Factors which effect the brightness of a light bulb?

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The factors which affects the brightness of the bulb are:

1. Changing the number of batteries
2.Number of bulbs
4.The length of wire
5.Is the bulb in series or in a parallel circuit
6.Is the bulb in a complete circuit or it is broken

There is only one factor that affects the brightness of a particular lamp. For a lamp to operate at its rated power, it must be supplied at its rated voltage. So, voltage is the one and only factor.


To elaborate a little on the above:

There are many choices of independent variables. For example, if we know the material of the filament, the applied voltage and the current flowing through the filament we can compute the power output in the visible spectrum (i.e. the brightness). If we don't know either the current or the voltage (but know at least one of those), we can still get by provided we know the resistance of the filament at the relevant temperature. In turn, the resistance of the filament can be computed if we know its cross-sectional area and length (since we know the material and therefore the resistivity as a function of temperature). There are many possible choices, as you can imagine.
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