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Manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation since 1982, the Camry is a series of compact and mid-size cars sold in most automotive markets worldwide. This vehicle sells very well in Canada, Australia and many Asian markets.
Answer . \nTry adding dry gas into the tank at every fill up, its possable that water is some how getting into your gas tank. You may also consider changing the gas you use and the gas station you fill up at.
Answer . There is a fuse cabin below the steering wheel on the left. Open it and inside the lid has the details of all fuses. Also check your Owners manual.
The manufacturer recommends 22" for the driver side and 19" for the passenger side. I've always been bothered by the amount of area on the high part of the driver side that the wiper doesn't reach so I have always installed 24 and 17 instead with much better results.
It is important to check and maintain the fluids in a car. There isa dipstick in this car, under the car's hood labeled Transmissionor ATF. While the car is warm, pull it out, wipe it off, dip itback in, and pull it out and check the level.
Clicks, squeaks, shakes, leaking lubricant.
The conventional steering mechanism contains so many internal gears.Obviously the friction effect is also high.In order to negotiate a turn, the manual effort required to overcome friction effect is also high.Which might result in accidents.Added to this,the friction between wheels and its contact...
The fuses are located behind the little change cup just above the drivers left knee. You have to remove it to get to the fuses. And there should be a diagram on the back of the little cup.
Answer . Ok, I could not find the cable but I jammed the cig lighter under the level and it popped right open.. and see if this helps
This is usually refering to a Toyota specific tool or diagnostic device
You will see in on the dash board when the fuel gauge lower than critical level. Make sure that it works at all, you don't know how have a spare gallon of gas in the case when you run off gas and the light did not come on.
Answer . Check to see if your 12V port (cigarette lighter) and side mirror adjustment is also dead, their all on the same circuit. Check the fuse for this circuit, if blown replace. Everything should come back. Now check the wiring at the hinge point for the Driver's door. On mine the door opening...
If both sides are replacing inner and outer tie rods it takes 2 hours of work, if average mechanic charge $75, do the math
Answer . \nwhere the header tank is for the radiator there is a lid that needs a flat screwdriver to take off. to the bottom right of the header tank. bit hard to explain that.. ha. but its there.
Answer . From most likely to least: Ignition problem (worn plugs, old wires, cracked distrib. rotor, worn distrib cap) - replace bad parts. You should really replace all of the above and the valve cover gasket also. Use only spark plugs of OE type, construsction, configuration, gap, and heat...
If you use economy gasoline, add cleaner every time you change the oil. If you use top tier fuels (from major companies), then never add cleaner. vbd
Answer . \nIs the fluid level droping without it showing up on a wheel. If it is, probably leaking the back of the master cylinder. If the brake pedel pumps up, pump it a couple of times and hold pressure on it. It should slowly push to the floor. If it does, it's the master.
You have to more specific, is it a turbo or non turbo motor?
There is no definite answer, unless you test the gas pressure in the fuel line. Also if you never changed it's a good practice to do so. It's recommended to change the fuel filter each 30000 miles
It isn't possible to answer that question. Did you repair the problems that set the light in the first place? Are there any other problems with the engine? In general, if everything is working properly AND you have resolved all of the issues that the computer detected, you SHOULD pass the emissions...
Answer . Starter is located in the back of the engine attached to the transmission, it is held in with 2 bolts and 1 nut on a stud... disconnect the battery before you start or else you might get some good sparks... getting to it can be a real knuckle buster... good luck
The first, and most likely result will be that the engine won't run any farther than the fuel in the lines will carry it, antifreeze will not burn so once it hits the injectors the engine will stop. In the tank it will pool at the bottom as it is denser than the fuel and will be the only thing the...
You can easily obtain information including TSB's ,Diagrams mechanical and electrical from Alldata or Mitchell software.
Answer . \nThe most common area on an engine to develop a oil leak is the valve cover. They are epecially prone to leak in the winter when it is cold out. You may notice it lessen as we go into spring/summer. The oil can make a real mess as it runs down the side of the engine and forms a sludge....
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As long as it is the same grade of motor oil the brand name should not matter.
The fuse block on the 2007 Toyota Camry is underneath the dashboard on the left side of the steering wheel. If you look under the dash there is a retangular cover about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide - pull that off and you'll find the fuses. There should be a diagram on the back of the cover to...
You should leave the car in overdrive at all times, unless driving conditions dictate otherwise. The overdrive is intended to optimize fuel consumption.
I just got my 150,000 mile tune up for $318, in San francisco.
Remove drain plug. Drain oil. Change oil filter element. Replace drain plug. Refill with fresh oil.
Same thing with my 95 Corolla . \nMy 95 Corolla also has trouble shifting into third gear when the weather is cold. It may take 2-3 minutes on the highway before it finally shifts into third gear. It has 125k miles on it but has been occurring at least for the last 5k miles.
Either the bulbs are burned out or the switch on the shifter is broken. most times the switch is located on the transmission and when the shifter is placed in reverse it contacts it. .
Answer . 'I have been through this on my 94 Altima, and let me warn you, it's not a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. The PCV valve is located beneath the intake manifold on the right (passenger) side. It threads into the breather seperator and points toward the center of the...
Pretty common problem for that car. It's a relatively easy head gaskett to change... Still quite a bit of work to do though.
Answer . \njob done...motor comes out the top, leave the trans in place.
Most models had a 58 liter tank.
Answer . \nIt is located all the way to the left side of the car just behind the headlight.
Answer . \nRemove the engine and remove the flywheel or flexplate to expose the seal. Carefully pry out the seal with a screwdriver. Don't nick anything up. You will need a special pilot and drive tool to install the new seal. Make sure the seal says "This side out" facing out. Drive the seal in...
how many miles in 98km?
The 2007 le 4 cyclinders reaches 200 km/hr in neutral conditions/ 124 mph within about 2-3 minutes.
Answer . You might want to buy one.
Well... i had to take it into a mechanic... The starter is located towards to back, behind the oil filter. The entire engine needs to be lifted out of the frame in order to get to it, or you can drop the frame a few inches. It's nearly impossible to get to without moving the engine or frame around...
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Read the side of the tire, the pressure in PSI is there.. Typically tire shops keep tire air pressure set to around 32lbs. If you want your tire pressure to stay in specs with the manufactorers there should be a label on the driver side door it tells you where the car was made VIN tire pressure etc....
Inside the glove box on the left hand side behind a small removable panel. Certain fuses are mounted here as well.
The power button raises the gear change point in the rev range. Manual allows the car t be driven like a stick shift, however there is still a lag as the gearbox changes.
light changing on '94 roadmaster . you have to remove the head-light assembly to get the turn signal bulb front and rear lights. The side light has one screw on top to the outside of the headlight assembly holding the cover in place.
That is a oxgen sensor - fuel -air ratio sensor on Bank 1 sensor 1 This should be overed under warranty 3 yr 36,000 in most states. Calf 50,000
everywhere i have read says it is the yellow/green wire in the driver kick off the ecu plug.
How do you change a fuel injector on a 1988 Toyota Camry
it is the ignition coil is the problem replace it p0135 for Volvo not sure about p1081
You have reinstall the head gasket. It has been not tighten enough or damaged. Anyway the replacement was not done properly. It is located just behind the glove box. It is located behind the glove box. You will need to take off the glove box to replace it. THIS IS SUPER EASY. Don't pay $50+ to have someone else do it. The part can be had for $14-$21...
To reset service light on Toyota Auris one can activate the code error reader which is a diagnostic tool. You can also hold down the odometer reset button.
Your catalytic converter is probably burned out and the remnants are plugged up. I just had the same problem. Take a seat before they give you the estimate - it's about $350 and then another $120 for the rear muffler (which is also probably shot). And that's at an Indy shop - Lord knows what Midas...
There are at least three timing marks. One is on the camshaft, and it defines the firing time and must aligned with another mark which is on the crankshaft and defines when pistons are in their top position.
It is important to maintain the levels of all of the fluids in acar. The steering fluid reservoir in the car is located under thehood, towards the back, it has a yellow cap stamped power steering.
Look at the driver's side of the engine, top. It's a metalic housing with 3 bolts on it. It's attached to your upper radiator hose where it meets the engine.
Not much info to go on but I'm assuming the vehicle has three 02 sensors, one after each bank of cylinders on that V6 and one after the catalytic converter. Bank 1 sensor 2 would be the 02 sensor after the catalytic converter. This B1 S2 monitors the catalytic converter activity. It could be the...
either the park brake is engaged whilst the ignition switch is on or the brake fluid in the reservoir is near empty.
If the timing belt breaks, the valves get bent immediately.
You have to check all sensors. It sounds like one of the is stuck or failing, or just a bad electrical contact. I would start from the door sensors and the shock sensor if have one.
The type of the rear seat of the Toyota Corolla will determine howyou will remove it. For instance, for a folding seat, all that youwill need to do is to lower the seat to gain access.
(0.9) kilometres
Will a1992 toyota camru transmission fif in a 1994 toyota
low beam, 9005 will be the high on that vehicle
There are at least two choices. First one, the rod is broken or loosen. Depending on the problem you have to either/both replace it and set an appropriate tension. Second one, the lock is broken or by some reason does not want to work properly. If it's broken you have to replace it; if it's stuck...