Fitting BMW 3 series centre console?

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Depending on what year the model is, the installation can be hard or easy. if its an older car, installation will be easier, because you wouldn't have to deal with too many wires, and electrical things. if its a newer model, however, it will be harder because there would be more wires to deal with.
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Why BMW 3 series overheating?

I believe that the late-eighties/early nineties 3-series 4-cyl engine design permits an "airlock" or air bubble to lodge in the water jacket after collant has been allowed to

Where is the microfilter on a BMW series 3?

You do not specify what year. With the air filter on the E36 (approx 1992-1999) you must remove the glovebox. After the glovebox is removed you will see the air filter on the

Will your 3 series BMW tires fit your 5series BMW?

no, because the rims have a special number on it that says what it fits, but the 3 series probably says 3 and the 5 series probably says five. Trust me ive had a 525i BMW befo

Where is the BMW 3 series built?

In Munchen Deutschland, right next to BMW Welt and the BMW Museum. You can get à factory tour. And see for yourself how the 3-series is build.

What deals are for the BMW 3 series?

There are a number of financing and leasing deals available for 3 series BMWs. Consult Auto Trader to see what deals are available to you.