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CN Tower

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The CN (Canadian National) Tower, in downtown Toronto, was for decades the world's tallest free-standing structure. It receives an average of about 75 lightning strikes a year. It is claimed that, from the observation deck, visitors can gaze at approximately one-third of all households in Canada.,
The CN tower is a very beautiful piece of architecture. It's Toronto's highest building to my knowledge at a height of 553+ metres.
CN tower is in the continent of North America. Specifically, it is within the nation of Canada.
The CN Tower is taller at 1,815 feet, 5 inches. The Empire State Building is 1,453 feet, 8-9/16 inches. Therefore, the CN tower is bigger.
The CN tower is 999,999,999 tons
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The driving distance between the CN Tower in Toronto and GambleRoad in Richmond Hill, Ontario is approximately 26.4 miles. GambleRoad is located directly North of the CN Tower.
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It has lightning arrestors, which provide a low resistance path toground (electric current always takes the path of leastresistance).
Mount Everest is 8848 metres (29 029 feet) high. The CN tower is 553 metres (1,815.4 feet) high. So Mount Everest is 16 times the height of the CN Tower. So yes, Mount Everest is indeed taller than the CN Tower. Mt Everest
yes, and the second tallest free standing tower in the world, next to the Burj Kalifa in Dubai.
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Yes, there is. It is called the '360' restaurant, and is located near the top. See 'related links' for more information.
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Yes, The CN tower was constructed between 1973 - 1976. The Eiffel tower was constructed between 1887 - 1889
Without precise start and end points in those cities, it is approximately 136 kilometers (85 miles) from Toronto to Peterborough using established roads.
Yes, it is. The CN tower is 553.3 metres tall, whereas the Eiffel tower is 324 metres tall.
the cn tower is 6 km tall
It is located in Toronto,Ontario, Canada
The CN Tower is functioned for television like CBC, CTV, City TV Toronto, Global Ontario, and Rogers cable. Even radio. Other than that it's a tourist attraction and resturaunt.
the cn tower is not in Dubai
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It was Built in 1976
1723458 people visit the CN Tower each year.
the answer is yes the titanic higher than the cn tower NO CN TOWER IS HIGHER: CN TOWER IS 1815.4 FT TALL--TITANIC WAS 882.75 LENGTH AND 175 FT TALL
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Canadian National Railway Company
No. Though a very strong tornado might cause it to collapse.
No, It's funny how they did that. It looks like CN, but its actually CNN, The acronym for cartoon network.
Answer . Currently, Toronto is in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone which is Greenwich Mean Time minus 4 hours. When Daylight Savings Time ends Toronto will be Greenwich Mean Time minus 5 hours.
CN Tower's six elevators each travel at 15 mph or 22 km/h
reflective from all sides, rotational from the top and bottom.
The CN Tower is so popular because it is Torontos landmark basically. It's a very big tourist attraction and known for its 1776 steps to get to the main deck level. Also known for the Skypod. Hope it helped!
Physical Characteristics of the Eiffel tower. . Well, its 324 m 1,063 ft high and at night they light it ithas 20,000 lights and its detailing is made of iron and looks likelace
The stairs of the CN Tower are open to public for 2 days in a year for charity stair-climb events. On regular days, you can not climb the stairs.
1976 is when it was finished
No it is not the seven wonders of the world
The CN Tower , located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a communications and observation tower standing 553.3 metres (1,815 ft) tall.
Indoor observation deck, Glass floor and Sky pod. For more details on the floors and amazing photos, check the related link.
The C.N. Tower is in downtown Toronto, Ontario. The CN Tower is located in Downtown Toronto, exactly in between the SkyDom on its left and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on its right. For more details on CN Tower, its various levels and breathtaking photos visit the URL below.
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The CN Tower is a communications and observation tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Standing 553.3 metres (1,815 ft) tall, it was completed in 1976, becoming the world's tallest tower. [at the time] It's now a common tourist attraction, visitors can go up it and have lunch or dinner in the...
At 1815 feet, the CN Tower is nearly 6 times the height of the 306 ft Statue of Liberty, although the Statue of Liberty is one of the tallest statues in the world.
You can see pretty much all of Toronto from the Tower. On a clear day you can see the mist kicked up a Niagara Falls. A lot of Ontario, both the lake and the province can be seen.
Until last year it was the LARGEST standing structure on earth. It also has cool light that run around the sides and the top.
The height of the CN Tower is 1815 feet and 5 inches
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The concept of the CN Tower originated from a 1968 Canadian National Railway desire to build a large TV and radio communication platform to serve the Toronto area
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The main thing is "be in the CN tower". It's quite tall, and you can ride an elevator up to the round disk part, which contains a restaurant, and get a pretty good view of the city. There's another elevator that goes up to an even higher observation deck at the base of the radio antenna. In...
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The CN Tower is the same height every day.
The CN Tower in Toronto Canada is a concrete observation structure mainly used for TV and radio broadcasting. It also contains a number of cell sites.
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Its total height from base to peak is 533.33 metres (1,815.4 ft.), but its height from base to its top floor is only 446.5 metres (1,464.9 ft.), equivalent to 1.000 Floors Correction re: above answer: The CN tower to the top of the antenna is equal to 181 stories (floors) Accurately...
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Canada to be specific Toronto downtown
I think it is to make tourists spend more of their money in Toronto. But the managers of the CN tower would tell you it's really at attachment point for many important radio and microwave communication antennas.
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no because the twin towers are 1,776 feet and the sears tower is 1,730 feet 527m
Canton Tower (China) 600m Tokyo Sky Tree (Japan) 643m; under construction
It depends on exactly where they jump from. The upper observation deck is at 446.5 meters above ground level, but if you jumped from there, you'd probably hit the lower observation deck 100 meters below at 346 meters above ground, since it sticks out further from the tower. With a running jump, you...
Mount Everest is taller because it is the highest mountain in the world
no not the burj not the cn empire state the sears tower is the tallest at 1 729 feet and thats the truth
Its name "CN" originally referred to Canadian National, the railway company that built the tower.
yes it is taller then it's twin brother!