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Brass Bradley alarm clock made in Germany
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How do you oil your antique clock?

The important points to oil have "oil sinks", depressed areas around the pivots, the bearing surface of the wheels. Using either a special oiler, a toothpick or a cocktail sti

Why are antique clocks so valuable?

Not all antique clocks are valuable. Age and availabilitycontribute to their value. But there are other factors like themaker and the design as well.

Why is an German anniversary clock called a time bomb?

This refers to one particular kind of clock, the 400 day clock made by S. Haller and most typically marketed as an Elgin. Its flawed main spring design can cause the clock to

Where can one get antique clocks?

One can buy antique clocks at many places. The best places to get them though are at auctions, in the classified ads and from a Sale or a Consignment dealer.

Where can one find antique wall clocks?

There are antique malls and antique stores all over the place which often have antique clocks. There are also sellers on ebay who sell antique clocks and many are affordably p
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Where can one find the atomic clock time?

There are a number of places where one could find the atomic clock time, particularly online. Websites that can help one sync an atomic clock include World Time Server, and mo
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Where can one find a time attendance clock?

One can find a time attendance clock at a business or school where employees punched in cards that registered the time they arrived to work and punch out whenever they leave t