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Goodnight in Irish?

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Oíche mhaith agat (to one person)
Oíche mhaith agaibh (to more than one)
To one retiring:
Slán codlata agat (agaibh).
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Goodnight beautiful in french?

Bonne nuit ma belle or bonne nuit mon beau (depending if your talking to a woman or a man)

How do you say goodnight in pig Latin?

When speaking pig latin you would take off the first letter, put it at the end of the word while adding an "ay" after it. so hey would be "eyhay" and goodnight would be oodgay

Did Charles goodnight have a wife and kids?

yes Charles was married twice. 1st on 26 Jul 1870 in Hickman, Fulton County, Kentucky USA to Mary Ann (Molly) Dyer. 2nd on 5 Mar 1927 in Clarendon, Donley County, Texas USA t