Has Carol McGiffin from Loose Women moved to Paris and if she has will she still be on Loose Women sometimes?

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No. She was planning to move to Paris, but decided against it. I think it may have had something to do with meeting Mark, but I don't know. I think she planned to be on the show once a week/fortnight if she had moved.
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Where is carol mcgiffins top from as worn on todays loose women?

I have emailed ITV today, to ask the same question! Apparently, Loose Women do not give out their wardrobe details! . I don't know what programme your enquiring about, but mine is 29/10/09. So, if anyone knows, please tell! It's a black top, with armadillo style sleeves!

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How much do Loose Women tickets cost?

There is no charge for the tickets but demand is high and you may not get a ticket for the day you want to go, follow the links on the Loose Women web site or ring them on 020 8532 2770 Mon to Fri between 9-5pm. See related link below for more details.

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Carol McGiffin is an English radio and television broadcaster. She is best known for her regular appearances on the women's daytime talk show Loose Women.

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