Gold price per 10 grams Indian rupees?


Price of gold in USD is $1160 per Troy Oz

1 Troy Oz = 31.1 gms

Price of 10 gms of Gold in Indian Rupees = 1160 x 46.65 (usd to inr) x 10/ 31.1
= INR 17400

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Gold price for 12 grams in Indian rupee?

Gold Price Close Today : 1097.30 in American dollars per ounce by Change: 7.30 or 0.7% for 24K gold the price today is $38.66 per gram or = 762.32 Euro per ounce = 680.1 in (MORE)
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Gold price per gram in indian rupees?

Gold: 24K (Rs 2833.85) 22K (Rs 2597.70) 20K (Rs 2361.54) 18K (Rs 2125.39) 16K (Rs 1889.20)
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