Give you the story of lagda epic story?

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The epic story Lagda is mostly about Anabel Igcalinos finding true love.
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What is an epic story?

A long poem or story An epic poem is also called an heroic poem. It is a long poem thatdeals with an heroic theme. The Illiad is a classic example of anepic poem. an epic st

Will you please give the full story of the epic Bidasari in tagalog?

When a simple merchant, his young son and mute servant are out in the woods, they chance upon a drifting boat, in which there is a baby girl and a bowl containing a live goldf

Give some short stories about Filipino Epics?

There are many Filipino epics. For instance, "Hinilawod," which isa story about three brothers and their exploits. This epic is not ashort story, but is said to be the longest

What is a summary of epic lagda?

"Lagda" is an epic story about finding true love. The story followsAnabel Igcalinos on her journey of finding true love.

Will you please give the full story of the epic maragtas?

The book relates the history and customs of the people of the Philippines in earlier times. It was written by Pedro Alcantara Monteclaro in his native language. It also run

Can you give me the story of darangan epic?

Darangan is a tale of adventures that was written in Arabic and wasoriginally a manuscript titled Kirim. It was sung and encompassesthe story of the Maranao people in which li

Give you some examples of epic stories of Philippines?

a. Bidasari - Moro Epic b. Biag ni Lam-ang - Ilokano Epic c. Maragtas - Visayan Epic d. Haraya - Visayan Epic e. Lagda - Visayan Epic f. Hari sa Bukid - Visayan Epic g.

An epic is a story?

an epic is a certin type of story, specifically a long poem, passed down orally for generations. think, THE ODESSEY, and BEAWOULF.