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Gold price per 10 grams Indian rupees?

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Price of gold in USD is $1160 per Troy Oz

1 Troy Oz = 31.1 gms

Price of 10 gms of Gold in Indian Rupees = 1160 x 46.65 (usd to inr) x 10/ 31.1
= INR 17400

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What is today's price of gold per gram?

The soft yellow gold market is subject to price speculation over  the last two decade does not has price control never has stable  price every minute lost the value, I thing

Gold price per gram in indian rupees?

Gold: 24K (Rs 2833.85) 22K (Rs 2597.70) 20K (Rs 2361.54) 18K (Rs 2125.39) 16K (Rs 1889.20)