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Polish Language and Culture

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The Polish language is an official language of the European Union. It's native only to its original country - Poland but spoken by more than 40 million people all over the world. Ask about Polish language and culture in this category.


Written Translation . Proszę nie przesuwa zagrodzenie mydła
Angielsku (pronunciation: Ang-gel-skoo)
'Zdałem/zdałam egzamin' or simply 'Zdałem/Zdałam test'. The 'em' or'am' ending in 'zdał**' depends on your gender when 'am' is forfemale and 'em' for male
Most of Polish immigrants settled in New York and Chicago. But youcan find them also in many other regions of US: Philadelphia,MIlwaukee, Los Angeles, Buffalo, Phoenix, etc. There are also somecities named by them: Warsaw, IN; Czestochowa, PA; Pulaski, WI;etc.
Yes, Polish people migrated to Canada, mostly in XIX and XXcentury.
100 in polish is sto.
In a typical polish family meals are prepared by a woman: wife,mother, grandmother etc. In last 10-20 years, however, it becomesto change, and now more and more men (fathers/husbands or evenolder sons) are interested in cooking.
Vinyl. Also, shiny plastic-coated fabrics
Yes, Poland was the first one to be invaded and fought against the Nazis.
"Zobaczymy się jeszcze?"
Take a cleaner like spray and wash and spray in the spot then awarm wet rag and scrub.
It's 'biblioteka'.
Answer: Nicolaus Copernicus was his name.
ser (pronounced kind of like seh)
Polska. or Rzeczpospolita Polska. no its dameomatatidos
I'm not sure, but I do know that it can give you brain damage, damage a bunch of other parts of your body and possibly even give you leukemia. I'd suggest not to smell it any more.
In Polish Sandra has the same letters as in English, so you simply spell "Sandra".
"Zjadacz" means "eater" in Polish. Common collocation is "przeciętny zjadacz chleba" -- "common bread-eater" (normal person).
lama (sing.), lamy (pl.)
In the Auschwitz group of camps (which by 1943 included 45 subcamps) prisoners used as labourers were tattoed, whether Jews or non-Jews). So this would have included the non-Jewish Polish prisoners. At other camps, the prisoners were generally not tattooed.
It means "woman from Lydia", which was once a province of Africa.
Dobrze is the Polish word for okay
Drzewo is the Polish word for "tree".
I presume it's a question asked via a telephone. A direct translation is: "Halo! Czy jest Loren?" but this could be considered rude. You'd rather typically say: "Halo! Czy zastałem Loren?" (if you are a male) "Halo! Czy zastałam Loren?" (if you are a female) or "Halo! Czy...
Szczęśliwy *Valentine's* Dzień **Valentine is not a word in Polish**
moja przyjemność < on word reference!
Miło mi Cię poznać. or Miło mi Pana/Panią(f) poznać. source: notes of the language + italki
'w' means to So the sentence would be: To chat, though chat in polish would be: 'Czat'.
Kocham Native speaker
Nikki Yanofsky is born Canadian but her ancestors are from Poland. Her family name is Yanofsky, which would be written in Polish as Janowski. All family names that end with "ski" or "ska" are Polish. The name has been transformed so it's easier for English native speakers in Canada to pronounce and...
Depending on gender of the world you want to describe as exotic, wehave the following - and the most common - options: 'egzotycznY' - singular, m. e.g. Ten dywan jest egzotyczny - Thiscarpet is exotic. 'egzotycznA' - singular, f. e.g. Ona kupiła egzotyczną sukienkę -She bought an exotic...
Polish people usually are friendly, kind, family-oriented, hard-working, intelligent, proud of their heritage, religious, practical, open-minded.
put a polish sausage in a oven for 10 to 50 mins
Thank You in Polish is DZIEKUJE (jen-kooh-yeh)
There's no typical "Polish Day". May 3rd is Polish Constitution Day but November 11th is Polish Independence Day
No their is not a current polish wrestler.
They work. In Poland there's many kinds of jobs like anywhere in the world.
lots of elbow grease! seriously plastic polish...
Narzeczony mimo woli is a Polish equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Proposal'
2012 months are the same as any year months (miesiące roku dwa tysiące dwanaście): styczeń, luty, marzec, kwiecień, maj, czerwiec, lipiec, sierpień, wrzesień, październik, listopad, grudzień
Dwanaście miesięcy spellt somewhat like: dva-na-shche mye-she-tsy
Babcia pronounced "bahbchah" grandfather is dziadek pronounced "gahdeck"
It's 'Walenty'. Polish 'w' is prounounced like 'v'.
gummba (?) (to) polish = pulir Polish (the nationality) = polaco, polones
To skomplikowane is a Polish equivalent of the title to the movie 'It's Complicated'.
Raj dla par is a Polish equivalent to the title of the movie 'Couples Retreat'.
'One' in Polish is Jeden. It sounds like Yeden. Its a Yuh sound.
Autor Widmo is a Polish equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Ghost Writer'.
Catholic Answer Since the Pope is the successor of St. Peter, and head of theCatholic Church, I think we can safely say that he is Catholic. Theprevious Pope, John Paul II, who died in 2005 was Polish, a PolishCatholic; the current Pope, Benedict XVI, is German, a GermanCatholic.
The Polish Corridor is also often referred to as the 'Danzig Corridor' was created at the end of the First World War as a method to give the re-created Poland access to the Baltic Sea by granting a portion of Pomerania in West Prussia (previously a part of Germany) to Poland. This political action...
Maria, as it is an old common Hebrew name, most of its spellings are similar.
Przepraszam, po prostu byłem zajęty.
nie intelligentny if you mean not smart
Zachary - Zachariasz This name is rather Modern and does not date back to Latin or Greek roots as most older names do. However, its older version, Zacharias, does.
No, Meryl Streep is American. It has also been said that she is of German, Swiss, Irish and English ancestry.
If you want to say "It is very cold" in Polish- say- "Jest bardzo zimno".
hope = "nadzieja" nadzieja
"Nie mówię po Polsku." Nie mówię po polsku.
Proszę (pronounced "PRAW-shoun" where you have to roll the "r".)
the word sunglasses is Niedz lodzie
"Bardzo Cię kocham"
because the Canada is the largest country in north America and besides its really beautiful in there and yeah.........
No, it's not necessery.
Piekne Piekna [ If you want to say it to a girl] Piekny [ If you want to say it to a guy]
in search of a better life and better living conditions.
Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A or just short "LOT"
"Hot" in Polish is "gorący" (pronounce: gorontsy).
yes, he was born is Rzeszow, Poland.
It's an eagle. It's polish heraldic.