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Toyota Supra

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The Supra was a grand tourer/sports car produced by Toyota Motor Company in 1979-2002. This vehicle was manufactured in four generations and was available in 2+2 fastback and GT hatchback body styles.
You can, but it would be difficult due to placement, I wouldpersonally throw a CX Racing CT26 Turbo in there, it kicks a hellof a lot more and easily fits to the car. Hope this helps! P.S. TheCX turbo runs for around 385, so I would not charge you if you wereto need assistance.
That light is an indicator that your coolant is low, If the engine is cool, fill the tank to the cold mark, this should turn the light off.
Computer is set for premium,and it performs much better on premium.I have a supra turbo tried both, went back to premium better mileage and performance.
Depends on what kind of Toyota Truck it is. If it is the Tacoma and a rear wheel drive the A340E would fit which is the Auto. I put the applications for that transmission below good luck! A340E (30-40LE) Applications: . 1987-1992 Cressida (30-40LE) . 1986-1998 Toyota Supra non-turbo . 1987-1998...
It's on the slave cylinder which is mounted on drivers side of the transmission right behind the bell housing.
It will take longer to warm up, it will prob never get up to temp when its cool, it wont cool as well at high speeds like on the freeway, your gas mileage will go down a little, and you have little to no heat, but it will run.
You can remove it, you need to change everything over to a non turbo but it will run, just less power.
what year is your your car and what type of car ie..supra, soarer etc...
depends on the year your supra is
Should be located at the end of the upper radiator hose (engine side) inside the thermostat housing unplug the hose ...and the housing is secured by three bolts.
Answer . Just get a new support. There is some variance in how they attach depending on the car. There should be an instruction sheet with the new one if there is a difference from the original one. Some come with a new mounting bolt, some just clip on the old bolts.
passenger side under glove box remove small panel and is located in fuse block.
The low pressure port on The 88 supra is mounted on the back of thecompressor. The system uses r12 Freon.
The wheel bolt pattern for the 1993 Toyota Supra is 5 x 4.5 inchesor 5 x 114.3 millimeters. The stud size is 12 x 1.5 and the offsetis high positive.
Put that engine on a real car xD
Need more info on that one! Will it crank over? does it make any sound when you turn the key? If you would like me to help you contact weiser772@aol.com with your car make, model and year as the subject and give me some details on what it will do!
i had my 84 supra up to 135mph. this is despite the speedometeronly going up to 130mph. my buddy in his 944 turbo was pacing me.
It is in the lower front corner of the drivers door Edgar: It sounds to me like you have a window and lock problem? The solution is very simple. 1. Remove negative battery cable and set aside. 2. Remove panel next to drivers brake pedal on the left wall. 3. The silver/metallic circles are relays,...
there are a few sensors. One is built into the Air Flow Meter. That sensor is for engine controls. A second sits in front of the radiator I believe and is used for the AC. The third site in the dash somewhere and is used for the AC. The in car temp sensor is in the center console behind the armrest...
Yes, it kicks in at redline.
If the speakers are in the door panel then you must remove the doorpanel to install new speakers. You can only bypass removing thedoor panel if the speakers are located elsewhere.
Out the bottom of the engine compartment. Here's a link to a series of engine removal pictures: http://www.lovehorsepower.com/images/MR2_EngineRemoval/Removal/Thumbnails.html
Answer . \nthe 1998 supra 6 speed manual transmission. Answer . \nAny of the mk4 supras qith a 6 speed trany
Girls can wear supra shoes I have the skytops in black I got mine from factory 413 . You can also get the tks in pink Supra shoes Actually don't look too bad on girls. I have a grey pair. It gives me that swagger, and it also attracts guys if you didn't know. : ) .
yes you could it wont be easy but there is enough room, im currently trying to put a newer supra dashboard and center console in my 1996 cavalier i just love the look of that setup
no, they're mainly for men
Answer . Yes - you need a new drive shaft, new transmission bell housing and a few other items.. Reference www.supras.com
The 1990 Celica door will be a direct bolt on to a 1992 Celica GT. Even the Coupe model doors were the same.
when i did the clutch in my 1988 non turbo supra we had to take off the starter it was a pain it took us six hours just to get the one bolt off we tried using extension and everything we finaly got it off by going the inside of the car through where the gear shifter is put a couple extensions on it...
Depends on the year, engine, transmission, gearing, etc...
under the hood by each headlight door is the motor that raises them. There is probably a rubber cover over the top of the motor 1 1/2 inches wide and 3 inches long. This pulls off and there is a knob on the end of the motor. Just turn this to raise the headlight. If the door wants to close on it's...
You probably have a bad battery.. You probably have a bad battery.
Answer . \nif it has a 22re engine, low coolant could be the culprit. a bad head gasket (which actually also causes low coolant) could be the problem too.. Answer . This model year Supra came with a 5M-GE engine and the idle hunt is most likely an air intake leak.. Answer . check for air leaks...
Answer . Yes. Most Toyota cars use hydraulic clutches. That is why you have to put fluid in the clutch reservour.
hi u will need the g.box,flywheel,clutch,clutch slave cylinder&hard pipe,lower speedo cable,pedal assembly,propshaft and u may need the g.box ecu as well-this is behind the glovebox&is a straight plug in swap. the conversion is dead simple&straight forward.u may need to join 2 wires together at the...
It can range from $80-$200. Winners sells it for $29.99 for low cuts and $50 for high tops
it depends... i have owned a porsche 968 coupe with 4 seats, a porsche 911 turbo with 4 seats, a porsche gt3 with 2 seats, and a posche carrera gt with 2 seats. The porsche's that tend to be faster more expensive seem to have 2 seats, due to the fact that a lot of the expensive 1's, especially the...
Answer . check to see if your battery connections are correct. if you have a bad ground cable it could drain any battery quickly
Yes, but a 7m-ge W58 bellhousing and a 7m-ge W58 flywheel will be required. There are also differences in the throwout bearings, make sure to get the correct one for the pressure plate you will be using.. www.driftmotion.com
The Japanese version of the Supra was badged as an RZ or GZ. The 0-60 time for the turbo model was 5.1 seconds (twin turbocharged 2JZ-GTE making 280 hp and 318 ft·lb of torque) for the Japanese version. The 0-60 time for the Natural Aspirated model was 6.5 (a naturally aspirated 2JZ-GE...
It varies depending on year, options and condition.
Supra, all the way... --- well it's a supra. what do you think?
Mostly a guessing game. Was the head gasket installed by a professional shop or private individual? If by shop, normally, they would have checked the cylinder walls for cracks through which the coolant can enter the cylinder and combust with the fuel/air mixture and exit through the exhaust system....
3.0L turbocharged or naturally aspirated. But I think some of the first ones had smaller engines.
If what you are talking about is the small cylinder shaped one, just push in the round recessed button on top with a pen or something.
Yes! But you will need to put your shoe size (Womens) into mens
fualty fuel pressure reagulator or incorrect igtion timing. fualty fuel pressure reagulator or incorrect igtion timing
None. In 1987 Toyota were manufacturing the third generation of Supra, which was unsurprisingly called the MK3. This generally came in two forms- the naturally aspirated 3.0litre 7mge version with 201bhp, and the 3.0litre turbo version 7mgte developing 230bhp. Other versions were available, but...
You would have to use a TT ecu and harness, a TT driveshaft, swap the TT diff flange onto the NA diff, and somehow figure out how to make the TT computer run the NA engine with the incorrect sensors and a distributor. Probably better to do a full swap. You could also swap the NA valve body in...
No. It is rear wheel drive
There are a million reasons why a Toyota Supra (nice car!) or ANY car can keep overheating. Here are a few, from most likely to least likely (but still very possible). . The engine is low on coolant, or leaking coolant. Also, some cooling systems need to be refilled a certain way to eliminate air...
No. Toyota Supras are just very fast, super cool, legal, cars.
the 1jz gte engine works s very well.that
1986 Supra was non turbo and 1987 came in turbo and non turbo.
You need to check the 10 number in your vin for 1986 was G and 87 was H and so on.
How do you replace the power steering pump for a 1987 Toyota Supra?
Answer . \nThe filter is located directly above the rear differential. It is about ten inches in front of the gas tank. Well that's where it is on my 1987 turbo
A bad relay switch could be the culprit if dash lights remain onafter engine starts in a Toyota. Cold weather can also cause theselights to stay on after the engine starts.
I have seen this done previously, but not in person. Because the block is essentially the same in the 2JZgte and the 2JZge, I can't see why it would be a problem bolting the actual box up, but you would need to use the 5 Speed clutch as well, because the splines on the 6sp are different. The...
the idle speed contrtol valve is located on the forward portion of the upper intake manifold...it's near the alternator. Trace the two larger vacuum hoses from the throttle body. The smaller of these two hoses connects to the idle speed control valve
Answer . Not worth changing to a 6-gear manual, an entire new engine would be needed. As for turboing a non turbo supra that part is also annoying, as the internals for a non turbo and turbo supra is different. You would have to buy a conversion kit which will set u back like 5k . Answer . You...
Yes, they all have inline 6 cylinder engines
the TAMIYA 1:24 Supra comes with orthographic drawings of the Supra-- (left, top, front, back views)... that's the most accurate drawing out there that I've seen, but can't help you with the CAD drawings.
It will require custom parts including motor mounts and transmission mount (for a R154 transmission). It will also require a custom power steering hose, a custom front mount intercooler kit, custom wiring harness, etc... This is honestly not a project for someone without previous engine swap...
its right in front of the motor one of the silver pipes... take out the rad and then take the fan off for good acsess... then pull the thermostat off.
It depends if you are talking quarter mile or long run. i believe that the supra with mild bolt ons will smoke most corvettes except the brand new ones.
The fuel pump on an 87 Toyota Supra is changed by removing thesupport straps for the gas tank, lowering the gas tank,disconnecting the fuel lines, and unhooking the wiring harness. Thepump can then be detached from the tank and a new one put in place.
You will need to take the box into your local board to have them deprogrammed it for you.
Answer . \nwww.mkiv.com and http://www.97supraturbo.com/index.html both have manuals including the wiring diagrams.
The firing order on a Toyota supra turbo is 1,5,3,6,2,4
No. At least they didn't USED to all have turbos. In the 1995 models, there were at least two engine choices, a turbocharged 4 cylinder and an non-turbo 6 cylinder. WINK adds: The first SAAB, the 1950 model 92, had a two-cylinder, 750cc, two-stroke engine. The first turbocharged Saab was the 1978...
Inside on the left panel where your left foot is when driving. A second set of fuses are under the hood and clearly labeled on the black plastic cover.
yes, very fast.
Answer . Facing the engine, to your left, on top of the engine where the hose comes out of the engine and goes to the radiator.
Answer . sitting in your driver seat - it is located directly in front of you up against the firewall. It is very hard to get to but can be seen if you peer down next to the brake cylinder.
Answer . \nyou gotta take the panel off the inside of the hatch and take the screws out. but first take the screws out of the actual light on the spoiler first. i think there hex-heads. \n. \nNick Moore
installing boost gauge on mr2 turbo . you have to tap into your intake manifold and install the pressure line there. you can only put it on the intake manifold. then run your line through the firewall. make sure there is no way that it can become cut or kinked. then mount your gauge and hook up...
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The 1990 Toyota speed sensor is located on the back of thetransmission. There also is a speed sensor on the front passengerwheel.
The Toyota Supra was discontinued in 2002 because of slumpingsales. It was first produced by Toyota starting in 1978.
If they are square, YES!. If they are round, NO!. In 1989, Toyota did a mid year crossmember/engine mount change. The square ones will fit '86 to '89. The round ones will fit '89 to '92.