After studying at the School of American Ballet, you earned a spot in the New York City Ballet. What was the audition process like?

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What GPA is required to get into the University of Arkansas?

  A 3.00 I got this information from     General Requirements:     GPA 3.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale   ACT 20 or higher; SAT combine

What is the required GPA for yale university?

Yale University has holistic admissions, which means they take all factors of the application into account with no written-in-stone requirements; however, most students who ge

Sat requirements to get into Johns Hopkins University?

I went to and the SAT range for the middle fifty percent of students at Johns Hopkins University is relatively high. However, remember that these are the aver

Requirements to get into Johns Hopkins University?

You definitely need to get great grades…not just good grades, but great grades. A high GPA and high SAT scores are a must. After you accomplish this, start thinking about wa

What are the GPA requirements for the University of Miami?

  Like most colleges and universities, University of Miami does not indicate a minimum GPA requirement for entering freshmen. However, according to the annual US News &