Guajolote was the Aztec name for a bird native to the Americas Benjamin Franklin wanted it to be used as the symbol of the US What bird is this?

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Did Benjamin Franklin sign the US Constitution?

Yes He Signed The US Constitution. NO. Nor did BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, who was in France, as ambassador. To my knowledge, no one named BenjaMAN anything was involved in the revolutionary or constitutional process. no

What bird did Benjamin Franklin want to be adopted as the US national bird?

The noble turkey! How much fun would THAT have been? . Benjamin Franklin felt the turkey had far more noble qualities than the Bald Eagle. Of the Bald Eagle, he wrote: ... he is a bird of bad moral character, he does not get his living honestly... Besides he is a rank coward; the little kingbir (MORE)

Why was Benjamin Franklin using a lightning rod?

he invented the lightening rod because he had allready experimented by flying a kite in the rain and with a key on the string when the storm had passed through the string he held the key and felt the electricity power then he understood that he had to make something new to light up the city with his (MORE)

When did Benjamin Franklin sign the US Constitution?

"Done in convention by the unanimous consent of the states present the seventeenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven and of the independence of the United States of America the twelfth." September 17, 1787

Why did Benjamin Franklin want the US national bird to be the turkey?

Benjamin Franklin felt the turkey had far more noble qualities than the Bald Eagle. Of the Bald Eagle, he wrote: ... he is a bird of bad moral character, he does not get his living honestly... Besides he is a rank coward; the little kingbird, not bigger than a sparrow attacks him boldly and drive (MORE)

Why did Ben Franklin want the turkey as the national bird?

Eagles had long been associated with empire, a form of government he was strongly against. In addition, Benjamin Franklin felt the turkey had far more noble qualities than the Bald Eagle. Of the Bald Eagle, he wrote: ... he is a bird of bad moral character, he does not get his living honestly... (MORE)

Was Benjamin Franklin ever president of the US?

Although Franklin was a significant "founding father" of the USAand his work towards independence was significant, no, he was neverthe President of the US. Contrary to popular belief, Franklin isNOT the only non-president to grace American currency. AlexanderHamilton ($10 bill) and Salmon Chase ($10 (MORE)

What did Benjamin Franklin do to help the US?

Franklin was a newspaperman, scientist, inventor, philosopher, politician, and diplomat. He worked with Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence, served in the Continental Congress, was the ambassador to the court of Louis XVI in 1776, he got loans from France to help the American cause, negotia (MORE)

What is the symbolic use of birds in 'The Odyssey'?

Birds have been seen throughout time and with many different cultures as symbols. Eagles, which are quite prominent within The Odyssey , symbolize courage, independence and endurance. Throughout The Odyssey , birds are utilized numerous times as representation of omens, which, in turn, foreshadow (MORE)

What are the things Benjamin Franklin invented used for?

Ben Franklin invented many great things. Among them are things that we still use today. For instance, the mirror, because he loved to look at, in his youth, his muscular body. He also invented covers on beds so the cold would not harm his beatious features. The last thing I will share is the bifocal (MORE)

How did Benjamin Franklin change the US?

He instituted so many things. The free Library, the Police, Fire Dept., started the US postal system. His diplomacy got France involved in the Revolutionary war. He was a brilliant statesman and inventor.

Why is Benjamin Franklin on the US half dollar?

Although he was never President, Ben Franklin was one of the greatest and most important of the Founding Fathers. He was a diplomat, statesman, inventor, author, publisher, and philosopher not to mention being one of the people who created the US Constitution. His portrait was on the US half doll (MORE)

Did Benjamin Franklin use a cane?

Benjamin Franklin's walking stick, about 1780 . Franklin received this cane while serving as ambassador to France during the 1780s. In his will he bequeathed this reminder of the Revolution and its ideals to George Washington: "My fine crab-tree walking stick, with a gold head curiously wrought in (MORE)

What is the bird of the US?

i have a secondend grader as a little sister and she already knows her time tables and all the birds all around the world and she knows what it stands for are you serious. IT'S A BALD EAGLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. DDDDDDDDDUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!

How can you get birds to use your bird bath?

The optimum depth for water of a bird bath is two-and-a-half inches. Less water makes it difficult for birds to take a bath; more makes them afraid. if you want birds to use your birdbath, place it in an area in your garden where it is lightly exposed on one side, they like privacy so yes, make i (MORE)

Why did Benjamin Franklin use a pen name?

When he took over his brother's printing business after the British arrested him for sedition Ben took his first pen name because he didn't want anyone to know "who" he was so he could keep writing. He was only 16 or 17 years old, was an apprentice, and was committing treason ( as far as the British (MORE)

Why is Benjamin Franklin on US currency?

Benjamin Franklin was one of the most extraordinary of the AmericanFounding Fathers. In addition to helping create the USConstitution, he was a diplomat, scientist, philosopher, inventor,author, civic leader and (belatedly) an early abolitionist.

Do birds use other birds nests?

Yes, many different species of birds use the nests of other birds to raise their young. Normally the birds that do this use a nest that another bird used the previous year but some birds including the brown-headed cowbird, in North America and parasitic weavers and whydahs in Africa actually lay the (MORE)

What is the use of a bird as a symbol in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'?

I am not sure if you mean the symbol of actual birds in the novel, or the symbol of the mockingbird. But, you're probably talking about the mockingbird, because it's a huge symbol in the book. Here it goes: . The mockingbird symbolizes the innocent people who are hurt in the novel. When Jem is giv (MORE)

Which famous American wanted another bird to be the US national symbol?

Most people believe that it was Benjamin Franklin who decided on the turkey instead of the bald eagle. But, to date, there is actually no proof that he said such a thing. Franklin jokingly suggested it in a letter he wrote to his daughter, Sarah Bache, on January 26, 1784. The letter was written (MORE)

What sort of birds use a bird feeder?

You can get different types of bird feeders. I have a wild bird seed feeder and peanut feeders, and they attract the blue tit and finches, but mainly blue tits

What is Benjamin Franklin use to discover electricity?

Benjamin Franklin did not discover electricity. He performed many experiments with electricity, but saying that he "discovered" it is like saying that Charles Lindbergh discovered the airplane. Bad analogy. An airplane is man-made. Electricity is a natural phenomenon which, like the magnetic field o (MORE)

How did Benjamin Franklin shape the US?

Ben Franklin didn't "shape the US" but was one of many men who contributed to the formation of the government and the ideals that have made the United States different from other places in the world.

How are birds used as symbols in The Hunger Games?

Well, the bird in it is a mockingjay. The mayor's daughter gave it to Katniss before she went in as a good luck charm, so it symbolizes good luck. She said with it, she would live. It also symbolizes rebellion. Hope this helps, give me trust point? Thanks :)

Did Benjamin Franklin write the constitution of the US of America?

Benjamin Franklin did not write the constitution of the United States of America. The constitution was written by a group of people at a constitutional convention. The person who is thought to have had the greatest influence on the content of the constitution was James Madison.

Did Benjamin Franklin believe a turkey was a suitable symbol for us?

Yes, the wild turkey. A wild turkey isn't like the fat white ones they grow on farms; it is a very smart, fast bird with very good eyesight (it is one of the few non-human animals with full color vision) and the ability to blend into its surroundings. . It's a good thing he didn't get his way...if (MORE)

How are birds and animals useful to us?

Animals and birds are useful to us because they help us in many ways. Animals help us to survive by us killing and eating them, they developed the dog and cat for pets for us, and they are interesting to watch or learn about. Animals are a very unique and interesting type of living thing on the Eart (MORE)