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PTC stands for Pay To Click. These websites pay you around $.01 (one penny) for every 30 second advertisement that you watch. Advertisers will pay the PTC sites say $40 and that will guarantee them that around 1,000 people will view that 20-30 second advertisement (which is usually just a simple landing page on a website), and some of that money gets passed on to you as you sit in front of your computer and make money one cent at a time.

It may sound like you could not hardly make anything with PTC sites, and that would be true, if it weren't for the referral programs they all have. This is how it works: For everyone you get to sign up through your link you get anywhere from 50% to 100% of what they make as well. So if I get 10 people to watch 10 ads per day, I will make a dollar a day. And if I have 100 people clicking 10 ads per day I will be banking in $10 a day and $300 per month.

The bad news is that most PTC sites fold up in just a few short months. They are complete scams. They will try to get people to buy as many referrals as possible and then when they have raked in a lot of money they will close the website instead of paying their customers. Some PTC sites like Bux.to have waiting lists of up to a year. Which means that when you request payment, you wil be waiting a very long time. A PTC site will start going down hill when it says it has to delay payments. This means they are broke and they will try to delay paying as long as possible and try to get more people to sign up and buy referrals. I would not trust ANY PTC site that takes longer than 30 days to pay you.
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