Sudan..
The people of southern Sudan have overwhelmingly decided their destiny in the January, 2011 referendum. A flag is a symbol to unite them. South Sudan will formally become independent on 9 July 2011 See related link
South Sudan is scheduled to become the newest country on 9 July 2011. South Sudan (officially the Republic of South Sudan ), on 9 July 2011 at 12:01 a.m. local time, became independent from Sudan.
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South Sudan gained independence on July 9th, 2011.
There is a conflict now in South Sudan.
South Sudan formed through a referendum which make South Sudanseparate from Sudan.
" Justice, Liberty, Prosperity " is the motto of South Sudan.
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South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July 2011.
Juba , the national capital is the largest city of South Sudan.
Salva Kiir Mayardit was the first elected president of South Sudan (2011).
There are 196 Independent Countries in the world, however there are many territories/colonies that are considered countries, yet are not, like North Ireland for example (U.K) Taiwan is not an independent nation because of political reasons. Hope this helped :3 Second answer That is a bit...
South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011.
Nobody has a crystal ball, so it is impossible to say for certain any outcome will occur. However, given that South Sudan wants little, if anything to do with Sudan and the other Arab States, has already ceded full recognition to Israel and does not recognize Palestine, and has made it clear that it...
A referendum was held to determine whether South Sudan shouldbecome an independent country and separate from Sudan.
At the moment 110 states have offically recognized South Sudan. 83 states still refuse to recognize South Sudan. Most of them like Bosnia,Georgia,Azerbaijan,Iraq,Macedonia,Marocco etc.... are not willing to recognize South Sudan as an independent nation,because they have seccession-problems in their...
They are a total of 64 South Sudanese tribes Acholi Adio (Makaraka) Aja Anyuak (Anyuaa) Atuot (Reel) Avukaya Azande Bai Baka Balanda-Boor Balanda-Bviri Banda Bari Binga Bongo Didinga Dinka (Jieng) Dongotona Feroghe Gollo Ifoto Imatong Indri Jiye Jur (Beli & Modo) Jurchol (Luo) Kakwa Kara Keliku...
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Yes . Visa can be obtained from Sudan embassy after arrival at Sudan
South Sudan become a country on 9 July 2011.
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South Sudan was created on 9 July 2011.
South Sudan's allies include Egypt, Sudan, Philippines, Bangladesh, China, USA, UK, Israel, India, Uganda and South Africa.
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Latitude : N 7° 42' 40.4604", Longitude : E 30° 16'56.7847"
No. In fact, male homosexual activity is illegal in South Sudan.
Referendum Occur Sudan fought itself for a quite lengths of time which resulted into Secession cemented the independent of South South as sovereign state of Africa.
No one. South Sudan has never had a prime minister. South Sudan does have a president and a vice president.
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There have been tensions between both parts for many years. I think the main reasons were that most Northern Sudanese speak Arabic and are Muslims, while the Southerners were mainly either Christians or believe traditional African beliefs, and are poorer than those in the North. Furthermore, the...
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There are 2 most significant differences between Northern and Southern Sudan. First being, the ethnic differences. In South Sudan, majority of the population is Sub-Saharan descent (Black). While in North Sudan, the majority of the population is Semetic (Arab). The other difference is religion....
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Oil, which is mainly located in South Sudan; and the Abeyi region of South Sudan (as well as one or two other pieces of land).
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Dry weather condition, Poor economic conditions, Health problems, Lack of education, Crowd and over growth of population in some cities.
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Because there was injustices ruling of the Country since 1956 Independent date coupled with the imposition of the Islamic Saria Law forced on the Chritian south and continueis rule by Arabic Ethnic groups.
South Sudan is in Africa.
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Sudan is buffeted by civil war, political instability, adverse weather, weak world commodity prices, a drop in remittances from abroad, and counterproductive economic policies. The private sector's main areas of activity are agriculture and trading, with most private industrial investment predating...
Opposed. I believe the Constitution of South Sudan explicitly bans it.
South Sudan became independent on July 9th 2011.
It is black, red, and green, and white, with a gold (yellow) star on a blue triangle. "A horizontal tricolor of black, red, and green, separated by white stripes, with a blue equilateral triangle projecting from the hoist side, bearing a centered gold star"
Countries which border with South Sudan are Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya,Uganda, DR Congo and Central African republic
South Sudan is country code +211. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile phone, you can enter the number in full internationalformat, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00 , but NorthAmerica (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011 , Japan...
south Sudan's population is a mix of (mostly) African and Arab peoples
6 countries border South Sudan. From North clockwise. . Sudan . Ethiopia . Kenya . Uganda . Democratic Republic of the Congo . Central Africa Republic.
South Africa has the largest gross domestic product of any African nation, and the 29th largest in the world. Equatorial Guinea has the largest GDP per capita of any African nation, and the 45th largest in the world.
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