Germination happens between which two stages?

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Its from a seed to a seedling
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Stages of seed germination?

There are 3 stages to seed germination, 1. Activation, 2. Digestion and Translocation and 3. Seedling growth See related link

What happens after germination?

the new seeding depends entirely on the food stored in the seed until the keaves are formed. after the leaves are formed , the small plant makes its own food necessary for gr

What is germinal stage?

The germinal stage is the first stage of pregnancy. It begins at conception, when the egg and sperm join to form a zygote, or fertilized egg.
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What major events happen in each three stages of germination?

in the first stage of germination the seed begins to swell, then the seed grows a radicle thatushes it's way through the softened seed coat into the ground, lastly the emergen