Harmful effects of plastics?

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there is a very high chance that you could die just by touching plastic and even higher chance of catching gingivitis by putting bubble wrap down your pants.SO DONT DO IT KIDS

Actually, touching plastic has little chance of killing you. What you need to avoid is things with a plastic container. For example: plastic shampoo bottles, plastic water bottles, and whatever you do DO NOT cook things in plastic. With the plastic surrounding the liquids, when the liquids are inside there at all then some of the chemical barrier rubs off of the plastic, so when you drink your water or wash your hair or favorite pet, remember that you are also absorbing the harmful chemicals. But don't worry, the effects are reversible by just stopping all of this plastic in the microwave and drinking from plastic water bottles. What is even WORSE than all this is when a pregnant woman uses it. The child will most certainly have a birth defect of some kind. BIRTH DEFECTS INCLUDE: lower gamete count, dis-functional primary sexual characteristics, dis-functional secondary sexual characteristics, smaller body size, brain defects, much much more energy(not in the good way), little sleep, higher urge to like(love) the same gender, suicidal thoughts or actions, smaller genital size, and WAY too much more to list here. These birth defects are mostly non-reversible. By the way, putting bubble-wrap down your pants will not give you gingivitis. Gingivitis is a disease that affects the gum-line, and causes faster tooth decay and most likely for teeth to fall out altogether. Putting bubble wrap down your pants is still not a good idea. Your legs would absorb the chemicals from the bubble wrap which are very toxic. plastic is harming the environment, too. Just look up "plastic", and you will see nineteen(19) pages of wildlife being hurt by plastic: turtles eating plastic bags, seagulls with fishing line over their beak, and dissected pelicans with plastic filling up their stomaches so they cannot eat anything else. do not chew on or eat plastic though, because we humans cannot digest plastic, nor can any other living thing.
So, next time you go to the grocery store and they ask you "paper or plastic?", pick paper; or even use a reusable bag made out of something like wool or leather or canvas so you do not have to kill a tree with paper.
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