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Halimbawa ng salitang hapon na ginamit ng mga Filipino?

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You were cast as Tammy in the highly anticipated film "Top Five." What 3 words best describe your character?

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Iba pang mga halimbawa ng salitang balbal?

1. tipar | handaan / 2. yosi | sigarilyo / 3. gasmati | matigas / 4. Noypi | Pinoy / 5. isnab | Hindi pinansin / 6. barbero | Hindi seryosohin / 7. datung (MORE)

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Mga halimbawa ng kolokyal na slita?

mga halimbawa ng salitang KOLOKYAL * 1. Mayroon- meron 2. Dalawa- dalwa 3. Diyan- dyan 4. Kwarta-pera 5. Na saan- nasan 6. Paano- pano 7. Saakin-sakin 8. Kailan-kelan 9. Ganoo (MORE)

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Halimbawa ng mga salitang tambalang matalinghaga?

bahaghari-arkong makulay sa langit anak-araw- maputi hampas lupa- mahirap,walang kaya patabaing baboy- tamad diang anghel- nagkatutuo,natupad kutong lupa- pandak k (MORE)