GPA requirements to get into Johns Hopkins University?

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their average GPA is 3.8, so Im guessing 3.7 or above is best
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What is the required GPA for yale university?

Yale University has holistic admissions, which means they take all factors of the application into account with no written-in-stone requirements; however, most students who ge (MORE)

What GPA is required to get into the University of Arkansas?

  A 3.00 I got this information from     General Requirements:     GPA 3.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale   ACT 20 or higher; SAT combine (MORE)

What is the required GPA to get into Baylor University?

While there is no required GPA to get into Baylor University, anybody with less than a 3.0 most likely won't get a second look from admissions unless every other thing on thei (MORE)

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Duke university GPA requirements?

Duke University does not have a GPA requirement.  Nonetheless, it would be wise to keep your GPA somewhere above 3.7. Below that, I would make sure to keep great extracurricu (MORE)

Sat requirements to get into Johns Hopkins University?

I went to and the SAT range for the middle fifty percent of students at Johns Hopkins University is relatively high. However, remember that these are the aver (MORE)