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Brass Bradley alarm clock made in Germany
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How do you find information on antique revolvers?

In firearms, antiques are LEGALLY defined as made prior to 1899, ORmuzzleloading firearms. Newer than 1899, they are old, but notantiques. My best reference is Flayderman's Guide to AntiqueFirearms. You may also find a dealer or collector that can sharesome information with you. Check for gun shows (MORE)

How do you find an antique firearms appraiser?

Go to Antique Guns at the related link and describe your firearm in as much detail as possible (and in the correct category or a couple of them will give you a hard time). The people there will give you an estimate of the value and help you determine if you really need a professional appraisal, and (MORE)

How do you find the value of an antique chest?

Answer . Look up: Antique chest on and see how much people are bidding for it, or selling it for or check out: . or you can give it to me! lol!

What is a Antique Sessions brand mantel clock worth?

Depends largely on condition and model. Would need more information to make any kind of accurate guestimate. If it is working and in reasonable condition then it's worth anywhere between $70 - $300. If it's electric then it's worth considerably less.

How do you oil your antique clock?

The important points to oil have "oil sinks", depressed areas around the pivots, the bearing surface of the wheels. Using either a special oiler, a toothpick or a cocktail stick, put a tiny drop of oil into all the oil sinks - and I mean a tiny drop. If there is enough oil to bulge out, at some ti (MORE)

Why are antique clocks so valuable?

Not all antique clocks are valuable. Age and availabilitycontribute to their value. But there are other factors like themaker and the design as well.

What determines if an object such as a clock is vintage or antique?

In purist term, most items need to be 100 years old or older to beconsidered true "antiques". Most countries Customs Agencies hold tothe 100 Year definition. However, in recent times the 100 yearstimetable has become subjective, and can account for less time.It's safe to say a table from 1880 is a t (MORE)

How do you find the website for Lehn and fink div of Sterling drugs?

In 1988, Sterling Drug (including Lehn & Fink Products) wasacquired by Eastman Kodak. In 1994, Reckitt & Colman acquiredLehn & Fink Products, including Lysol, the famous householddisinfectant brand in the USA. In 1999, Reckitt & Colman andBenckiser merge to become Reckitt Benckiser.

How do you find out what your antique is?

This will take research on your part. Get books from the library or go sit in an section of a bookstore that has collectible and antique books. Start looking for things that look like your item. Take it to a museum they may be to tell you what it is. Look and see if there is any markings or maker on (MORE)

Why is an German anniversary clock called a time bomb?

This refers to one particular kind of clock, the 400 day clock made by S. Haller and most typically marketed as an Elgin. Its flawed main spring design can cause the clock to explode when fully wound, and/or when someone is trying to repair it. Search 'German time bomb clock' for more data,

How can you find out the worth of an antique?

Research. That's the best thing you can do if you honestly have no idea on the worth. Trying checking online if the antique would be located there. Do you know what year it is? Past owners? It's current state: does it look super nice or is it rusted? Trying answering your own questions or seeking ou (MORE)

Where can you find an antique scarecrow sprinkler?

Amazon and Ebay both have antique scarecrow sprinklers at great prices. Some antique shops in your area or surrounding areas may also have scarecrow sprinklers in stock. However, your best bet for finding any antique sprinklers is on Amazon and Ebay.

Where can one get antique clocks?

One can buy antique clocks at many places. The best places to get them though are at auctions, in the classified ads and from a Sale or a Consignment dealer.

What is the study of antique clocks called?

The study of antique clocks falls into the same category of studying watches, this study is scientifically called horology and those who show an interest are horologists.

Where can one find antique wall clocks?

There are antique malls and antique stores all over the place which often have antique clocks. There are also sellers on ebay who sell antique clocks and many are affordably priced.

Where can one find div layouts for MySpace?

Sites like fillster and freecodesource will have layouts designed for MySpace. If one isn't pleased with those one might head on over to Robthunder site for additional resources.

Where can one find antique doors?

There are many places one might go to purchase an antique door. In addition to shopping at a local antique shop, one might also find success on the eBay website.

Where can one purchase an antique grandfather clock?

An antique grandfather clock will most likely turn up in the first antique store you visit. Although if there's no antique store in your neighborhood, you will also be able to find them online (where u might also want to use terms like Longcase Clock and Floor Clock).

Where can one find the atomic clock time?

There are a number of places where one could find the atomic clock time, particularly online. Websites that can help one sync an atomic clock include World Time Server, and more information can be found on About.

Where is a good place to fix an antique mantle clock?

There is many places to fix an antique mantle clock. The best would be to find a local clock repair that knows their stuff. If there is not an clock repair close to your area, you can always turn to the internet. After a quick search on google, you will find Dr.Time's clock repair, or a little furth (MORE)

Where can one purchase Antique Mantel Clocks?

One can purchase an Antique Mantel Clock. One place to purchase an antique clock from is online at Amazon or eBay. Another place is AntiqueWorks where they sell different types of antiques.

Where can one find a time attendance clock?

One can find a time attendance clock at a business or school where employees punched in cards that registered the time they arrived to work and punch out whenever they leave to go home.

Where could one buy an antique wooden clock?

One may purchase an antique wooden clock at a variety of places. Ebay sells many antiques. Pawn Shops also sometimes get antiques in too. Your best bet however, is to look for local antique stores. There are many located throughout the United States. It does not hurt to call and ask around either.

Where can someone find antique stoves?

Antique stoves can usually be found at ones local antique store. Some other places that one can find an antique stove is on Etsy, eBay, and Antique Stove Heaven.

Where can one find antique auctions?

Auction Zip, Antiques, Slide Share, Fiske and Freeman, as well as Christie's are all places where an individual can go in order to find auctions in person or online.