Has Fernando Torres got a daughter?

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Yes he does, she is called Nora.

What boots does Fernando Torres wear?

He currently wears the Nike Total90 Laser III K FG in Summit White/Black Metallic Silver/Crimson Here is a photo http://www.soccer.com/Images/Catalog/ProductImages/600/20318.FW09.JPG

Who is Fernando Torres?

Fernando José Torres Sanz (born 20 March 1984) 6ft 1in, weight 12st 4, is a Spanish footballer who plays for Premier League club Liverpool and the Spanish national team as a striker. He started his career with Atlético Madrid, progressing through their youth ranks. He made his professional deb (MORE)

What is Fernando Torres address?

CORRECTION :. Big Time , T. The below answer to the question " what is Fernando Torres ' s address ? " is the most ridiculous answer I have ever heard.. For one , there is no such place as " Liverpool " , it is not an actual location. And for anyone who claims there is is certainly not a fan of t (MORE)

Has Fernando Torres a child?

Actually, he and wife, Olalla Liste Dominguez just had a baby girl, Nora, on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at approximately 10:20 am.

Is Fernando Torres engaged?

He was up until the 27th of may 2009 when he got married to ollala dominquez liste in a small wedding in Madrid. It was a secret wedding which had a small audience of family and friends. Ollala at the time was 7 and a half months pregnant, she wore a red dress.

How much Fernando does Torres get paid?

For winning the Euro cup he received 3 million pesos. That is because he scored the winning goal that made Spain defeat Germany. He was originally on the Madrid league team and was nominated the best on his team. He got offered a very high pay of 20, 000 a month to join the club of somewhere, but he (MORE)

Fernando Torres email?

The club do not have a public e-mail address and do not distribute player addresses. Send letters etc; Liverpool Football Club Anfield Road, Anfield, Liverpool, L4 0TH

Information about Fernando Torres?

Fernando Torres as we all know is the hotty of football,but is he all he cracks up to be? NO! It was on the news in 2005 that he once cheated on his girlfriend Olalla Domínguez Liste but they got married in 2009, 27th of May. He is amazing at football though.

Fernando Torres haircut?

He had a lot of haircuts but now he cuted and he is almost boldcause he wanted to look more like father

What is Fernando Torres' girlfriends name?

Fernando Jose Torres Sanz is engaged to Olalla Domínguez Liste, who he has been in a relationship with since 2001. She revealed in February 2009 that she is pregnant with the couple's baby.

Does Fernando Torres have any sisters?

yes Fernando has a sister and a brother his sister has a little baby boy called Hugo and that is why Fernando sucked his thumb in his goal celebration in the European Championship 08

Who is Fernando Torres married to?

Fernando Torres married Olalla Domínguez Liste on 27 th , May, 2009 in El Escorial, Community of Madrid, with whom he has been in a relationship with since 2001. It was revealed in February 2009 that the couple was expecting a baby, which they later confirmed to be a girl. Olalla gave birth (MORE)

What is Fernando Torres' brother called?

Older brother Israel Torres Sanz [b. 1977] was a portero [goalkeeper], which was the position that striker Fernando Jose Torres Sanz [b. March 20, 1984] originally had intended to play.

The words of the Fernando Torres song?

his armband proved he was a red Torres Torres you'll never walk alone it said Torres Torres we bought the lad from sunny Spain he gets the ball and he scores again Fernando Torres liverpools number nine el capitan de athletico Torres Torres the youngest ever muchacho Torres Torres at (MORE)

What is Fernando Torres salary?

As he was brought for a huge sum, some say it was a undisclosed amount, so his salary will be 70,000, to 80,000 pounds a week.

How do you get your hair like Fernando Torres?

First of all you can't. Which hair cut do you want to model after because he has had tons of different hair styles. Hes had the parted in the middle, the spiked up, the headband with long hair, hes had a mullet thing, and hes also had just regular long hair put to the side. If i were you i would wan (MORE)

When did Fernando Torres become famous?

Fernando Torres became famous at the Spanish club Athletico Madrid, for his lethal finishing and a number of goals scored there. He was called The El Nino The Kid.

Who sponsors Fernando Torres?

As he plays for Liverpool and the club is sponsored by Carlsberg Beer, so they to are Fernando Torres sponserer. BUT NOW they are sponsored by standard chartered!

Will Fernando Torres leave Liverpool?

It is hard to say, it depends if Benitez stays on as manager. Liverpool have had a terrible season and win probably need to win the UEFA Cup if they want a Champions League place. If Benitez leaves, which is highly likely then Torres will stay on.

How did Fernando Torres come famous?

Fernando Torres became famous at his Spanish club Athletico Madrid, for his pace and lethal finishing . He was called THE EL NINO . In Spain meaning THE KID.

Who is better drogba or Fernando Torres?

Well, Drogba has scored 144 goals for chelsea since 2004. he is the sixth highest scorer for the club of all time. In 2006 he was the African footballer of the year. Torres scored around 77 goals in his time at Liverpool. However, he does play for international Spain.

Why is Fernando Torres number nine?

Usuall the main striker in the team is number 9 and generally is a player with an eye for goal and is a clinical finisher. Which makes me wonder why Dimitar Berbatov is number 9 for Manchester United instead of Wayne Rooney. Good Examples of a number 9 are: Torres himself (Liverpool), Cristiano Rona (MORE)

Has Fernando Torres got a song?

To do with music, there is a Liverpool chant called the Fernando Torres song which is a fan chant dedicated to him, also referred to as the Fernando Torres bounce. He has also appeared in a music video for a band called El Canto Del Loco in a song called Ya Nada Volverá A Ser Como Antes.

What happened in Fernando Torres childhood?

Born in Fuenlabrada , Community of Madrid , [5] Torres became interested in football as a child and joined his first team, Parque 84, at the age of five. [2] His father José Torres worked during Torres' childhood, and his mother Flori Sanz travelled daily with him to training sessions. (MORE)

When did Fernando Torres play?

Fernando Torres . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Spanish footballer. For other uses, see Fernando Torres (disambiguation).. This name uses Spanish naming customs ; the first or paternal family name is Torres and the second or maternal family name is Sanz .. (MORE)

What are Fernando Torres musical Tastes?

He likes rock music. He mostly listens to Elvis Presley the Beatles, Oasis ( his favorite is Wonderwall) and Nirvana ( fav. Lithium). Good music tasye I must admit.