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Dear Mr. Smith,
I am Mathew May, a client of your reputed bank for past ten years. You bank has always supported my company ABC farms. We started with a small venture with only 10employees and now we are a big company with more than a 1000 employees.
As we are moving ahead towards expansion and diversification we would need you help and support. ABC farms is into all kinds of milk and milk products. Now we are about to enter into Retail Factory outlets. We are located close to the city so we are setting up a factory outlet in our premises only.
However we will need a loan amount of $20000 to furnish the spare workshop area we have so that we can convert it into a factory retail outlet.
We hope to get this help from your bank. I have attached the blue print of the area which is to be used and also photograph of how is it going to be developed into a factory outlet.
Hope to get a positive reply soon.

Thanking You.
Mathew May.
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