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Music Composition & Writing

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Writing original music is a talent many admire. Composition refers to the form of the music written. Ask questions here about writing and composing music.
Here are the lyrics:avaLukkena azhagiya mugam    avaLukkena azhagiya mugam avaLukkena    iLagiya manam nilavukkena    iravinil varum iravukkena    uravugal tharum uravukena    uyir uLLa varai thodarndhu varum      ohoo azhagu oru magic touch    ohoo aasai oru...
Facial makeups are a special art in Chinese operas which distinctly  show the appearances of different roles as well as their  dispositions and moral qualities by means of artistic exaggeration  combined with truthful portrayal and symbolism. Facial makeups also  serve to express praise or...
Unless other arrangements were made, the creator is the initial copyright holder.
Piano Sonata No. 14 was written by Ludwig van Beethoven. It wasn't named "Moonlight" until a few years after he died.
Really, writing music comes in many different ways, but what I think of as writing music would be creating a piece of music totally from thoughts and writing them.
Erdewan Zaxoyi was a famous kurdish singer from Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan.
 Things I've considered:   I've tried to oven the chicken roll pieces to save oil plus the  fact that it is healthier than the fried version. The difference  is, it's not that crispy but it's moist and tender.   Expenses(approximate since I didn't consumed all of the  ingredients):  ...
No, it's an example of a Microbrowser
try "the man from ironbark" Here is one:The Naughty Preposition --Morris BishopI lately lost a preposition:It hid, I thought, beneath my chair.And angrily I cried: "Perdition!Up from out of in under there!"Correctness is my vade mecumAnd straggling phrases I abhor;And yet I wondered: "What should...
For whatever situation for which one can talk them into writing. I once wrote a piece to celebrate the birthday of a guinea pig.
Composing is another word for writing music.
It is the writing of origional music by someone.
That's from the opera 'Orontea' by Marco Antonio Cesti.
Formal attire is traditional. Evening gowns/Tuxes.
If you mean the 2004 movie of Phantom of the Opera then the actress that played Meg is Jennifer Ellison. The actress who played Meg in the 2004 Broadway production might be Heather McFadden, I am not 100% sure.
L'Orfeo de Claudio Monteverdi
The first choral symphony, which is, by definition, a symphony that  features a performing choir, was Beethoven's No.9. Ludwig van  Beethoven composed nine symphonies, his final being the Choral  Symphony; it is also one of his most beloved works. Its final  movement includes a choir's singing...
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The term musical composition normally refers to an entire song or work, but if the song was only a measure long, I guess it could only refer to a measure.
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== Answer ==   If you mean "Nessun dorma", it is from the final act of Giacomo Puccini's opera "Turandot". The aria's title translates as "Let no one sleep".   Hope this helps!   == ==
Libretto is to an opera as lyrics are to a song.
They don't! Composers write thier own music.
Prayer of the Refugee is an amazing song by a band called Rise Against
Yes, if it is a musical instrument, a song can be made up on it.
Need? None at all. What you need is to write and become a pest about finding people to play what you set down. Education rarely hurts, but all that is needed is the desire to write and the patience to do it. That said, getting a college education in music, with an emphasis on composition, will...
Laundry Clean Eat Go to work Go to sleep Use the bathroom Shop
It was written by Steven Weiss and Bernie Baum
Tune down a semi tone;Verse, C, Dm7, Am, G, C, Dm7, F, F#/DChorus; C, Dm7, C x2Bridge; Am7, G, Dm7, F, F#/DTweety bit is the same as the chorusOr you can play in B maj without drop tuning.
Rhoda Duchess Pruitt is the Sole Heiress of her father: John LeeMaster Pruitt who's discography/ Music cataloge goes back to the 1950's. She is known as Celebrity Actress Maia Campbell's closest confident and friend. Rhoda is credited for assisting Maia's comeback career and is Releasing/ Publishing...
its called a recitive, you know, like reciting stuff
The spaces between two bar lines in a stave is called as a 'bar'.
  == Answer This is probably the entire name, ==   Captain Fantastic   The Who later had an album Captain Fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy.
Tempo is the Italian word that means "the speed of the song." Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. Its meanings include "time, tense, weather." The pronunciation is "TEHM-poh."
Oftentimes there is a target audience with pop songs (teens and young adults) but other than that I don't think so.
Music is automatically protected by copyright law as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium (i.e., notated or recorded); this gives the composer the exclusive right to copy, alter, distribute, or perform/display the work, or authorize others to do so, for a limited time.
It isn't. It is from Trois melodies, by Gabriel Faure.
micros is a system that is used in a point of sales
Probably none, because the piece doesn't have lyrics.
Beethoven wrote the piece in 1801, which was during the late Classical period.
Musical, patient, and talented are the main components. Otherwise we vary. It depends on the type of musician and how gifted/dedicated they are to music. Great composers are usually 'introverts', while great performers are usually 'extroverts'. [It is too simple to say great composers are...
Generally, it's a I (tonic) chord but this doesn't always have to be the case, especially in more modern music.
Another term for writing music is composition. I don't know of any others.
Laundry Clean Eat Got to work Got to sleep Use the bathroom Shop
Claudio Monteverdi was the bridge composer between the Renaissance  Era to the Baroque Era.
Some of the best that I know and I use..: Propellerheads Reason Fruity loops Abelton Live Guitar Pro Adobe Audition Cubase
L'amour est un Oiseau Rebelle, Teresa Bizet (i tunes under Teresa Bizet)
No....Jeremy Lister is the son of Richard Lister and Susan Shaw Lister. Jeremy is actually the grandson Gospel Music Hall of Fame Member Bill Shaw, former first tenor of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet
The name is an operetta... yeah
La Jolie Parfumesuse by Jacques Offenbach in 1873
It is "La Traviata"!La Traviata.   I think it's 'La Traviata' by Verdi.
they usually compose music whenever they feel they are inspired.
Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Guthrie (July 14, 1912 - October 3, 1967)  was an American singer-songwriter and folk musician .
Felix Mendelssohn
"La donna è mobile" ("Woman is fickle") is the cynical Duke of Mantua's canzone from Giuseppe Verdi's opera Rigoletto (1851). The canzone is famous as a showcase for tenors. Raffaele Mirate's performance of the bravura aria at the opera's 1851 premiere was hailed as the highlight of the evening. It...
An oratorio is a piece of music which is especially based on one or a series of incidents relating to a religion. Most of the oratorios were composed in Baroque period; Handel and J. S. Bach were among principal composers.An oratorio is a large scale work for orchestra and a vocal choir and some...
  what do you think the "elements" are?
what is a short dramatic composition,vocalist
It often ends on a restful tonic chord, but it can end in any way at the composer's (or arranger's) discretion.
how many movements are in Bach's cantata no. 80 "A mighty fortress is our God?"
Opera arias generally don't have a specific title. They're usually known by the words of the first line. For instance, the famous aria by Puccini is "Nessun dorma," which means "no one shall sleep." The tenor's first aria in Verdi's Aida is "Celeste Aida," or "Heavenly Aida." Rarely an aria will be...
They see Vide Cor Meum. Vide Cor Meum is a song composed by Patrick Cassidy based on Dante's La Vita Nuova, specifically on the sonnet A ciascun'alma presa, in chapter 3 of the Vita Nuova.
The Colosseum can be found just west of Olrox's quarters. You can get to Olrox's quarters via Marble Gallery. In Marble Gallery, go to the big clock where you met Maria. Then, wait for the statue on the left side of the clock opens up. It usually will open up when two minutes of game time has passed...
A cantata tells a story through music and sometimes dialogue, just like an opera... but it isn't staged. It is sort of a concert version of an opera.
Melodies can be found in every song of an opera. Most likely these  melodies are called character arias or recitatives.
All words should be capitalized apart from articles, prepositions and conjunctions.
Война и миръ (War and Peace) and the 1812 Overture are both about the Napoleonic invasion of Russia
A Terzetto is a number in which three characters usually come together because of one common action though they usually have their own things in mind. One of the most famous is that in Mozart's 'Idomeneo', Act 2 scene 7, no. 16.
The madame butterfly - puccini
Tempo is the Italian word that tells how long or fast to play the music. Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. It is preceded by its singular definite article il ("the"). The pronunciation is "TEHM-poh."