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care and safety: constant parental physical presence, psychological closeness, and timely noticing and solving child's problems.

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What is responsible parenthood?

Responsible Parenthood is not equivalent to the Reproductive Health Bill, it is not birth control, it is not population control. . "If we consider the relevant physical, ec

Define responsible parenthood?

Responsible Parenthood Responsible Parenthood is the spirituality of the family. From the very beginning of marriage, the spouses embrace a new heart which makes them a gift

Why is responsible parenthood important?

Being a responsible parent is important for many reasons. Not only are you solely responsible for your child's well-being, health and safety, but you are an influence on him (

What is a responsible parenthood?

Responsible Parenthood is the core responsibilities of parents to provide the needs of the children they have in terms of the aspects in life. It is putting the needs of the c

Some examples of being a responsible parenthood?

Responsible Parenthood is the spirituality of the family. From the very beginning of marriage, the spouses embrace a new heart which makes them a gift for each other. The love

What is responsible of parenthood?

A parent must: . Protect his/her young from physical harm, even from the parent. . Provide physical necessities, such as food, water, clothing protection from the elements

What are the benefits of responsible parenthood?

The benefits of responsible parenthood are that it produceschildren who are well rounded, healthy, and well adjusted.Responsible parenthood is also beneficial for the communit

What is sense of responsibility and give example?

Having a sense of responsibility refers to feeling as though onehas a stake in the outcome of a situation. An example might befeeling a sense of responsibility for a child one

Can you give me an article about responsible parenthood?

Responsible parenthood means providing for the child so that theygrow up into emotionally healthy adults with the skills and toolsthat they need to cope with society. The resp

What are the responsibilities of parenthood?

To borrow and paraphrase a familiar adage: "A child's not just for Christmas, it's for life!" applies beautifully here. The responsibilities begin with your recognition an

What are the of aspects of responsible parenthood?

Consistency, discipline, willingness to enforce decisions and consequences, providing unconditional love for the child even when actions or behaviors are not loved, patience,

How can one achieve responsible parenthood?

We can achieve responsible parenthood by doing what's the right thing or what your wishing for your family to be wealth. Be great upon doing this stage of being maturity of pa

Why you should learned responsible parenthood?

A person should learn responsible parenthood concepts to help the person raise his or her child or children the best that they can. A parent can greatly impact a child's cogni

What are the principles of responsible parenthood?

Responsible parenthood is loving; cuddling; soothing them when they are fearful or not feeling well; being there to talk to your child until they are old enough to leave home.