For what reasons uttranchal was separated from uttarakhand?

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I was a poor soul who researched this issue and did not find anything, I Shall now impart my valuable knowledge to the rest of you. Appreciation will be accepted.
As far as my research goes one of the main reasons for the separation of Uttrakhand from Uttar Pradesh was because they felt neglected. Since we know it is situated in the hilly terrain of the Himalayas the agricultural process is a little different than other areas. The special agricultural needs were not met.
Several of the springs in the region were dried up and the hydro power projects on the rivers Ganga and Yamuna that could be beneficial to the region were not undertaken.
Job opportunities were limited, the men had to go the cities in search of jobs, however they would return back as employment they received there was menial and considered undignified.
All in all the people wanted a separate state in order to increase development and also in hope of a better future. They felt they needed a better form of governance which they did not have at all. They felt they were being ruled by politicians who did not care much about them.
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Uttarakhand (then Uttaranchal) was formed on the 9th of November, 2000 as the 27th state of India, after getting seperated from Uttar Pradesh.

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