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The RAV4 is a compact crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by the Japanese carmaker Toyota Motor Corporation from 1994 to the present. This vehicle features better fuel economy, excellent maneuverability, higher visibility and increased cargo room.
Labor should run around 40-50 dollars,the thermostat cost less that$10.00, and if you have to replace antifreeze, it will run a littlemore, all in all the total bill should run around $70.00 or less,call around for diffe. might just beat this price. Good Luck
Answer . \nif it is a 4wd you need to remove the engine from the vehicle
no way your clutch is going to cause smoke from tailpipe i am a toy. tech 15+yrs you may have more than one problem one of them being your mechanic
Answer . If it is the engine oil you are talking about it is on the bottom of the pan..
check fuse if good then replace with new unit. cost a few buck s at your local parts store. if still don't work find a constant power sourse like the memory for your radio and connect positive wire in with it. the ground can go to the ground on the radio or to a bolt or screw under the dash as long...
That's probably your check engine light. Take your car to an Autozone, Advance Auto, or O'Reilly auto parts and they'll check it for free.
Answer . \nI just did this on my '99 RAV4. Very simple. With the hood open, you'll see a large black plastic "box" on the mid-right hand side. There are two metal clips on the right hand side of it holding the lid closed. Pop them open and lift the top which bends back to the left. You'll have to...
I just had this problem last night and I ended up having to take it to the dealership because the key just would not move at all. They had to replace the ignition in my car which ran about $300.
The check engine light (service engine soon) comes on and stays on when a problem is detected by the self diagnosis system of your vehicle. Generally, the problem is in the emissions or something that is affecting the effectiveness of the emissions, but other causes can trigger the light to come on,...
when cars are moving,there is chargement of electrons'between cars and air'.the chain let these electron go from the cars to the ground.if you didn't poot the chain,the car will be parts
Trouble code P0174 means:System too lean (Bank 2)
95 truck man . \nthe horn has a ground and hot wire .usually only a hot wire because the horn body is also has a horn relay.check the wires(wire)and check the relay.if these are good,the horn may be shot.this is all assuming the horn button or contacts at the steering wheel are good.
Answer . Check behind the engine underneath, usually towards the right hand side. Below the alternator.
Answer . \nYour owner's manual says to take it in to a dealer at 60,000 miles and they'll do it for free. I have to do that soon. I haven't found the PCV Valve yet in mine either.. Answer . \nThe PCV valve is located on the front of the engine block on the drivers side of the car.(below the...
RAV4 means: R:Recreational A:Active V:Vehicle 4:4WD RAV4=Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD
Answer . \nThe dome light has a switch that has an off position. Any other lights you can simply remove the bulbs.
where is oil filter toyotarav4 2007located
The best air pressure, for your 1999 Toyota, is dependent upon thetype and manufacturer of the tire. The best air pressure will bethe recommended air pressure by the tire manufacturer.
The oil light comes on when the oil pressure is low, not when the oil level is low; it's possible to have the proper amount of oil but still have low pressure, and usually the oil pan and pump are constructed so that unless the level is extremely low (to the point where the pan is almost...
Answer . \nIf the truck has a 2.5l 6cyl the oil filter is located on the drivers side near the steering arm and below the exhaust. The filter is horizontal and can only be removed from down below. The 2.0l four from the poor picture in the G.M shop manual probaly has the oil filter again on the...
For my 2006 Rav4, it has changed just a bit. The technique is the same, however, you apply it to the Trip A odometer instead of the actual mileage odometer. I ran into the same problem with our '04 Toyota Rav4. I came across this website on reset the light. It mentions that "it may result in damage...
The 2006 Toyota RAV4 has a "Roc Lock 2" rear wiper arm attachment which is actually quite easy to change once you find the hard-to-find correct rear wiper blade. See related links below for information on the replacement rear wiper and for installation videos.
There is a small black box under the hood located by the driver side strut tower. The black box (diagnostic box) is only about one inch by 2 inches. If you open the cover to the box you will see a few rows of electrical connectors and on the underside of the "diagnostic box" cover there should be a...
I just spent 2 hours trying to figure it out myself! I took apart much more than was required because I was told I had to remove "several" screws. Also that it was a 30 minutes to an hour job to replace the filters. The reality is that one (1) screw had to be removed and it shouild've taken less...
Toyota Rav4 has got a chain that is guaranteed for life.
Answer . what year and engine?
look down behind intake manifold by'll see an elbow like valve with a vaccum line going to power brake now to your left look down youll see a hose that's difficult to get off...pull the hose and there it is
yes but only rims from the 2.4 litre Matrix. the size is 5x114.3 the 1.8 litre matrix and corolla are 5x100mm so they will not fitthe rav4
Answer . The front top valve cover has 2 pieces (main cover and pcv cover). The PCV is located under the small cover (has a 6 inch hose attached to it) on top of the front valve cover . If you look at the front valve cover, you'll see four (4) bolts. The two outer bolts fasten the valve cover to...
I think it is the tire pressure indicator light. I recently got new tires (not from the dealer) and mine has repeatedly been coming on. The owner's manual refers to a button you can push to turn it off, but doesn't say where it its located. My button is below and to the right of the steering wheel.
Answer . \nfuel filter clogged\nfuel pump weak\nfuel line clogged
Answer . It is plugged right into the air intake tube after the air box before the throttle body. This is on a 2.2
Answer . Drivers habits and type of miles (city, highway, long distnce) determine the brake wear, not the number of miles driven. Most manufacturers recommend that belts be replaced ever 100,000 miles.
Answer . \ncould be your a\c clutch in the compressor.?.. Answer . \nor maybe pressure leaks.
its normally mechnical so find the steel cable and find the nut on the cable of the parking brake "handbrake" and tighten
The throttle body is located just in front of the air distribution manifold on the top of the engine. Follow the black air piping back from the air filter housing to where the accelerator cable attaches to the throttle body and that's it!
Answer . If you are looking at your engine, it is located on the right side fender just above the washer fluid jug. Remove four screws in each corner to take the cover off and there you go.
This normally happens when the valve seals are worn down. The oilwill collect on top of them and seep through them when cold intothe cylinders. It is a fairly expensive job because the top of themotor, or head, must be removed and serviced.
under the car and the only reason i'm posting this is no one else can seem to be specific . my question is a simple one i see a hex plug under the car in two places one under the trans axle and one that appears to be under the tranny all i need is a clear answer go figure
They are for a separator only sold in Argentina. Almost looks like an animal separator net. We spent a good hour researching part numbers and finally found it, lol. DJ Sean - Scion Sales Manager (North Hills Toyota / Scion) Pittsburgh, PA
The term maximum payload refers to how much weight a specificvehicle or trailer can safely haul or tow. There are severaldifferent calculations used to determine a vehicles maximumpayload.
Its called a DOME fuse. Its located under the bonnet, in the fuse box next to the battery.
No need to change it - it's a CHAIN
Answer . \nCheck fan fuse, thermal relay, fan motor. Replace as necessary.
When you look at the grooved side of the belt and you see a lot of cracks or chunks missing going across the face of the belt.
It is possible that a check engine light on a Toyota Highlanderwill come on if the coolant level is low. Usually, though, there isanother light that will come on that says 'low coolant' on someolder Toyota's.
Answer . 1994 Rav 4 engine code 3S-FE. Is belt driven.
the oil filter on a 1994 Isuzu truck is located just below the a/c/ compressor, you will have to get under the truck from the front to see it.
The turn signal flasher is a three prong plug in on a Toyota Rav4.It is located under the dash on the driver's side of most Toyotavehicles. Take the old plug out and insert the new one.
Answer . The cabin air filter is located behind the glove compartment. When you open the glove compartment it is stopped by plastic tabs on both sides. Push the top to the left so the right tab clears and then push to the right so the other tab clears. Then you can open farther (dumping the contents...
Trouble code P1130 means: Air-Fuel Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
Answer . \nfilter or O2 sensor. disconnect the battery for 10 minutes first to see if it resets before spending the money.
first you have to take the 487 gfd4 plug out and then replace the battery with the red cable to include the white so it works
Answer . Right in front of the motor and behind where the hood latches. Follow the top radiator hose if you have any doubt.
Buy a new one... You may not need it but they aren't expensive (I got 2 LOUD ones and it is much better than the sissy horns that are OEM). That's right there are 2 wired in series. The problem is most likely corrosion, so you'll want to purchase some wire (16ga black), some dielectric grease, and a...
Answer . \nthe valve is on lower side of engine near fire wall.
This depends on how many dead cells there are in your battery. If most of them are dead, and only two are good, not long. Did you know that you can re-fill your batteries cells, even a maintenance free battery? All you need is distilled water and some battery acid, which is usually available at the...
As the tyre rotates, friction between the tyre and road plus the radiant heat from the brakes causes the pressure to rise in the tyre. You can get blow off valves that are set to a given pressure and will release any excess. Tyre pressures should always be adjusted cold.
I think those are separate in 94 on Chrysler products. If you call a parts store they can verify it.
There is a vacuum hose between the firewall and the back of the motor, it is formed with the 2 ends different diameters. The hose collapses when it is running which causes the engine to stall. I believe this is a dealer only item. Just replaced mine and the car runs fine now. Take it to auto zone...
Your car is telling you that it needs to get serviced Because there is an electrical charge passing through a filament within your indicator light. This produces intense heat and emits photons. Until this electrical charge is interrupted, the light will continue to stay on. Simple fix for this is...
It is easy... Just press and hold the odometer button on the dash and then turn the key to the on position and watch the dashes in the odometer display slowly disappear. Then release the button and you are good to go! The above answer didn't work on my 2010 Toyota Sienna and neither did the...
Answer . There are replacement mirriors available for a lot of cars, but not all. A parts store should be able to tell you what's available.
When you are standing right in front of the engine compartment with the hood up, it's between the engine block and radiator underneath manifold cover. Look for the oil dip and it's right in front of it.
ECT power is Electronically Controlled Timing. What this does when the switch is engaged is activate what is now known as variable valve timing. Basically this means that instead of relying on mechanical timing components the "brain" takes over. As previously stated the car will shift at higher RPM,...
Work it, work it . I believe if you look in the engine compartment up under the dash/windshield area you will spot a box looking thing and that's the cabin air flilter, if my memory serves me right. Good luck. If you are a clever girl or in need of help guy, you could go into the VW parts...
It should already be in "4x4" mode if it is AWD
Answer . I've been trying to find the same fitting for my 95 unit and may be on to something. On the AC compressor there is a fitting labeled H, which I assume is the High pressure side, which is NOT what you seek. I found an aluminum tubing that comes out of the firewall turns right and the...
They are retained by the hub and bearing assembly. You must pull off the lockout hub and pull the bearings out, then the whol rotor and hub assembly will come off together, then to reinstall the bearing preload must be reset, it is not a job for the novice.
Answer . \nI just talked with a man today about my jeep liberty and i asked him why did the fan come on and why it makes the noise of changing gears and he said that if the gears don't change it just keeps running that means a sensor is out or malfuntioned on it hope this helps but i wasn't in...
8 years or 80,000 miles whichever comes first.
This is an easy one. There are three screws under the glove box that will expose the fan and the cabin filter once the cover is removed. The cabin filter is on the left with two white plastic retaining clips approx. 2 inches long, pull the one close to you toward you and the back one away from you....
187,980 Miles in the South. 175,600 Miles in the North. 197,500 Miles in the West
\nI have a land rover freelander and I filled my tank with regular 85 octain, manufactor says only to use 87 octain and above. I called the dealer ship to explore my options as far as solve to my mistake and was told there was not a problem with using 85 octain, I hope this is of some help...
Answer . \nhonestly i dont know but if you go to your local parts place EX:autozone or advance auto parts they can tell you. Answer . \nPull the codes from the computer, match the code to the troubleshooting procedure, follow the procedure to find the source. Repair the source, light will go...
Answer . The AEM UEGO gauge has colored dots that light up to show rich, stoicometric and lean ratio of fuel to air ratio. The number in the middle is the actual air fuel ration. I think 14.7 has been bandied about as ideal. The goal is to avoid "Leaning" out. I read somewhere are...
Deedee16 had no clue what they were talking about...someone else please answer this question
Answer . \nthe distbutor rotor plug is on the right side of the motor under the intake. there are two bolts to take off the cap to get to the rotor plug. it is hard to get to without removing the intake.
Answer . \nAfter you remove the wheel, there will be two large bolts holding the caliper in place, I believe 17mm. Loosen these two, lift & hang caliper, the roto will slide right off. Assemble with antiseize compound if you have any.
interesting thought... unfortunetly you'd need a lot of mirrors and even then it might not work...
Answer . Driver's side valve cover top, locate 3/4" hose its on the end that is inserted into the valve cover..
Answer . \nif i remember correctly the 2001 still has an interference engine.....if your timing belt broke you surely pinged some valves.
P0440 OBDII code is for evaporative emissions control system failure.. check your gas cap though, many times a loose gas cap is the culprit with this code, hope this helps some1 out.
My guess is it will causes the engine to surge and change engine speed up and down over and over because the ECU (computer) is searching for the right idle speed, but the bad sensor isn't sending the signal. It could also possibly cause the engine to just idle at a higher speed than normal.
Although inside the driver side door recommends 29 psi front and rear, the dealership service department recommends 35 psi in all tires.
According to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etc. ) The 4.7 has a timing belt , recommended change interval 90,000 miles , and it is an interference engine
It's on the side of the throttle body, on top of the engine, in the air flow path.
\nI have an 86 turbo. The oil filter sticks out from the side of the engine on the passenger side and is located right above the starter motor. I just changed it from under the car ( jacked up ). I can't remember if you can get to it from above but I think so.\n. \n Answer \n. \nI expect they...