Free manual for uniden bearcat scanner?

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Many owner's manuals are listed on the Uniden website which can be accessed through the link provided below in the Related Links section.

Not all owner's manuals are listed. Some older models may require a bit of work to find depending on what model you are looking for.
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How do you program a Uniden Bearcat bc142xl?

  Programming the Bearcat 142XL - 10 Channel Scanner   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Turn the unit on - it wi (MORE)

How do you program a uniden bearcat bc560xlt?

BC 560XLT 16-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner    PROGRAMMING CHANNELS    1. Turn on your scanner by turning the volume clockwise.    2. The sc (MORE)

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Programming a uniden bearcat scanner bc 177xlt?

There are several ways. First, turn the scanner on and adjust the  squelch so that it is quite. Then press the manual button to flip  through the 16 channels. Stop on the ch (MORE)

How do you program a bearcat bc355c scanner?

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